The Top Best KODI Repositories List To Get Addons

By | November 25, 2016

As Kodi becomes more and more popular many new add-ons and repositories have become available.
Below we list the top best Kodi repositories to get add-ons and how to install them. This includes movies, TV shows, music or the many other types available.
What Is a Kodi Repository?
A repository often called a Repo is simply a website that stores add-ons for download.
Repositories are added to Kodi with a URL Web address that points it to the sites storage location.
Some repository also contain other repository packages to choose from in a large list.
There is no one locations that stores all the Kodi add-ons so more than one Repo often needs to be added.
How To Install a Kodi Repository
Repos are installed by going in Kodi by going to System–>File Manager–>Add Source and entering the repository URL web address.
Each Repo will have a unique Name and URL usually setup by the creator.
Once a repository name and URL is added, the Get More within the Videos section can be used to install add-ons.
They can also be installed from Settings–>Add-ons–>Install from a repository.
Below are the current most used Repos and instructions to install them. There are many more out there and growing daily.


The Top Best Kodi Repositories List

Metal Kettles
Name: Metal Kettles
Metal Kettles has a lot of popular add-ons including UK Turks Playlist, UKTV Again, Xmovies8, Sports Mix and many more.
It has been around for awhile and continues to update add-ons and come out with new ones occasionally.
How To Install Metal Kettles Add-on Repository
Mucky Ducks Repo
Name: Mucky Ducks Repo
Mucky Ducks has a lot of good plugins which are very popular, such as 123Movies, Gorilla Streams 2.0, Afdah and many more.
Most of Mucky Ducks plugins work very well streaming movies,TV shows, sports and other content.
How To Install Mucky Ducks Repository
Noobs and Nerds
Name: Noobs and Nerds
Noobs and Nerds contains Zen, MetaliQ, BOB, and Sports Devil Launcher. It is a new Repo but has a lot of promise since it comes from the guys who originally coded and managed Fusion.
How To Install Noobs and Nerds Repository
Tknorris Repo
Name: Tknorris Repo
Tknorris conatins the very popular 1Channel and SALTs (Stream All The Sources) add-ons.
How To Install Tknorris Repository
Name: Fusion
Fusion has been around a long time sine the early days of Kodi and has a big list of add-ons and mini Repos.
Fusion is now associated with but the repository URL contains a lot of mini repositories with-in it. This means that for a lot of top repositories you will not need to type in a URL.
It contains Exodus which is the most popular add-on as well as a storage location for many other popular mini Repos.
Having repositories setup is a necessary part of using Kodi to get add-ons and for them to updated at times.
Setting up a repository is easy by simply entering the name and URL web address.
There are many more Repos than the ones listed here which I have only added the most popular.



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  1. Bhasker Raj

    Thanks for publishing the best of Kodi repositories.
    Due to hundreds of repositories available where add-on can be downloaded people are confused and the best add-ons are often neglected.
    Your guide will help people to sort out the best repositories and the add-ons can be installed.

    Bhasker Raj


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