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Kodi Add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by new Add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.
We use a poll, testing, and user feedback to show which Addons are the best and most popular.
Last month the Poll has Neptune Rising again as the clear winner.
Be sure to take the new Poll below and vote for your favorite Addon.
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The Top 10 Best Addons MAY 2018
1. Neptune Rising
2. Placenta
3. Genesis Reborn
4. Covenant XvBMC Repo
5. Incursion
6. Magic Dragon (The Dogs Bollocks Renamed)
7. Maverick TV
8. Uranus
9. Supremacy
10. Mobdro
New Poll MAY 2018

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New Addons
Movie Zone
Angelo Addon IPTV
Joker Sports
Solider 76
Squad Control
Supremacy Sports
Monster Munch
Magic Dragon
Blockbuster Unbranded
Sports Matrix
StarTec Mobdro
Shows Motion
Selfless Lite
Beaver Box
Nevena Cinema
4K Movie Trailers
TV King
Phoenix Reborn IPTV
Don TV
Dubbed Anime
Replay’s R Us
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

Best Working Kodi Addons List for MAY 2018
Neptune Rising
Neptune Rising is a Poseidon Fork from Blamo repository.
It plays movies and TV shows with constantly updated code which pulls in many links.
Since its introduction it has quickly become a favorite goto Addon for many.
Neptune Rising is a great plugin that has been updated and is currently working very well.
How to Install Neptune Rising
Genesis Reborn
Genesis Reborn is a Fork from the once popular Genesis addon with updated working code.
Since it is from the Genesis code it has the same layout and options as Genesis / Exodus had before it.
It is a good Addon to have and has been continuously updated, most recently on 4-21-2018.
How To Install Genesis Reborn
Covenant is a very popular Addon which the main Repository Colossus having shut down.
This means the popular Covenant will not receive any more new updates from the Colossus team.
If you already have Covenant installed it will keep working but as things break they will not be fixed.
A Repo called XvBMC is available to install Covenant.
Read Here for How To Install Covenant with the New XvBMC Repo
Placenta is another good Kodi video Addon from Mr Blamo and Muad’Dib.
It is another Fork of Exodus / Covenant with more options and links.
It has movies and TV shows with constantly updated code to fix things if they break.
How To Install Placenta
Incursion is new Kodi addon for 2018 based on the popular Exodus and Covenant plugins.
Since it is a Covenant Fork it has the same layout and features but with updated code.
It is a great Addon to have and a good addition to any Kodi setup.
How to Install Incursion
Maverick TV
Maverick TV is an older addon that has been constantly updated.
It has a lot of content from 4K and 3D videos to standard definition movies and TV shows, to documentaries and music.
It is also a one click to play addon that finds the best stream available to play automatically.
Instructions for Installing Maverick TV
Supremacy is a good all-in-one Addon that has a lot of content including Movies, TV, IPTV, and 4K HD sections.
It will try to find and play the best SD or HD link available and play them automatically.
How to Install Supremacy
SkyNet is another Addon from Maverick TV Repo that works very well and was recently updated.
It has combined many top Addons into one place including Supremacy, the Dogs Bollocks, and Maverick TV.
There is a section for most anything making it good for sports, movies, TV shows, and more.
How to Install SkyNet
Joshua is a Kodi video Addon from the Griffin Repo.
Sections include Documentaries, Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, and TMDB.
How To Install JOSHUA
Uranus is a new Kodi Addon for 2018 from Griffin Repo located at the Blamo URL.
It is has movies and TV shows as well as Trakt.
A list of links will come up on the side to select from. Like most addons it will try to find a good one to play, if it kicks back to the menu or buffers go farther down the list of links.
How to Install Uranus
The Magic Dragon
Magic Dragon is the popular Dogs Bollocks plugin renamed.
Sections included are, People Watching, Catch up TV, Documentary, kids, Music, Movies, Radio, Sport and TV/Entertainment and much more.
How To Install The Magic Dragon
Sport 365
Sport 365 Live is a Kodi Addon from the QWER Repository.
It pulls in feeds from the Sport365.Live website and displays them in a long list to choose from.
How To Install Sport 365
Pure Sports
Pure Sports is a new Addon for Kodi with a lot of sport sections.
Sections include 3PM Kick-Offs, Boxing / MMA, Cricket, Darts, F1, Football, NBA, HFL, NHL, Rugby, Sports Channels, and WWE.
How To Install Pure Sports
Wolf Pack
Wolfpack is an older Kodi Add-on loaded with lots of content that was recently updated.
It has been updated with a new Repo URL, Logo, and Content.
Sections include Search, More Power, A Woman s Touch, The Specialist, Mind of Moranable, Midian, Anime, Audio books, and more.
How to Install Wolf Pack
Bones Brigade
The Bones Brigade is a new Kodi Addon from the Griffin Repository.
Sections include Contest, King of the Road, Movies, Skateboarding, TV Shows, YouTube Channels, Snowboarding and Extreme Sports.
How To Install the Bones Brigade
IPTV Bonanza
IPTV Bonanza is a Kodi Live TV plugin from Maniac Repository.
It has many sections and links for Live TV streams from around the world and was recently updated.
How To Install IPTV Bonanza
Anime Incursion
Anime Incursion is a Kodi Addon that is all about Anime.
It includes Movie and TV show Anime with lots of categories and sub sections.
How To Install Anime Incursion
Chaapa’ai is a new Kodi video Addon from Blamo Repository.
The main menu has Movies and TV shows along with many sub categories.
How To Install Chaapa’ai
Local News Cast
Local News Cast is a great new Kodi Addon from Jesus box repository.
It plays local news split into State and City. Not all cities are available but so far is working well with the ones it does have.
How To Install Local News Cast
Blockbuster Unbranded
Blockbuster Unbranded is brand new Kodi Video Addon.
Sections included Movies, Tv Shows, search, Resolver Settings, Scraper settings, Clear Add-on Cache, and pairing Tools.
How To Install Blockbuster Unbranded
Chronos is a Kodi IPTV Addon from Skydarks Repository.
It has sections for Live TV, Sports, Hockey, Austria, Concerts, Movies, Germany, radio, and more.
How To Install Chronos
Click Here
Click Here is another good Kodi Video Addon from Skydarks Repository.
The main menu has categories for Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New, Episodes, Tools and Search.
How To Install CLICK HERE
Redemption is an older Kodi Add-on that was recently updated with a new interface and options.
It has a lot of content divided into sections, including Movies A-Z, 4K, 3D, TV Show Box Sets, Fight Replays, and more.
It will give an option to play a video with SD or HD links and play it automatically. It is usually best to play SD links unless you have good hardware and fast internet speeds.
How To Install Redemption
Atomic is a new Exodus / Covenant Fork from Atomic Repository.
It has the same basic layout of Exodus / Covenant with updated code. This includes Movies and TV shows in a well laid out menu system.
How To Install Atomic
Griffs Docs
Griffs Docs is a great documentary Kodi Addon from Griffin Repository.
