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Kodi addons have had big changes since June 5th with many shutting down. Some top repositories and addons shut down including Phoenix and
Kodi add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by newer add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

Top Working Kodi Addons for July 2017
Best Kodi Adons July 2017 Covenant
Covenant is a new Kodi addon for July 2017 based on the popular Exodus and Genesis code.
Since Lambda stopped updating Exodus, the Covenant is an answer to this and will be receiving future updates from new developers.
The servers have been running slow due to demand and crashing at times.
Ares wizard recently added it (after removing Exodus) which is the most reliable way to install it currently.
Instructions for Installing Covenant Kodi Addon Using Ares Wizard
Instructions for Installing Covenant Kodi Addon Dimitrology Repository
Genesis Reborn
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Addons JULY 2017 Genesis Reborn
Genesis Reborn like Exodus and Specto comes from the same Genesis code but updated and working.
It is a good add-on to have with a similar Exodus interface.
Instructions for Installing Genesis Reborn Kodi 17 Krypton
BOB Unrestricted
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 BOB
The BoB add-on went down temporarily due to high traffic but is back and working with a new alternative URL to the Noobs and Nerds repository.
BoB is a Kodi addon from the previous member of the popular Phoenix add-on, Blue and Valhalla, who left and created BOB. It plays a wide range of content including TV shows, movies, music, and sports.
Playing streams is one-click with no need to search through a server list.
Instructions for Installing BOB Unrestricted Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing BOB Unrestricted Kodi 17 Krypton
UK Turk’s Playlists
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Addons 2017 UK Turks
UK Turk is another add-on that went down temporarily but is back with a new URL.
UK Turk’s is a nice add-on with a unique layout for categories such as live TV, TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons, and documentaries.
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 17 Krypton
BEST WORKING KODI Video Add-ons June 2017 1Channel
1Channel has been around awhile and is still going strong. It is a good companion to Exodus and both can play the same content.
1Channel has a straight to the point interface with less show or movie information. It is still one of the best add-ons to have.
Instructions for Installing 1Channel Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing 1Channel Kodi 17 Krypton
Maverick TV
Top Best Working Kodi Addons July 2017
Maverick TV is another addon that is still working well.
It has a lot of content from movies and TV shows to documentaries and music.
It is also a one click to play addon that finds the best stream available to play.
Instructions for Installing Maverick TV Kodi 17 Krypton
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Addons JULY 2017 Elysium
Elysium is the new name for the popular Zen addon with updated code.
It plays movies and TV shows and is similar to Exodus but with code that is updated.
Instructions for Installing Elysium Kodi Addon
New Kodi Addons for July 2017
Not Sure
How to Install Not Sure Kodi Add-on
Not Sure is a new Kodi addon for 2017 that has conetent for everyone.
It includes Movies, TV shows, Kids Center, Live Streams, Music Place, Sports Center, Fitness, and more.
The links have been working well and it looks to be a very nice addon to have.
Instructions for Installing Not Sure
How To Install Flixanity Kodi Addon
Flixanity is a new Kodi video addon for July 2017 that has movies and TV shows.
It separates feeds by the resolution from HD 1080p to 360p. This is a nice option and gives a user the type of video quality they want.
While most will want the HD streams lower resolution can also be good for someone with a slow internet connection or data bandwidth cap.
Instructions for Installing Flixanity
Live HUB
How To Install Live Hub addon Kodi 17 Krypton
Live Hub is a great new add-on from StreamHub Repo.
The main nice feature is the ability to play the popular APKs from within Kodi on any device.
This includes Geo TV, eDoctor IPTV, Mobdro, Mobile TV, Pak India Sports, Swift Srteams, TV Online Plus+.
It also plays Geo blocked content for user in the United Kingdom.
Instructions for Installing Live Hub Kodi Addon
The Machine
How To Install The Machine Add-on Kodi 17 Krypton
The Machine is a new add-on for Kodi in July 2017 that is a Live IPTV that so far has been working very well.
It has sections mainly from the USA and UK but also streams from all around the world.
Instructions for Installing The Machine Kodi Addon
How To Install Deliverance Live Sports Kodi Addon
Deliverance is a sports and video addon for that so far has been working very well.
It has sections to cover most anything from sports to movies and music.
Instructions for Installing DELIVERANCE Kodi Addon
How to Install Universe Addon Kodi 17 Krypton
The Universe is a new one-click to play addon for July 2017.
It has the Latest Movie, HD Movies, Kids Movies, Hindi Movies, 3D Movies, and Real Debrid Login.
Instructions for Installing Universe Add-on
Rising Tides
How To Install Rising Tides Repository and addon Kodi
Rising Tides is all about sports with Sports Channels, Football Highlights, Country Channels, Live Football, Live All Sports, Live PPV Events, Sports Shows and more.
Instructions for Installing Rising Tides
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Addons JULY 2017 Poseidon
Poseidon is a new Kodi video add-on for July that has movies and TV shows.
It has a lot categories including genres, year, actor, oscar winners, in theaters, great directors, my movies, actor search and search.
Instructions for Installing Poseidon
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily. There is no-doubt many other Kodi plugins that are also good which we try and evaluate as they come available. We add new ones that are found to be working to the list. No plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
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497 thoughts on “TOP BEST WORKING KODI Video Addons JULY 2017

