Wireless Access Point VS Router

Wireless access points (AP) and routers are often thought of as the same thing.   A wireless access point is similar to a router but there are some differences   What is a Wireless Access Point? AP have evolved over the years to mean something different than they did in the early years of WiFi.   Before routers… Read More »

What to Look For in a KODI Android TV Box 2016

Android TV boxes have become the go to electronics for home media centers, and with many users finding how nice Kodi can be the two have become very popular.   Many android TV boxes now come fully loaded with Kodi installed along with all the popular add-ons.   This makes them great items to have to watch all… Read More »

Our Picks for Top 5 Robot Kits for Beginners

Building your own robot is a fun way to learn about automation and computer controls. There are many DIY robot kits available from beginner to advanced. Many popular kits are controlled by Adrinos or Raspberry Pi due to their wide spread support and low cost. While other kits come with their own electronic controls ready to be setup… Read More »

Low Cost Cheap Wireless USB Adapters

Wireless USB adapters are useful in a variety of situations, from a broken internal WiFi card to simply needing to add WiFi.   WiFi USB dongles make setting up a internet connection easy and quick.   They come in all sizes from very small to large with big antennas.   But what If you just need a cheap… Read More »