It has a lot of categories with topics on most any subject from British History to Computer and Cold War documentaries.
How To Install Griffs Docs
Aragon Live
Aragon Live is a new Kodi Live TV Addon from Blamo Repository.
The main menus has Argon Live and LiveNetTV. The Argon sub menu has Documentary, Kids, Movies, Music, News, Sports, UK & USA and mcuh more under LiveNetTV.
How To Install Aragon Live
Eden is a new Kodi Video Addon from Cosmic Saints Repository.
It is an Exodus/Covenant Fork with with movies and TV show sections along with some added categories.
How To Install Eden
Movie Zone
Movie Zone is a new Kodi video Add-on from Sarcasm Repository.
Sections include Features, All Movies, Bollywood, Telugu, Genres and Search.
Instead of pulling in a list of links it ask which site to stream from, with a list to choose.
It does take a moment when selecting a site to start a feed so be sure to give it a moment between clicks.
How to Install Movie Zone
Anubis is a new all-in-one Kodi Ad-on from Androidbboy Repository.
Sections included one Click, Urban, Hip Hop Films, Latin films, DIY, real Debrin Login, Search Trakt, Search IMDB and Settings.
How to Install Anubis
Reptilia is a new Kodi Exodus / Covenant Fork from Androidbboy Repository.
The main menu has Movies, TV shows, Search along with many sub categories.
As with any Fork the layout is the same as Exodus / Covenant with updated code for links.
How To Install Reptilia
Angelo Addon IPTV
Angelo Addon IPTV is a plugin with streams from all around the world.
The menu is in Italian but has many streams under Server 1 and Server 2
A long list of categories are given to select from.
How To Install Angelo Addon IPTV
Joker Sports
Joker Sports is a Kodi Addon from Maverick Repository.
Sections include BT, 3pm Kick off Footy, Sports Channel Extra, and much more.
It is a one-click to play addon and automatically finds the best stream to play.
How to Install Joker Sports
Doge is an all-in-one Kodi Addon with a section for most everything.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Concerts, Documentaries, News, Android, and Live TV.
How To Install Doge Kodi Addon
Solider 76
Solider 76 is a new Kodi Addon from Androidbboy Repository.
The main menu has Heist Movies, Gangsta, Westerns, Her Picks, Sports Movies, Chick Flicks, Drama/Action/Thriller, and more.
How To Install Solider 76
Focus is a new Kodi video Addon from Lockdown Repository that is a Fork of the once popular Genesis plugin.
It has the same layout as the old Genesis plugin with Movies and TV shows but with updated working code.
How To Install Focus Kodi Addon
Supremacy Sports
Supremacy Sports is a Kodi Addon from Supremacy Repository that is all about sports.
Sections include Ace streams, BT Sports, Football Documentaries, Live events, Reddit Soccer streams, Sports Channels, UKTV Sports, Sport Movies and WWE.
It uses Plexus and SportsDevil plugins for live streams.
How To Install Supremacy Sports
Monster Munch
Monster Munch is an all-in-one Kodi addon from Steptoes Repo.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, Chill Out, World TV, world Cams, Fitness, Documentaries, Radio Stations, Cartoons, Tube Sports, and Tube Music.
It is a one-click-to-play addon which gives and option for SD or HD quality finds the best link and plays it automatically.
How To Install Monster Munch
Star Tec
Star Tec is an all-in-one addon that has a sections for most anything from movies to music.
Categories include Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Comedy, Live, Kids Hub, Anime, Music, Radio, Live Concerts, Live Events, Sports, Bloopers and much more.
How To Install Star Tec
Mancave Tech Streams
Mancave Tech Streams is brand new all in one kodi add-on From TV Kings Repository.
Sections included Movies, TV Shows, Music, Live TV and Sports. The Movie section contains Boxsets, Popular, Genres, Years, In Theaters, Top Rated and Best Pictures Winners.
How to Install Mancave Tech Streams
At The Flix
At The Flix is a Movie add-on from the Maverick Repository.
It has lots of sections including 4K UHD, Sci-fi Fantasy, Horror, British Cinema, and much more.
The option to play HD or SD streams is giving and it plays automatically.
How to Install At The Flix
Boxset Kings Reborn
Boxset Kings is a Kodi Video Addon from Cosmic Saints Repository.
Sections include Action, Adventure, animation, comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Western.
How To Install Boxset Kings Reborn
Selfless is a Kodi IPTV Addon from Bliss Repo with live streams.
It has a lot of sections and subsections including The Big List, Manual Links, USA, 24.7 Shows, Video on Demand, WWE, Sports Heaven and much more.
As with any Live TV Addon it is hit or miss if a stream plays or not but many feeds so far are working.
How To Install Selfless
VEILSIDE is a new All-In-One Kodi Addon from Cosmic Saints Repo.
Sections include Search, Movies, TV, Kids Corner, Sports Menu. Live TV list, Music, Trakt TV, Adults Corner, and Real Debrid section.
How To Install Veilside
Squad Control
Squad Control is a Kodi Cartoon and Anime Addon from Blamo Repository.
Sections include 50 Latest Releases, Today’s Picks, Most Popular, Dubbed Anime, Subbed anime, Movies, and more.
How To Install Squad Control
Power is a new Kodi Add-on from Androidbboy Repository.
The main menu has Movies, TV, Trailers, 24/7, Search along with many sub categories.
It moves bit slow and takes a moment to go through the links and play a good one.
How To Install Power
Slartibartfast is an All-In-One Kodi Addon from Vista Free Repository.
The main menu has On Demand Movies / TV shows, Live TV, 24/7 movies and TV shows.
The Live TV section uses UK IPTV, Modbro, and Pak streams. Modbro is a top Android APK which works well for Live streams.
How To Install Slartibartfast
Supra Box
Supra Box is an All-In-One Kodi addon that has lots of categories to choose from and recently received an update.
The movie section has options for 1080p, 720p, DTS, and UHD 4K resolution.
How to Install Supra Box
Eyasses is a Kodi all-in-one Addon from Aj Builds Repository with something for everyone.
Sections include Anime, Audio Books, CCTV, Cooking, Documentaries, Horror, Fitness, Movie Hub and much more.
The links are one click to play with it going out finding one avaible and playing it automatically.
How To Install Eyasses
GearZ is a Kodi Addon from the RockCrusher Repository.
It pulls in streams from YouTube with many sections and channels to choose from.
Since it pulls feeds in from YouTube it works very well with no buffering.
How to Install GearZ
Sparkle is Kodi Sports Addon that pulls in streams from Reddit and Acestreams.
Categories included MMA , NFl , NCCA, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, Rugby, and much more.
How to Install Sparkle
Mad House Classics
Mad House Classics is a Kodi Addon for watching classic Movies and TV Shows.
Categories include movies and TV shows from the fifties and sixties, sixties to seventies movies, eighties, nineties, and more.
Like all Addons it gives a list of links which it automatically will try to go through and play. If it kicks out or a link buffers go farther down the list until a good link is found.
How To Install Mad House Classics
BMC is a Kodi Addon from Boom Repository.
It is a Fork of Covenant with the same options and menus but has been updated.
So far it has been pulling in many links and working very well.
