Wireless USB Extender

  Wireless USB extenders are a easy way to get more range from a USB port with no wires. The way they work is a wireless connection is made from a computer to the extender, it will then allow a USB device to be connected and the data transmitted back to and from a computer.   A standard… Read More »

Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter Reviews

  Now that Dual Band routers have become standard with most new routers, many users want to use the high speed routers to their fullest potential.   But what if your old computer or laptop doesn’t have support for dual band?   The easy answer is a Dual Band Wireless USB adapter.   Dual band works in both… Read More »

Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop

  A laptop, tablet, or smartphone already has a wireless card built into them, but under many peoples desk is a PC that cannot connect by wireless to a home network or the Internet.   A wireless adapter with a USB port can easily be fitted into a desktop to send and receive data giving it immediate wireless… Read More »

How To Get Wireless Cable TV

If you have ever needed cable in a room that didn’t have a cable cord in it going wireless is a great option.   There are many wireless cable TV streaming boxes that are available. Most the boxes stream in the 5 GHz range which is the new frequency for fast Wi-Fi often called Gigabit Wi-Fi.   This… Read More »