How To Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

No Limits Magic is a very useful and complete Build with everything expected from Kodi. It has all the popular add-ons installed such as Exodus and Phoenix.   The popularity of No Limits Magic Build has caused some install problems that have now been fixed. Currently the best way to install No limits Magic Build is with the… Read More »

Android TV Box Reviews 2017

Android TV boxes are nice devices that can stream videos, play games, along with many other nice features.   There are many units available from low cost budget boxes to high-end units packed with fast hardware.   After reviewing many Android TV boxes the last few years, below is our picks of the best units currently in 2017,… Read More »

Our Picks for The Top 10 Android TV Boxes 2017

Android TV boxes makes for ideal media centers from streaming movies and TV shows to playing games, or even using Skype.   They are a real benefit to any entertainment center and have wide capabilities that make them a go to solution. Below is our picks for top Android TV boxes of 2017 along with reviews. If you… Read More »

How to Install One24215 Add-on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

One24215 is a Kodi video add-on with a ton of content divided into sections. It has everything from live sports to the top best car movies. While there are many categories to narrow down a movie genre there is also a search option to quickly find a video.   Location Name: URL:     How to… Read More »

How To Install Navi-X KODI Addon Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

Navi-X is the oldest working Kodi add-on and continues to be one of the best.   Navi-X is a combination if users who share their favorite content in a very niche related way. This allows for a very large video database were anything can be found.   For example say you wanted language specific movies Filipino or Spanish… Read More »

How To Install Wookie Lite Build Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

Wookie Lite is a very good go-to build that is small in size at 170 MB and has wide hardware compatibility.   It has all the top add-ons included and is a nice quick Build to install that simply works. There is no need for a password username or Pin.     Location Name: Wookie URL:  … Read More »