How To Install BMC
ATRIOX is a Kodi all-in-one addon from the Supremacy Repository with a section for most anything.
It has many sections including search, 24/7 shows, 4K movies, latest, live TV, Box sets, westerns, crime, thriller, romance and much more.
When a category is selected it takes a moment to build a list but works quickly after that.
How To Install ATRIOX
Final Gear
Final Gear is a Kodi Addon that is all about Motor sports.
Sections include Car Shows, Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Fifth Gear, Grand Tour, Top Gear, and YouTube channels.
It is located in the Griffin Repository which is currently stored at the Blamo Repo URL.
How to Install Final Gear
Midian is a new All-In-One Addon with lots of content.
It has sections for most everything including movies, TV shows, documentaries, fitness, music, and more.
The section called Grab Bag Deux has lots of 720 / 1080p Bluray and 3D / 4K links.
How To Install Midian
Deceit is a new all-in-one Kodi Addon from One Nation Repository.
Sections include Latest, Movies, TV shows, Sports Streams, Live TV, Listers, 24/7, real drebrid, Trakt, Search, Click to Pair, and more.
How To Install Deceit
Sports Matrix
Sports Matrix is a Kodi Addon from Pure Repo and the replacement for Pure Sports plugin.
Sections include 3PM Kick Offs, Live, PPV, Channels, Football and more.
How To Install Sports Matrix
StarTec Mobdro
StarTec Mobdrois a Kodi plugin from Gentec Wiz Repository.
It gives a way to add the popular Modbro APK to a Kodi setup.
The main menu has Channels, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, and Music.
How To Install StarTec Mobdro
Shows Motion
Shows Motion is a Kodi video Addon from Pure Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV Shows, Trending, Upcoming, Search, and Tools.
It takes it a moment to find and play a stream but has been working well so far.
How To Install Shows Motion
Modbro is a popular Android APK that has live streams and can now be installed into Kodi.
Categories include Channels, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, and Music.
How To Install Modbro
Selfless Lite
Selfless Lite is a Kodi Live TV and Movie Addon from Bookmark Lite Repository.
Sections include Latest news and Updates, Live TV, Movies, and Channels.
The live TV section has a lot of options including Sports, Swift Streamz, Nettv, TvNow, Modbro and much more.
How To Install Selfless Lite
Beaver Box
Beaver Box is a new Kodi Addon from Cellar Door TV Repository.
Sections include Movies, TV shows, Trakt Portal, Kids Box sets, Wild West, Fright night, Music Box and more.
How To Install Beaver Box
Nevena Cinema
Nevena Cinema is a new Kodi Addon from Tojelako Repository.
Sections include Click to Pair, Movies, Actresses, Actors, TV shows, Spot, Music, Trackt and more.
How To Install Nevena Cinema
Picasso is an older Addon from Goliath Repo that been recently updated.
It has a lot of categories and sub-categories including Settings, Keep Safe, Find It, Movie Madness, Telly Box, Sports, Tunes, Docutainment. Keep fit, LOL, Talk To Me, Little Ones, How to and Magic and Get scared.
How To Install Picasso
TV King
TV King is a Kodi video Addon from TV King repository.
The main menu has Movies, TV shows, Collection, Kids Zone, Documentary, Trakt and Debrid.
How To Install TV King
4K Movie Trailers
4K Movie Trailers is a Kodi Addon from JesusBox Repository.
It plays movie trailers from YouTube and is a good Addon to see what is currently playing and if it worth seeing.
How To Install 4K Movie Trailers
Phoenix Reborn IPTV
Phoenix Reborn is a Live TV Addon with a lot of sections.
It has live IPTV streams with many categories. The English channels are under UK/US TV Programi.
It is not connected to the old once popular Phoenix plugin but its own unique Kodi Addon.
How to Install Phoenix Reborn IPTV
Angelus is a Kodi Addon from Illuminate Repository.
It has sections for Thriller, War Films, Box-sets, Zombie, Crime documentaries, Search and much more.
How To Install Angelus
Dubbed Anime
Dubbed Anime is a Kodi Addon from Blamo repository that is all about Anime.
The main menu has Search, Genres, and Episodes.
How to Install Dubbed Anime
Don TV
Don TV is a Live TV Addon from Tojelako Repository.
It is an IPTV that has many channels from around the world.
How To Install Don TV
Kratos is a new Kodi Addon from the ukodi1 repository.
It has sections for Movies, TV Shows, Spotlight, Collections, Catch-up, Tools, Trackt and more.
How To Install The Kratos
Replay’s R Us
Replay’s R Us is a Kodi sports Addon from Gentec Wiz Repository.
It streams game replays from YouTube of most any sport, from Wrestling and Motocross to Golf and Boxing.
How to Install Sports Replay’s R Us
DigiBox is a Kodi video Addon from Digital Repository.
It has movies and TV shows along with sections for Documentaries and Trakt accounts.
It is mainly setup for those with a Real Debrid account but also pulls in standard links.
How To Install DigiBox
Live Tube
Live Tube is a new Kodi addon that takes advantage of the many Live streams fed into YouTube.
As most know Live stream on YouTube often are live TV channels being fed in from Youtuber’s looking to get more hits.
What is available can be hit or miss but Live Tube is a good addon to add to any Kodi setup.
How To Install Live Tube Kodi Addon
What Is Kodi?
Kodi is a free Open Source media player that is available for many hardware platforms from a desktop computer to a smartphone.
Originally called XBMC it has been constantly updated with new versions.
Kodi by itself is a very nice free media player. Addons that are installed into Kodi are what give it more functionality.
For example a video addon will play movies and TV shows, while a music addon will stream music.
Read Here for A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies / TV Shows
What Is a Kodi Addon?
A Kodi addon is a program that runs within Kodi much like an App on a smartphone.
There are many kinds of addons for Kodi with the most popular ones being Video addons that play movies and TV shows.
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily. We add new ones that are found to be working to this list and non-working ones removed.
No addons or plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
How Is a Kodi Addon Installed?
Addons are installed from a Repository that holds the addon for download.
A Repository is a website that host the files for download.
The correct URL web address for the Repo needs to be typed into Kodi to install it.
Repositories can become overwhelmed with traffic at times which slows them down or even causes them to crash.
This page is updated regularly for the best working repository URLs and working add-ons.
What Is a VPN?
A VPN provides privacy and security while being online.
Entities such as Internet Service Providers or unscrupulous persons will only see encrypted data.
This gives a user anonymity as well as privacy while online.
A VPN is not necessary to use Kodi but can hide all online activities which has become very desirable.
The most popular VPN to use with Kodi is IPVanish since they are Kodi friendly, have worldwide high speed servers, and don’t keep any logs.
Read Here For the Best Live IPTV Kodi Addons
Read Here For the Best Kodi Sports Addons
Read Here For the Best Kodi Music Addons
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828 thoughts on “TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List MAY 2018

