Review: Matricom G-Box Q Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00QHLSKOE” locale=”US” tag=”wireleshackt-20″]new Matricom G-Box Q[/easyazon_link] is out and has an upgraded Quad Core CPU from the old Dual Core version.   This Android Kodi box list many features from playing streaming 1080p video to having a built in dual band WiFi.   If you have a dual band wireless router that can use the 5… Read More »

Top Wardriving USB adapters

A good Wardriving USB adapter must be capable of a few things, including packet injections, Deauth command, or basicaly working with the aircrack-ng suite.   There are other WiFi cracking tools such as Kismet but Aircrack is the most widely used and if an adapter works with Aircrack than it will more than likely work with other wireless… Read More »

Cracking a WPA Capture with the GPU using HashCat

  After a WPA/WPA 2 Handshake Capture has been saved to a drive cracking it with current computers can be challenging. To speed this process up the GPU in some video cards can be utilized. This can speed things up drastically when doing a brute force crack on a WPA data capture. You will need to know the… Read More »