How To Install BOB Unrestricted KODI Addon 16.1 Jarvis

By | July 3, 2017


BoB Unrestricted is a Kodi add-on from the coders of the old popualr addon Phoenix.
Since it is from the same creators it likely will replace Phoenix at some point.
There is a lot of content in it with reliable streams to choose from.
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Name: Noobs and Nerds
How To Install BOB Unrestricted KODI Addon 16.1 Jarvis
1… System–>File Manager
2… Add Source
3… Click None
4… UPDATE: Since the main URL has become overloaded at times a new one has been setup.
Basically if one URL doesn’t work use the other.
Enter the URL: and click Done.
5…Name it Noobs and Nerds and click OK.
6…From the main menu go to System–>Settings
7… Add-ons
8… Install from zip file
9… A box will slide open from the side, select Noobs and Nerds
10…Select noobsandnerds_repo (2.0).zip
How To Install BOB Unrestricted KODI Addon 16.1 Jarvis Step 1010
11… The bottom right will have a popup say Enabled or Updated
12…Install from repository
13… Select noobsandnerds Repository
14… Video add-ons
15… Select BOB and Install
16… After it downloads and installs it will be located from the main menu Video–>Add-ons


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16 thoughts on “How To Install BOB Unrestricted KODI Addon 16.1 Jarvis

  1. Jesus Ongcoy

    Installed bob repo but soon as I enable from video add on , it failed. Any suggestion?

  2. Glenn

    First time loading and is “working” (little circle spinning round), but won’t open.

  3. Ingrid

    Bob holds the screen hostage won’t open. It needs serious fine tuning. Disappointed!

  4. jim

    This is just awful, A lot of time and effort went into it but no effort in stream selection, Most of the movie links do not work or will scrape trailers, Give it a miss and stick with good old Exodus for movies/TV shows.

  5. Metal Faced Gamer

    1 Exodus 2 Sports Devil ( = Exodus for sports related events) I would say if there’s a slight chance you might want to watch a game DL this great add-on. 3 UFC finest (even if it does use Sports Devil sometimes) For live events having some options on deck is better then trying to watch the game but instead looking for a add on do download and install don’t miss the final shot, pass or knockout. 4 BOB. Same theory as UFC Finest but for Exodus. These 4 have found me everything I’ve needed thus far and if you like Kodi movies, shows + sports I would say try this 4 piece setup. ???

    Any questions
    MetalFacedGamer@ everywhere!

    Great site. Keep up the fantastic work

  6. Randy Unger

    I loaded Bob successfully however disappointed no USA TV programming

  7. Bal

    Failed to install repository from Zip file on Kodi 17 beta5 on windows machine.

  8. Okie dokie

    works on Krypton but really nothing here I don’t already have. Versus had no audio, & for the most part I wont be watching . UNinstall time for now..

  9. jesse

    I downloaded it per your instructions as I do every other add on and everything went routine, but the Bob add on wont open. I click on it and it sites nothing. It’s the only add on of maybe 10 I have installed that won’t work


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