  1. Mandy Sparks

    What happened to the Serial Killers Add on?
    Its not in the Illuminati Repo anymore, someone please tell me!?

  2. Ricky

    I have an issue when I try to watch a series using Kodi with Covenant . I recently started watching Monk but it always goes back to 1st episode. If I uninstall then reinstall I can get next episode to play then it goes back to first episode again.

    1. Bepe

      Some providers do repeat all episodes with the first episode so it does make it frustrating. I would look for the pattern and eliminate using that uploaders links. Or simply change from covenant to genesis reborn or other related and reliable add-ons.

  3. Jg

    How is gaiai not on the list. It’s amazing especially with debrid or news account.

  4. Zigi

    For me Prime Wire is still good one, no mess with wrong episodes like in Neptun nor
    wrong format like SD or HD.

  5. Gary Glenn

    Hi Troy,
    Do any of these apps play in 5.1 surround? I have not found any at all.

  6. Bent1

    Neptune Rising has been working very well for me that’s when I can get my wife to understand to use it. They have many HD feeds of more than others I’m also using, the wife likes Flixnet but hardly does it give you any HD channels to use. Genesis Reborn doesn’t have that many HD streams either, don’t use Covenant much any longer, Cerebro Shoebox isn’t bad but not many HD streams either. So in a nut shell “Neptune Rising” works the best.

  7. Steven Denholm

    What a shame that cerebro showbox has went offline. Hopefully it’s o my a small glitch and it will be back. Surely the devs never had it online for a month just to get premium paying customers. It was bringing in 400-500 links on pretty much all movies and shows I wanted to watch. Incursion should be top of the list now to be honest. C’mon Cerebro devs. Please don’t make this pay only. IPTV add-on still works and is perfect so it makes me think they are just updating some code. Fingers crossed

  8. Joel

    Recently got an XBOX ONE, and Kodi 18.1 alpha is on it. I find that my sources in Covenant and the like are lacking, maybe 2 or 3, whereas on my Miboxes, I get tons of links. Thoughts, ideas??? I didn’t install the auto clear cache thing on this?

