How To Connect and Setup an Android TV Kodi Box

By | February 14, 2017

How To Connect and Setup an Android TV Kodi Box

If you have received your first android TV box and need to set it up then it is a easy thing to do.
After it is connected to a TV apps such as Kodi, YouTube, or Netflix can be run to stream videos.
Below are the steps to setup up your first box and have you up and running in no time.

Hook the Android TV Box To a TV
Most all boxes comes with a HDMI cable that runs to the TV from the unit.
How To Connect and Setup an Android TV Kodi Box HDMI Conect
Some do come with older AV or even coaxial cables but by far HDMI is the most used standard.
HDMI carries both high definition video and sound so it is the most widely used.
After connecting the HDMI cable the TV will need to be set to the correct HDMI port the cable plugged into.
How To Connect and Setup an Android TV Kodi Box HDMI 2
Each TV will have its own setup but basically if the cable was plugged into HDMI 2 port then the the TV needs to be set to HDMI 2 in its settings.

Power on the Android TV Box
The box should com with a remote control and will need batteries installed.
Some boxes come with a power button on the unit while others don’t.
After plugging in the power click the power button and the box should display to the TV.
If the box does not display to the TV then check the connections and be sure the TV is set to the correct HDMI input port.
Connect To Internet with WiFi or Ethernet
Connecting to the internet with a Ethernet cable is always better then a wireless signal but often not an option.
Each box manufacture has a different first startup and setup for the box.
Most will have a general setup on first boot-up and ask for language, time zone, and so on.
After the basic setup if the WiFI is not connected go to Settings–>Network and set it up.
How To Connect and Setup an Android TV Kodi Box WiFi
Ethernet can also be set if that is an option.
After the box is online it is ready to start streaming videos, music, or browsing the internet.
Streaming Videos with an Android TV Box
Streaming videos requires and App for the service you which to use.
For example if you plan to watch videos on YouTube then a YouTube App is needed.
Depending on the box basic Apps should come installed and will be in the App section.
To get an App that is not installed go to the Play Store and find the App needed. After finding it click install and it will automatically download and install.
How To Connect and Setup an Android TV Kodi Box Play Store
Google Play Store is located in apps and requires a Gmail email address to connect. There is an option to setup a email address if you don’t already have a Gmail account.
Kodi is a popular options with android TV boxes and is simply another App.
If the box does not come with Kodi it can be downloaded form the Play Store and will install automatically.
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Having an Android TV box is a nice option to stream videos, music, browse the internet, or even check the weather.
There are many units in all sizes and price ranges.
Android TV boxes can do much more then simply play videos but this is what they are use for the most.
Android smartphone and tablet users will know the interface and be better at quickly finding things.
If you are new to android then it is easy to learn with a little practice.
The main thing with any setup is getting it displaying to a TV and a internet connection. After this use an app to stream videos or the task you want it to do.



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