  1. Brayden

    I’m going through all my addons and can’t find any of these listed. I’m super new at this and reall need some help please!

  2. Joe

    Trying to install flixnet and get a double beep no install. Sane with genesis reborn. Both in jesus box. Don’t see flixnet in nan as someone said they got it there.

  3. Richard

    We are novelist on kodi and I live in Ecuador….we downloaded 17.3 ok. having problems with addons not working.
    Actually live addons not working. the rest movie and tv programs work…
    College football is coming…
    also what is the best college football live addons are there

  4. Joseph

    Thank you ALL for keeping us updated. I’ve been having issues lately and was at a loss as to what to do. I will try these right away. Thanks again

  5. Paul Womersley

    Now using white devil to stream films has nothing else seems to work added to zip file

  6. Nicole Phenis

    I’ve been using 1Channel forever & it’s been great. But suddenly, it’s not streaming. It works & shows lists but I can’t stream from it. Using a Krypton so any advise is helpful. Thanks in advance!

  7. K

    I have downloaded every Repo I could find and to date, 1 Channel, UK Turk, and Specto has been failing me.

    I have also tried to install the Colossal Repo with no prevail. I don’t understand what is the problem with all these repos. It is almost like they all have gone down the same time and nothing is working anymore.

    Is there some sort of recourse that I can take to enjoy my firestick again?

    1. Ryan Bottineau

      My understandings are that a large lawsuit recently went down and since i have noticed alot of addons and links not working

    2. jason

      the more apps you download the slower your device will run and the more likely to crash and fail. Only download one for each category, ie, one for movies, one for sport ect.

  8. tony

    hi any addons that will get foodnetwork and hallmark channel ??


  9. ParseMajor

    As of some point on July 13, 2017, BST Live IPTV seems to have been disabled, and then the repository disappeared. Too bad, it was incredible!

    1. KodiAddict

      Sadly After having it installed for a few days,of bliss I must add…it does appear to be offline for me as well😥

  10. nika

    I added the noobs and nerds repo was able to get flixnet. Elysium says enabled but when I go to add-on’s it’s not there. There isn’t even an open option when you go to it under add-ons – you can only update or uninstall. Is elysium having problems? Like I said flixnet is working so it isn’t anything I did wrong with the noobs and nerds repo.

    1. James Thomas

      GO to my addons select Elysium and the same location update is you see enable all you have to do is select enable then it should work

  11. Beth piercy

    Hi I used yo watch american dad the big bang theory and family guy on phoenix it was a stream where it just played episode after episode without having to start a new stream it was called 24/7 live TV. Is there a new add on that I can do this with again or any live TV addons that actually work. Just I need to have the TV on all night while in bed and dont want to have to go back and put new episode on and wait for a stream to work. Thank you

    1. Sarah Lowry

      Beth Piercy if you download the Maverick Tv repo there is a 24/7 tv shows link.


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