  9. Dunk

    Cerebrotv showbox option in the repo has disappeared for me. Only option in the repo currently is Cerebro Build Installer Premium which needs a code which you pay for. Disappointing cos this was working very well.


    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something which helped me.

    Many thanks!

  11. Sam

    Is neptune rising really the best? Only just installed it 2 days ago and seem to get a lot of dead links

      1. Freshair

        Reborn is far the best for me also,, The Neptune providers don’t excite me with all their HD stuff,

        1. Freshair

          Robbie you commented on Pyramid, I think its great with exception of subtitles–Can you get subtitles ?

    1. Zaldy

      Yeah i recently installed Neptune Rising too and I am not happy with it. I’l remove it ASAP

  12. Tank

    Genesis Reborn hands down I pull in tons of 1080p links with and without RD!!!

  13. Daar Chawal

    i believe BENNU add on is no longer working or in existence, has an alternative been made available ?

    Even my COVENANT, i have updated the add on but its still showing the same movies and wont play

    PHOENIX and BENNU add on used to be great

    is there an add-on where you can get and watch latest BOLLYWOOD movies

    1. Bernie

      Phoenix and Beanu went down quite a while ago… covenant has the xvbmc repo to keep it up to date. This site is an amazing resource as long as you navigate it and read.

    1. Tony

      Very simple go to settings applications then go to Kodi then click on the top you should see something that says clear cache and clear data then it’ll reset everything and all your apps will be deleted for Kodi and you’ll start fresh

  14. Rob

    Neptune rising is not a form of covenant, and never was. It’s a Posieden fork.

  15. Boris Badinoff

    Genesis Reborn works good except no “right click” (or menu on Matricon) for the menu to pick Download, anybody figure out how to download with Genesis? I went to toolss and set up download enabled/folders etc…

  16. Frank

    I found Neptune Rising to be a hit or miss proposition, mostly miss. Very slow feed and constantly buffering to the point of aggravation. Looking for something different.

  17. Amanda

    What’s the best working add-on for anime? In was using WatchCartoonsOnline through dandymedia but it is no longer working. Having anime withdraws. Please help! Thanks!

    1. Alucard1028

      Same here. I started using go anime from the super repo I think it’s called. Video quality is lower.

    2. Tom

      Use 9anime. Download the zip for v0.0.27 here. “””” Am currently watching Hunter x Hunter in 1080p :). Use AnimeGo and AnimeRam from superrepo for backup.

      1. Amanda


        Does that zip work for android phones also? Or is there another working link? Noobsandnerds and superrepo are not working for me.


      1. Amanda

        I’ve been using it. Not everything that I normally watch works in Neptune Rising for Anime.

  18. Zoki

    Hi does anyone know of any addons that do full football match replays excluding Football replays addon I live in Australia and its convenient to be able to watch full football matchs the next day

    1. IPFreely

      When it comes to AFL or NRL matches, Australia is one country where it’s monitored hard to avoid piracy and uncopyrighted viewing of sports.

      I haven’t looked into if any legal paid ways are available, but as far as for Kodi, it’s mostly Australian movies that get released overseas that you will find on kodi, not so much TV or sport.

      There is an AFL app by Matthuisman from NZ you could try, but I have never used it, and the auther has stated before that all his apps are legal, so I doubht it’s going to contain what you are looking for.

      My suggestion would be looking into equipment or tvs with recording features and timers you can set to record them and watch them later. There isn’t going to be enough interest to have anyone record and upload them online to implement through kodi apps and take on channel 9s copyrights and permission of fair use policies.

      1. Jimbo Jones

        dang, I feel your guys pain.

        About a decade ago they used to sell these physical boxes that people hooked up to their TV/Cable boxes that streamed their entire cable TV service to the internet. They were about the most unsuccessful piece of electronic equipment ever. Their entire sales pitch was ‘now you can watch your home tv from work, or from your laptop in your hotel room’ I forgot the name of the hardware but you can bet these things are on ebay. All you would need to do it get one person with TV service, broadcast using this el-cheapo box to a VPS or something, and then all your mates can watch live or recorded footy from the VPS.

        It might take a community of you guys to each pitch in $1 or something, but hey, beats paying fees. I wish I could remember the name of those silly boxes. They were in the electronics stores collecting dust for like 6 years. The cable/TV companies would probably shit themselves about them now, back then streaming wasn’t even a thing and Youtube was new. All it would take is one Aussie/Kiwi paying for cable and someone who knows a bit about webservers to set it up. Cost would be minimal.

  19. Toni

    Hi, can anyone suggest an addon to Watch movies dubbed in Portuguese?
    Thank you

  20. Tommy Boy

    The Incursion addon doesn’t work, you get an error when you try and open the addon after it installs.

  21. Chris

    Is there a working repo for Sports Angel? All the ones I add wont connect

  22. Jay

    Two questions:
    Can all of the above addons use Real Debrid?
    When you hit the 3 line button on the remote, Exodus and Covenant have an option to “play from here”. My wife and I like to go to sleep to movies. Can anyone tell me which of the above addons give you that option? I know Bob Unleashed doesn’t. Thank you!

  23. Stubakka

    Can someone help me or point me in the right direction on how to get back all the Rai Italian TV network stuff that was included with Bennu / Phoenix , It worked without having to use a VPN to connect to an Italian VPN server. I cant seem to find how to just install these add ons again, for Rai Premium, Rai Movie etc any help is appreciated.

