A Beginners Guide to Using an Android TV Box and Kodi

By | June 9, 2017

A Beginners Guide to an Android TV Box and Kodi

Android TV boxes installed with Kodi media center have become very popular since they are low cost and can stream videos nicely.
As good as android TV and Kodi can be it is a bit technical which can be a challenge for any non-technical person.
In this post I will explain the basics of using an android TV box along with Kodi which hopefully will help anyone having problems.
This is meant to be a basic guide for those who have no idea what android TV and Kodi is.
What is a Android TV Box?
Android TV is a operating system created by Google for hardware to give a smart TV experience.
Like android smartphones, the operating system is open source and free to use and modify. This makes it nice as a low cost interface for a user to play media on their TV.
Apps can be installed to an Android TV Box from the Google Play Store.

What is Kodi?
Kodi is a free media player that can stream and play videos from online sources or from a home network.
It has improved greatly over the years and is available on most any hardware platform, from Windows to Android devices.
One of the things that makes Kodi so popular is 3rd party add-ons that can be installed in to Kodi.
The most popular 3rd party add-ons, such as Exodus or Phoenix, stream movies and TV shows.
3rd party add-ons have nothing to do with Kodi itself but simply use it as a platform. Much the way most program are not created by Microsoft for a Windows computer, most add-ons are not created by Kodi developers.
Hooking Up an Android TV Box To a TV
Most all android TV boxes use a HDMI video interface to play video and sound to a TV.
A Beginners Guide to an Android TV Box and Kodi HDMI
Connecting the HDMI cable to a TV, powering up the box, and having the TV set to the correct HDMI input is all that is required.
A Beginners Guide to Using an Android TV Box and Kodi
Connecting to WiFi or Ethernet
The interface can differ between android TV box manufactures, but a internet connection is needed to stream online content.
Connecting to WiFi or Ethernet Android TV BOX
The best setup is to use a wired Ethernet cable if possible, but not everyone will have a cable close and have to use WiFi.
Most android boxes will have the wireless and Ethernet in Settings–>Network–>WiFi.
Connecting to WiFi or Ethernet Android TV BOX 2017
Once a internet connection is setup Kodi or other apps are ready to be used.

Using Kodi With an Android TV Box
Kodi is simply another app within an android TV box and will start when the Kodi Icon is clicked.
A Beginners Guide to Using an Android TV Box and Kodi Open
There are different version of Kodi with the two main ones currently 16.1 Jarvis and 17 Krypton.
Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
A Beginners Guide to Using an Android TV Box
Kodi 17 Krypton
A Beginners Guide to Using an Android TV Box Kodi 17 Krypton
Each version has it own skin/interface which changes the menu system to move about.
Some manufactures will install their own skin which is unique to that box.
Kodi menus are divided up into sections including Pictures, Videos, Music, Programs, and System.
To stream videos it would be under Videos–>Addons.
A Beginners Guide to Using an Android TV Box 2017 1
The installed add-ons will then be used to stream movies and TV shows.
Some Kodi boxes will come with add-ons installed while other do not. Installing add-ons is not difficult but does require some technical skill and several steps.
If you have no add-ons installed read here for how to install new Exodus Covenant Kodi 17.4 Krypton.
Read here for Exodus Kodi 17.4 Krypton install.
After an add-on is installed videos will be available to be streamed.
A Beginners Guide to Using Android TV Box 555
A server list of links is given by most add-ons and a good link will need to be found.
Beginners Guide to Using Android TV Box
If a link gives an error or buffers simply move on to another link. Often it can take 4-5 links to find a good one and for the video to play.

The above overview of Kodi and a android TV box is the basics with much more available to a user.
Other apps can also be used such as YouTube or a Internet Browser.
Some can become confused when using Kodi since it is technical and may not be for everyone.
Most seem not to understand how the links/servers work which is simply to find a good one that is not full.
While Kodi may be a bit technical it is free and very useful once understood.

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35 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide to Using an Android TV Box and Kodi

  1. Mike

    My request is relatively simple, How do you get programmmes on Kodi to pause? There is no pause on the remote control.

  2. Margo

    I just purchased the T98 tv box. I have selected my internet provider but I don’t get any menu for movies, tv, music etc. I don’t see anything. The only menu I have shows Google Play Store, Miracast, FileBrowser, etc. What am I doing wrong?

    1. MAckDog

      Download kodi from Google play then look up the best Kodi builds on utube they will show you step by step

  3. TVbosUserM

    My T95X TV box was working perfectly, suddenly I tried to see some picture by Netflix, and there is no communication with the TV (the menu screen it does not appears on the TV), the blue led on/off the box is working, the remote control is working, I pushed the reset switch (inside the VA input) and there is no signal, I connected directly the modem to the TV box and there is not signal. Please help me to work this problem. Thanks.

  4. Gary Robles

    the booklet that came with tv box does not explain enough on how to connect to get full use of box. am I missing a step to connect to kodi. help!


    I find with the box certain porn apps are not working. Can you please help me and my girlfriend:}

  6. Angela Cason

    I can’t get any info on the left side of my screen it is getting cut off. How do I shrink the screen to get that info
    How can i fix this?

