What Is A Good CB Radio To Buy?

CB radios are not only fun but also a efficient cheap way to communicate at short range.   In the era of smartphones many would think CB radios are a thing of the past but this is far from the truth.   CB radios can give real time communications to a large group or another single user, and… Read More »

Best USB 3.0 Wireless-AC Adapters

802.11ac was introduced in 2013 and is the newest WiFi protocol.   802.11ac also called Wireless-AC has a number of new features that give it advantages, and even some disadvantages, to the last WiFi protocol Wireless-N.   Speed The biggest advantage a 802.11ac USB adapter has over older protocols is speed.   Depending on the version of 802.11ac… Read More »

How to add External Storage to a Android Smartphone or Tablet

With phone and tablet manufactures eliminating Micro-SD cards from androids getting extra storage has moved to external devices.   There are a few options for backing up and saving your data to a external storage source, including hard drives and flash drives.   How are Files Copied to a External Source? All android smartphones and tablets use a… Read More »

Our Picks for Best USB to Ethernet Adapter

Using a USB to Ethernet adapter is a quick easy way to get a fast internet connection.   While most usually go the wireless route with a wireless USB dongle a USB-to-Ethernet adapter has its place in any scenarios.   Many times Ethernet is run when wireless just wont reach and simple setup is needed.   Other times… Read More »