    1. Nair janjua

      Hi just Install infinity legion add-on lots of Italian content
      Just Google it how to install

  24. B


    I have installed Neptune Rising and reauthorised my Real Debrid Account many times but the links are still not showing?


    1. B

      I have resolved this by doing the follow…

      Open Neptune Rising
      Go to settings
      Enable debrid providers (this was not enabled
      Opened NaN Scrapers settings
      Hit enable all

      I tested it at this point and it still wasn’t bringing back Debrid links, so I reauthorised the account and it works! 🙂

  25. vince

    is wolf pack and gurzil working for people i keep getting un playable stream issues for both addons thanks

  26. Krst0

    Neptune Rising works well but… it’s library integration doesn’t.
    You can add shows to the library and they show up, but if i try to start an episode from the library it retrieves the links but it can’t start the episode.
    When i just do a search and then start the episode it works very good.
    Any solutions?

    1. Mogwai

      People should stop moaning about little things like library integration not working! You’re lucky it works AT ALL! And yes, Neptune Rising works great (from Blamo repo) and lots of HD films.

    2. Joel

      I use favourites, works great, I ditched the library long ago. Neptune rising has gone downhill since all th updates.

  27. TimeKeeper

    I have tried 6 of the top 10 and the results are:
    1) Neptune Rising – Not Working
    2) Covenant – Working to some degree
    3) Rebirth – Not Working
    4) Midian – Not Working
    5) Fsociety – Fails to install reposity
    6) Elysium – Not Working
    So much for a top 10 of working add-ons, but thanks anyway.

    1. Tom Tell

      All the addons you listed as not working are working awesome for me especially Neptune. Maybe your ISP is blocking you.

      1. John Leather

        Have you turned your parental control OFF with your broadband provider ?

    2. rokim

      Neptune Rising works good for me when I select movies or TV shows then genres
      then action I get a lot of good links movies also 1080P have you tried a fresh install

    3. David

      Thank you! I’m realizing the same exact thing. I’ve started using Terrarium Tv and Teatv.

    4. Yuki Lim

      Failed to download supremacy & pyramid.
      It says one dependency failed.
      What I need to do to complete the download.

  28. runswithascript

    I have happily been using Covenant with free and Real Debrid sources since Exodus was shut down some months ago, but in the last week or so, although I can still watch most major TV shows, like say the Walking Dead, a lot of the US late night shows have stopped working – and that is just what I have noticed so far.

    For instance, some shows which would always have many sources before, and that I have just tested and have zero:

    Tonight with Jimmy Fallon 5×43
    Late Late Show with James Corden 3×48
    Late show with Stephen Colbert 3×54
    Daily Show 23×32
    Conan 8×14
    Jimmy Kimmel Live 15×160

    Exodus (Installed 4.1.07 from tknorris repo)
    Covenant (Installed from XvBMC repo)
    Neptune Rising

    Are you able to play these episodes using your Exodus fork?
    Is there an Exodus version or fork somewhere which would restore the old sources?

    I am happy to use any addon with Exodus functionality, especially Trakt mimicking library integration, and working ignore sources with captchas (Some have this option but it does not work).

    1. MK

      Same problem here, I tried several addons and never really solved these problems until I stumbled upon cerebro showbox, it’s scraping from actual working sites it seems and now I once again found working links (at least a few) for the late night shows. The Addon just got updated yesterday too, so give it a try, it works with trakt.

  29. Scott

    Just updated covenant though the addons listed and now I’m getting even less feeds than before. 😡

    1. BillMe

      HD takes much more bandwidth and data to stream. Low speed internet connections and limited data plans are better off using SD streams.

    2. Jack Aden

      I’ve found there is much less buffering with SD, and picture quality is comparable.

      1. Flchris

        What build or add on are you using for sd links? Lmk please those work best for me.

  30. Nedula

    Can anyone share or tell people how to best/easiest way to watch tv series without having to manually move to the next episode each time?

    1. Rick

      Nextup service notification, under the kodi repo, will play next episodes automatically

  31. John Leather

    The sound on my mxq8pro box has gone off.
    I have tried all recommendations but none work.
    Any clues please.

    1. Amer

      Happened to me too… I have a mouse pad with full qwerty keyboard, I just pressed and held f8… hope that helps

  32. Lee

    Hi Guys/Girls,
    I made a bit of a boo boo the other day. I was trying to download a New App (Can’t remember which one now!) But it came up with a Warning Message about The Pyramid now supporting it, Would you like to Disable? I accidentally pressed yes, And now I’m getting the most annoying Error Message about dependancies. Has anyone got any advise on how to reverse.

  33. Rockanova

    Get an installation failed when trying to install UK Turk’s Playlists with either source. I have a FireTV stick…

  34. Can Ozyman


    -uninstalled previous Covenant; which were down! or do not work etc.,
    -re-installed Covenant from xvbmc; without any issue its work
    -therefore I’v both AllDebrid(paid)&Real-Debrid(free)accounts;and applied those debrids to the
    “URLResolver” necessary lines as well!

    >>BUT mostly movies still not working! you got warning “No stream available”!!(such as previous Covenant

    >>when you select 1080p line;you got mostly 720p!!

    >>seems such as many of lines not work! I’v tried several 1080p links(for example yhere was 8 or 10 1080p links
    but 1 or two links work!

    Note;I’ll find all those “movies” on Exodus/Gurzil or other sources as well!


    1. Can Ozyman

      Hey KIM,
      simple answer is “YES”

      >but if you want to try such as preveious remain and than install the new repo(xvbmc)
      and if its not work than uninstall previous one!

      >but if remain previous one;first off all “DISABLE” it this addon!