  7. Joe

    I just received a new RCA 39″ Tv set and unable to connect to WiFi, what can I do?

  8. Cathy

    Hi! I have two 3rd generation Kodi box and max I can load is Jarvis 16.1…is it outdated and time to buy the latest version? I can get Elysium to work but I get the “no stream available” message in the lower right when I try to view some of the latest shows. I also cannot reinstall on one MIC IPTV….though Sports Devil works fine on both. I am afraid to start fresh, as I won’t be able to load/update anything. I’ve gotten a good 2.5 years out of these..so I saved a lot on cable πŸ™‚ Any suggestions on the next Kodi box I should buy?

    1. Salvador SP Perez

      StreamHub it’s the best has movies, live tv it’s own maintenance feature, it’s only video addon I use.

      1. MAckDog

        Look at setting up a Kodi build on Utube it will answer all your questions

  9. Rick

    I just purchase the GS TV Box and hooked it up to the TV using the HDMI cable provided. The TV screen will show the “GS logo view”, but the remote control that came with the box is not being recognized. How do I get to the setup or settings screen if the remote doesn’t seem to work (installed batteries and top right “button” on the remote lights up when any other button is depressed)

  10. DJ

    It really would be helpful if there were answers for these questions…after all, we are beginners…

  11. Scarletta

    I’m having a hard time downloading amazon prime video. I downloadloaded one version to kodi but it won’t let me sign in. Also, how do you close out of apps? My Netflix isn’t working, but it may just need to be refreshed.

    1. Christian Garcia

      Why would you even use Amazon or Netflix if you have a streaming box that’s letting you watch anything for free?

  12. Lee Smith

    having a problem playing HTML movies from 123movies.net
    it goes to the website and tries to play then just stops
    is there something i have to do so i can play movies on this site?
    i am a novice when it comes to android always been a windows fan LOL

  13. GOlda

    Hi we just purchased the android level box,, got it hooked up properly but can’t find the kido icon or the globe icon as instructed on the iTunes videos as how to install!!! Any suggestions??????.

  14. Kerwin

    I want to download Kodi 17, so i manually removed it from my box. But now when i go to the google play store, the download is stuck on”download pending”
    I have already shut down, logged in/out with 2 different accounts and cleared the cache. Yet it still shows download pending.

    How can i fix this?

  15. Tracy

    I can’t get any info on the left side of my screen it is getting cut off. How do I shrink the screen to get that info

    1. Carl Coley

      You need to resize the screen. With your TV remove hit the aspect button until it gives you the proper screen size t see everything.

  16. Barb

    Help i have box at top if screen that says swipe down from top to exit full screen
    It wont go away

    1. amy

      Use the mouse icon on the remote. Move the arrow onto OK , hit ok on remote. Push mouse icon again to go back to normal remote.

  17. Barb

    I keep getting a blue bix top of screen that says
    Swipe down from top to exit full screen
    I cant get rid of it help

  18. Darren

    Just bought a new minix neo u-1, it has a kodi app on the main screen but nothing there for any add ons or anything, its just blank. There is an option to add an app but there’s no app for “add-ons”. I’m still pretty new to this but I’ve been searching to find the add-on app and there’s nothing that comes with all the apps for the box. Do I need to download something more for kodi or something else? Please help!

    1. Queen Elizabeth

      Try to install Fusion.
      Fusion is a useful tool for downloading popular add-ons easily. Unlike similar tools for other Android devices, Fusion is specifically designed for Android TV boxes. This tool improves the collection of media on the XBMC interface, which allows the TV box to stream different types of media to the TV quickly. Using Fusion requires installing the file, and there are several tutorials to help you perform the installation process properly.

  19. Heather

    Someone else set up my TV box. He then gave it to me ready to use. My only problem is that the build he used is terrible. It’s not user friendly & doesn’t include the options I want. How do I get rid of it and get a simpler, more basic build?!

  20. Frustrated

    Hello all,
    I’m having trouble with the kodi/exodus downloads.
    I have a neo u1,version 5.1.1. When I turn the box on I go to kodi from Android home page a bigger box comes up with a smaller box with the kodi symbol in it. Kodi comes up with the side bar on the left side of the screen. In the main part it says my library is empty.
    I go down to the add ons and exodus is there, I clicked on it to see what happens and t.v and movies are there.
    The last box I had went right to kodi off the main Android page and everything was there.
    My questions are, is there an easier way to use these programs and where do I find the favorites list.
    Sorry for the long explanation

  21. Loopy6044

    Thanks for this easy to follow page. I’m useless with tech but Kodi box up and running (well busy updating at the moment )

  22. F

    That depends. If you have a newer one with smart cast you should be able to download android Kodi from google play store onto the remote tablet. If like me you have older smart tv (4K) the “smarts” are part of the tv and I don’t believe there is a kodi app available. You would need an android box not necessarily 4K but why not.? I just put a minix neo u1(4K capable) on wifi connection with exodus add on. There isn’t much 4K material on exodus


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