Our Picks for Best Travel Router WiFi Hotspot

Portable travel routers where introduced a few years ago and quickly become very popular.   They can do many things depending on the scenario from sharing files to sharing a internet connection.   For example a travel router with built-in storage can stream movies or music to multiple devices in a vehicle while moving.   This helps keep… Read More »

A Guide to Outdoor Security Cameras

The rate at which consumer technology is advancing is truly mind-blowing. The advancements we’ve made in just the past 10 years are tremendous, and we only make more and more progress with each and every day that passes.   One of the electronics that’s seen huge improvements during this time is the security camera. The devices aren’t exactly… Read More »

What is the Best Kodi Movie Addon?

Kodi is the best media center available which allows for third-party add-ons to be installed and stream content such as movies.   Kodi itself gives the framework for third-party developers to code their idea of what a good add-on should look like and the sources it streams from.   The sources or servers that add-ons stream from are… Read More »

Our Picks for Best MU-MIMO Routers

If you are looking for a fast router to take your WiFi to the next level than MU-MIMO routers can do that.   MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output.   MU-MIMO is a technology that allows many wireless signals to transmit to a device, such as a router, at the same time. The best routers use MU-MIMO… Read More »