      >for 40/50s movies;I forgot as which addon does have those movies

      Note;Covenant has a section “Oscar Winners” so can find 30/40/50/60….. movies there

  35. thefnchosen1

    Just to give everyone a headsup some of the addons are requiring trakt, tmdb, imdb, real-drbrid or a combination of those addons to work properly.

  36. Rokim

    When will there be a new URLResolver so the addons will work properly again

    1. thefnchosen1

      its up and working, believe under new repo. its been updating since i installed looking glass repo

    1. Rick

      Install rebirth from Cypher locker repo, it has version 1.2.0 the one you have says ver. 999.999.999.1

    2. thefnchosen1

      if you keep at cypher 1.2.0 or whatever it is it works when you do the update it doesnt work

  37. kay callaghan

    I added the new Covenent and also Genesis Reborn and have tried to download some movies. It looks as if its working but doesnt. it finds movies but when you click on the stream it doesnt work and doesnt give you a message!

    1. Holbetom

      I’m getting the same on both, pyramid also constantly buffers. None of the ones listed above seem to be working

    2. thefnchosen1

      use XvBMC repo for Covenant and Jesusbox Repo for Genesis Reborn its server is overloaded so its running slow but it works just tested it..give it some time…and use the play from here function

    1. Ren

      It works, but it can’t be updated by the developers since Smash repo went down.

    2. thefnchosen1

      it works with the ..kodil repo that has a new url and it does update.

  38. Paul Breaux

    I have a Fire TV Player connected to my TV, and I added KODI for it for it’s ability to place ADD-ONS, into it. Yesterday I upgraded from 17.4 to 17.6 version of it’s OS and it works fine afterward. This morning instead of installing the Fire TV Guru for it’s one click installs, I decided to try adding individual add-ons, instead. I first tried using WIRELESSHACK for instructions, and started with the XvBMC Repo for Covenant, then the New BOB UnleasheD Kodi Addon, and last Turk Repo. I followed each set of instructions, to the letter, and all three FAILED TO INSTALL XvBMC Repo, would not let me retrieve directory info. The other two, allowed me to add them to my unit, but would not allow me to get into their repository to install. What am I missing here? Is it because I have not added my VPN I already have, onto KODI? Perhaps it’s possible to add other VPN’s, besides the one the one which the tutorial kept alluding to by name, but I put that aside for the moment, so is that why I can’t install any of the three I attempted, or is it something I just don’t know about? Any help, would be appreciated.

    1. TheGiraffe78

      Uninstall Kodi and reinstall. I was working on one Saturday November 25th and that fixed the problem. I did the same as u by just updating Kodi but was having issues getting the new covenant repo to install. After reinstalling I had no more issues. Hope this helps.

  39. Darin

    Tried Covenant, NoobsamdNerds, Elysium, and Genesis Reborn and have only gotten one movie to work on Covenant for about 45 minutes before nothing. Not sure if this has anything to do with the Kodi 17.6 update but since this site came up first when I googled “Add-ons for Kodi 17.6” I assumed it had the best information. Nothing is working on any of these addons! So frustrating…anyone have any ideas??

    1. Robin Syfrett

      I just bought a fire stick and I can’t find any of the add ons listed. Pleas help
      Thank you

    2. Gmoney3

      As you know colossus, ares etc…. have been shut doen, and are no longer being maintained. You need to find a new build

    3. CJ

      You must have the newest URL Resolver or none of the addons will work. It’s version 4.0.12

    4. TheGiraffe78

      Uninstall Kodi and reinstall. Then reinstall addons. This should fix it.

    5. thefnchosen1

      some have changed urls. many of the builds are no longer working because of all the shutdowns. goodfellas builds are working and slowly updating. id advise using just the urls for repos. if you need more help let me know i can post the urls.

  40. Jonathan A Clifton

    Does anyone know of an addon recently released that auto updates kodi? I seen it and forgot to save it and now can’t find it. Thought it would be great for my fire sticks.


  41. john orengo

    Some of these addons are dead already. please note that Pyramid is down. Also Bob Unleashed is no longer working. Not Sure is down also. I am using Kodi 16.1 and a few weeks ago everything was fine.

    1. Cheri

      You need to update to 17.4 next year 18 will be out and you box or fire stick will not work

    2. biker

      Installed Pyramid from repozip and the file was actually just yourtube. Rickrolled? just trolled? Either way, no go. Better location?

    3. thefnchosen1

      Pyramid is now working under the zero tolerance repo. Bob is working just make sure you update from noobsandnerds only

  42. Bill

    If some of the add ons are not working properly does a Vpn make a big difference to the performance or is it mainly for privacy etc

    1. Ray

      VPN is for Privacy not performance. It prevents your internet provider from tracking the web sites you are using. Some internet providers block you from going to certain web sites like movie streaming sites. A VPN allows you to go to web sites that are otherwise blocked.

  43. James Bilton

    Covenant is the best followed closely by Elysium but been having problems with both recently.

  44. Jenny

    When im in noobsnnerds repository installing & updating addons, it asks which source do i wan t to use?? Sometimes i have 1 option & sometimes I have up to 3-4.. do i use noobs or dandy? Its actually in all my repositories.


    Wetek core and 1 channel. Never heard of these crappy addons. Thanks Tknorris and Wetek.

    Boycott cable and netflix until they provide movies pre 2010 then it would be worth paying about half the cable bill. Its insane that cable providers want people to pay $200 a month for crappy tv shows and same movie reruns nobody wants to watch. Especially when AMC is the only TV channel worth watching. The only tv show worth watching is Shameless and AHS.

  46. jc

    Pyramid-the best one. The latest added section is updated frequently and it doesn’t buffer. This is the closest to muckyduck addons like 123movies and m4u which are now dead.

