Our Picks for Best WiFi Media Player TV Boxes 2017

By | February 12, 2017

Best WiFi Media Player TV Boxes 2016
TV media player boxes that stream over WiFi have become very dominate in homes in the last few years.
This has to do with a TV box ability to stream video content over the internet straight to a TV. Making them ideal for cable cord cutters or anyone wanting the best TV experience possible.
Our Picks for Best WiFi Media Player TV Boxes 2017
Tops MXV Android TV BOX Amlogic S905 Quad-core Mini PC Streaming Media Player 2GB/8GB with Keyboard

The MXV is a small WiFi media box is a good low cost option.
It has a S905 Quad Core CPU with 2 GB of RAM which can stream HD 1080 video or music.
The built-in WiFi is 802.11b/g/n. While not the newer 802.11ac it does work quite well. We had no problems streaming 1080p from a router ten feet away.
It is a Android TV box so it works like any android device and can play apps from the Play Store.
Kodi works great with the MXV and popular add-ons such as Exodus and Phoenix.
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Amazon Fire TV | Streaming Media Player

The new Fire TV can play 4K video and has built in 802.11ac dual band WiFi
It has a Quad Core CPU with 2 GB of RAM.
Best WiFi Media Player TV Boxes 2016 Fire TV
The built-in storage is low (8 GB) but can be expanded up-to 128 GB with a SD-card.
NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player

The NVIDIA SHIELD is a top media center box with many added features.
It has a Quad core CPU and 3 GB of RAM.
The WiFi is the newest 802.11ac 2×2 with MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out).
Most media center boxes come with limited internal storage space and require using a SD-Card or flash drive to add storage.
The NVIDIA SHIELD has different versions that come with more built-in storage if needed. Up-to a 500 GB hard drive can come pre-installed.
While more expensive than most boxes the NVIDIA SHIELD is definitely a beast.

The H96 PRO PLUS is a Android TV box that comes with many apps installed including Kodi.
It runs a S912 8 Core CPU and 3 GB of RAM. It also runs the newest 802.11ac WiFi.
There is not much internal storage (32 GB) and is built to stream content from online. A SD-card or flash drive can be inserted to give it more internal storage if needed.
If your goal is to stream videos from your favorite online sources than the I-Box does this well.
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Getting the best WiFi media center box that can play all your favorite content from the internet depends on your network setup.
While many home have no problems streaming WiFi and video other homes can sometimes have bad WiFi issues.
Many things can effect WiFi from walls to other wireless devices trying to get a signal through.
The router used should also be looked at to be sure it is performing at the speeds necessary to stream online content.
Keep in mind the new 802.11ac protocol while able to transfer data much faster than older protocols does not travel as well though walls or over distance.
802.11ac broadcast in the 5 GHz range while older wireless protocols use 2.4 GHz.
Wireless-N the last protocol introduced has a transfer rate up-to 300 Mbps. While the new 802.11ac can transfer up-to 1200MBps.
Streaming HD video requires only a 10 Mbps connection, so while the new 802.11ac protocol is faster in some cases wireless-N is better since the signal can travels better than 802.11ac.
A wired connection will always be the best, but WiFi when setup right with a good media box is a good choice.

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