Kali Linux Nano USB adapters

Long-range USB adapters are great when penetration testing with Kali Linux but what if you want to stay low-profile.   Most USB adapters that work with Kali Linux such as the popular Alfa adapters have large antennas that stick out and are very noticeable.   To stay low-profile small nano USB adapter/dongle’s need to be used with Kali.… Read More »

Alfa AWUS036NHR and Kali Linux AWUS036H Replacement

  The Alfa AWUS036H was a great wifi USB adapter back in the day especially with Backtrack / kali Linux and penetration testing, but its age caught up with it as the 8187 chipset the AWUS036H used is only a wireless G chipset.   Most devices now use wireless N leaving the legacy 802.11g standard to the history… Read More »

Raspberry Pi Compatible WiFi Adapter / Dongles

A wireless dongle will make your Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi capable, but only certain wireless adapters work with the Raspberry Pi.   What makes a Wi-Fi dongle compatible with a Raspberry Pi is the chipset that it uses. There are two chipsets that stand out as the most commonly used and popular.   1…RTL8188CUS Chipset 2…Ralink RT5370 Chipset  … Read More »

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

  Today were doing a review of the brand-new Skullcandy Hesh 2 wireless headphones (video review below). It’s the first set of wireless headphones Skullcandy has ever released.   They are Bluetooth and so they will work with any device that has Bluetooth.   It comes with accessories such as cable if you want to use a wired… Read More »

What Can You Do With a Raspberry Pi?

The users of Raspberry Pi are becoming numerous as it is a versatile, cheap, basic computer that can be coded to do many things from a security system to a media player, and the list keeps growing.   New ideas and projects are added daily as new ideas for the Raspberry Pi are thought of and made possible… Read More »

Raspberry Pi Comparison and Model Differences

  Raspberry Pi is the favorite small hobby computer that can also be made into real-world projects and has been evolving into better configurations and versions of itself.     The original Raspberry Pi unit was based on the Broad-com BCM2835 and included a ARM 700 MHz processor with 256 Mb of Ram.   The newest version Raspberry… Read More »