    FilmCube-Works but the latest added section doesn’t update as frequently as the pyramid.

    Monster Munch-same issue as filmcube

    1080p movies-Latest added section updates frequently , but lately is not working.

  47. Jessica Rolle

    What’s going on as of November 7 2017 I can’t watch movies or TV shows on anything! Spectro, covenant , Genesis reborn, HGTV ,and all my cooking channel are down! Help please!!!

  48. wolfie5

    Poseidon is the best add on – better than Covenant – has more content and gets new series quicker

  49. Darrell

    H E L P P P P P P P L E A S E 🙏🏻

    Virgin Media recently sent me a new Super Hub 3.0 and since installing it nothing will stream, Kodi finds all the streams but when I click on them it shows the usual block of colour running to start the stream but it never reaches the end and starts to play, it’s almost like it’s blocked or crashes out!
    I’ve searched high & low for answers and this is my last ditch attempt.

    I’ve turned child safe & Virus safe off as requested, it’s made no difference 😢
    Can anyone help me ?????

    Please and thank you ☺️

    1. Alianeen

      Several ISPs are blocking streams now I suggest a good VPN and that should fix the problem,for what it’s worth I use IPVanish but there are many equally good services out there

    2. big boy

      log into your virgin manager online passwork on bottom of hub!!! then turn off firewall problem sorted

  50. Tom

    Hi there is a problem with Nemesis as it won’t play anything under the movies list anymore ?

  51. James

    Anyone else having trouble the last 2-3 weeks where there are no 1080 P or HD links. Any the ones that are avail constantly pause or do not work. Used to be great but hard to watch anything lately.

  52. Patricia

    I just brought a fire stick and I don’t know how to use it, and I was told to add Covenant to it. Out of all the add-ons that I’ve tried that is the best 1 for me YET. 1st time system user.

  53. Danny

    Thank you all, we appreciate the entertainment. I picked Bob cause not only are the movies great but the comedy of HD hrs sd is great.

  54. Bent1

    A very huge thanku so much for making my little one so happy w the cartoons esp from the 70 -80 omg she loves it and says thanku from her heart and hugs omg me to thanku i to love the 70-80 cartoons they r way better than this crap on now thanku so much for all ur hard work keep it up though i wish there were more site for the older cartoons and working i only found 2 but its better than nothing so thanku so much we all apprec u all

  55. Bent1

    Covenant works pretty good for the most, UK Turks works about the same and of course Bennu working for the most. I just couldn’t get BoB to work right, even reinstalled it 3-4 times and I don’t know what else to do. But I have cut the cord a while back, TV antenna on the roof and have the M8S Pro which works pretty good for the most, little things here and there as with any box I guess but I can get I will say everything I want to watch every day and night. Best thing I ever did, cut over $73. bucks a month out!!! Hell Yeah I really appreciate this site thanks for all the hard work your doing for us!

  56. nordmeyer

    Where’s Sports Devil? I keep trying the others but always go back to SD. By far the most dependable site for any sport.

  57. Brookie

    Maverick tv 4 me he love work on it and kept it up 2 date great 4 sports and 3 o`clock kic off

  58. afiq

    May i know why openload not operate like before .. and uk turks movie also have the server problem

  59. aandcbolt

    Bob Unleashed is by far the best working app that I have found. Very reliable and little to no lag time.

  60. Josh

    I am fairly new to firestick tv and kodi. are all streams supposed to be available or will some just not be despite updates and everything else working well? I am able to watch a lot of content but some movies/shows just always give the message “no stream available”
    my kodi is up to date, my firestick is new and all the add ons I use have all been updated to latest versions.


    1. Me

      Yes, its quite common for links to not work, only available in certain regions, might need a vpn to get to. Try Covenent for the best results, or try M4U, DuckPool, UKTurks and Wolf Pack for direct links to movies

  61. Shawn

    Love Covenant & Elysium, but so does everyone else which causes longer load times/buffering do to server crowding. It nice to see Bennu back aka Phoenix…been performing well.

  62. Good

    Covenant is best , i would prefer bennu and the likes but movies do not come with info there

  63. Diane Reyelts

    Maybe someone can help, every time I try to add on I get a pop up that says “unable to connect”. When I check, the internet is always connected with a strong signal. I have it set on unknown sources. I have starting over and retyped the address with no luck.

    Another issue I am having is after I type in the link for an add-on and give it a name, it will not go another further. In other words, I type the name and “OK” does not highlight as an option to save the name and continue. I have had this issue with multiple add ons.

    1. PapaScott

      Please do not use and dashes or special characters, this prevents the ok button from highlighting.

  64. Angel

    Maybe someone can help, every time I try to add any of these I get a pop up that says “unable to connect” couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to connect anyway?

    I click yes but when I try to install the zip file nothing happens

    1. edge

      main screen settings, go developer make sure apps from unknown sources is on

    2. Case

      Go to the settings in Kodi and click add-ons and the unknown sources option must be allowed. That should fix it.

    3. Hugo

      Did you solve your problem ?
      I have the same problem I was looking for a solution
      thank you

      1. Angel

        i already tried all of it mate. nothing seemed to be working. happened with ares. is their link down? no problem running ares on another pc but when i try installing it on this one, it always throws the same thing in my face :/

    4. Ron

      Down load the Aries Wizard has all the current working builds . I recommend the Pulse build has all the add ons in the list in article. You will need to refresh Kodi back to defaults then install the Aries Wizard their are instructions on line. When installed choose your build and enjoy.

  65. Bob£

    Any addon with 1080 content. Seems most addons have only HD quality.

    1. bruno

      123movies has tons of movies with 1080p, yesterday i was seeing Logan 1080p

  66. Deadrhyme

    It works pretty good to me i just install most of these add ons and no issues at all


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