Our Picks for Best USB to Ethernet Adapter

Using a USB to Ethernet adapter is a quick easy way to get a fast internet connection.   While most usually go the wireless route with a wireless USB dongle a USB-to-Ethernet adapter has its place in any scenarios.   Many times Ethernet is run when wireless just wont reach and simple setup is needed.   Other times… Read More »

What is a Good Wireless Storage Device?

Wireless storage devices come in all kinds of hardware and software formats. Storing your picture, music, videos, or any files wireless can be done in few different ways.   Some are more static devices not meant to be moved much and others are portable giving the user on-the-go functionality.   So lets look at some options available to… Read More »

Top Outdoor WiFi Range Extenders

Extending a outdoor wireless signal with a WiFi range extender needs to be done in areas with a poor signal.   Every outdoor wireless environment will be different, some can have trees blocking a signal, other times a street or alleyway requires a wireless bridge since no wires can be installed.   Since there are so many different… Read More »