Review: AUKEY SK-M7 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

By | June 2, 2016

Review AUKEY SK-M7 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers have become very popular, with many available from low-cost to high-end expensive units.
The Aukey SK-M7 falls into the low-to-mid range of portable Bluetooth speakers which makes it a very affordable option.
Even though the SK-M7 is a low cost unit it shouldn’t be discounted as not being a good speaker.
There are many low cost Bluetooth speakers like the Aukey SK-M7 that have a good sound and nice features.
Here is a overview and breakdown of the Aukey SK-M7.
The box comes with a clip, power cable, and a line-in cable for any devices without Bluetooth.
Review AUKEY SK-M7 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker
On the back is the power button, line-in, line-out, and micro-USB charging port.
Review AUKEY SK-M7 low cost Affordable Bluetooth Portable Speaker
When it first comes in the battery will need to be charged. A wall outlet charger is not included in the box which wasn’t a problem for me with the many USB chargers I have laying around.
The battery will charge in 4 hours with 12 hours of play time.
The Button layout is easy to use with a call button, play/pause, volume, and LED light.
Review AUKEY SK-M7 low cost Bluetooth Portable Speaker
Paring is easy by truing it in and within Bluetooth settings scanning than connecting.
The sound quality is good for such a small unit. It has dual 3 watt speaker drivers that can play loud enough to annoy close neighbors.
Here is a overview and sound sample I made of the it playing.

Updated Model on Amazon
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The AUKEY SK-M7 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a good unit for the money and will no-doubt fit many peoples music needs.
There are higher-end units available if you have the extra money to spend but the AUKEY SK-M7 is a good low cost alternative.
High-end portable speakers are nice but often cant be taken everywhere depending on the scenario.
For a good sound at a good price the AUKEY SK-M7 is a good buy.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure it is a good fit for you.

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