TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List September 2017

By | September 18, 2017

Top Best Working Kodi Addons Upadted August 2017 20
Kodi add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by newer add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.
Be sure to take the new Poll at the bottom of the page and vote for your favorite Kodi addon for September 2017.
The Top 5 Most Popular Addons September 2017
1. Covenant
3. Elysium
4. BOB Unleashed
5. UK Turk’s Playlists
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

Best Working Kodi Addons List for September 2017
Covenant is a new Kodi addon for 2017 based on the popular Exodus and Genesis code. It plays movies and TV shows.
Since Lambda stopped updating Exodus, the Covenant is an answer to this and will be receiving future updates from new developers.
The servers have been running slow due to demand and crashing at times.
Ares wizard recently added it (after removing Exodus) which is the most reliable way to install it currently.
It is also available from other Repos including Smash and Dimitrology.
Instructions for Installing Covenant Kodi Addon Using Ares Wizard
Instructions for Installing Covenant Kodi Addon Dimitrology Repository
Instructions for Installing Covenant Kodi Addon Using Smash Repository
BoB Unleashed
Noobs and Nerds Repo has released a new update to the popular BoB Unrestricted addon called BoB Unleashed.
It is a great new addon with lots of familiar names such as Thunder, TNPB, and Valhalla.
It has tons of content including movies, TV shows, sports, animation and much more.
Instructions for Installing BOB Unleashed
The very popular Phoenix addon has been reborn again and is now called BENNU.
It has many of the same contributors including Alecto, Cerus, Crusader88, Dr Stream, Excalibur, Taurus, Uraeus, and more.
This is good news for the many Phoenix fans as it was a very popular Kodi addon.
How To Install BENNU Kodi Addon
Elysium is a continuation of the popular Zen addon renamed and updated.
It plays movies and TV shows with a similar interface as other Exodus Forks.
How To Install Elysium
UK Turk’s Playlists
UK Turk’s is a very good one-click to play addon that has been steadily updated.
It is a nice add-on with a unique layout for categories such as live TV, TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons, and documentaries.
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Instructions for Installing UK Turk’s Playlists Kodi 17-17.4 Krypton
The Pyramid
The Pyramid is an older Kodi addon that has been steadily updated.
It recently received a new update and play movies, TV shows, and sports with one click.
How To Install The Pyramid
New and Updated Kodi Addons
Nemesis is a new Kodi addon that has it all from TV shows and movies, to music and sports.
It has a lot of sections and categories to choose from with multiple contributors.
It is a replacement and updated version of the of the Stream Army addon.
How To Install Nemesis
Project M
Project M is an all-in-one addon that has IPTV, movies, TV shows, music, sports, and more.
It has a lot of streams divided into categories and sub categories .
Not all the streams work but many do making it a nice addon to have.
How to Install Project M
The Vortex addon from Rock Crusher has been updated and is working great with one click links.
It is a sports addon with tons of content from boxing and UFC, to football and basketball.
How To Install Vortex
No Name
No Name recently received an update and is back up and working.
Once a link is clicked it goes out and takes a minute to find the best one available to play.
Sections include movies, 3D movies, TV shows, kids, live TV, and a search option.
How To Install No Name
Sports World
Sports World is anther Kodi addon that is all about sports.
It includes Football (Soccer), American Football, Rugby, Boxing, NBA, Baseball, Golf, Cricket, Wrestling, and UFC.
How To Install Sports World
Go Streams
GoStreams is a new Kodi video addon from the origin repository that plays movies and TV shows.
Sections include Genre, TV Series, Top IMDB, and Search along with many sub categories.
The links can be played in 360p or 720p resolution. It is a one click to play addon that so far has been working well.
How To Install GoStreams Kodi Addon
Openload Movies
Openload Movies is back with a updated version 2.0.0. and working very well.
It is a one-click Kodi movie and TV show video addon from Dandy Media Repo.
How To Install Openload Movies
All Eyez on Me
All Eyez on Me is a new Kodi addon for August 2017.
It includes Live TV, Filmon, TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries, Kidz, Music, Sports, Keep Fit, and more.
The links are one-click to play and so far have been working very well.
How To Install All Eyez on Me
123Movies from Mucky Ducks Repo has received a update that has greatly improved the link quality, and made them all one-click to play.
It plays both movies and TV shows.
Instructions for Installing 123Movies
Gurzil is a new add-on for 2017 from the Smash Repository that plays movies and TV programs.
It is a Fork of Exodus with updated code but the same basic layout and look with a few variations.
The links to play streams have been updated and are working very well so far.
Instructions for Installing Gurzil
StreamHub is an older Kodi add-on that has recently had some big updates.
It has many sections for movies, TV shows, sports, live TV and more.
The links have all been working very good.
Instructions for Installing StreamHub
Flixanity is a new Kodi video addon for July 2017 that has movies and TV shows.
It separates feeds by the resolution from HD 1080p to 360p. This is a nice option and gives a user the type of video quality they want.
While most will want the HD streams lower resolution can also be good for someone with a slow internet connection or data bandwidth cap.
Instructions for Installing Flixanity
DuckPool is a new add-on from MuckyDuck who has many good Kodi plugins
It goes out and find the best links to play a stream and so far has been working very well.
Instructions for Installing DuckPool
Deliverance is a sports and video addon for that so far has been working very well.
It has sections to cover most anything from sports to movies and music.
Instructions for Installing DELIVERANCE Kodi Addon
Real Movies
Real Movies is an older addon that has been updated and is working again.
It is all about movies with lots of sections including 4K Movies, Box sets, Comedies and more.
The first time it starts it takes moment to load and sometimes needs to be exited and re-poned before it works.
How to Install Real Movies
Maverick TV
Maverick TV is an older addon that has recently been updated and has a new URL.
It has a lot of content from movies and TV shows to documentaries and music.
It is also a one click to play addon that finds the best stream available to play.
Instructions for Installing Maverick TV Kodi 17 Krypton
BOOM! is a new Kodi addon that is all about sports and working very good.
There are sections for favorites, match center, sports channels, other channels, football highlights, football highlights, football chat, watch again, and sports radio.
It is dedicated to memory of Wookie Lee who was a huge part of the Kodi community.
How To Install BOOM! Kodi Addon
New Kodi Addon Poll for September 2017

Which KODI Add-on is Your Favorite September 2017 free polls

What Is a Kodi?
Kodi is a free Open Source media player that is available for many hardware platforms from a desktop computer to a smartphone.
Originally called XBMC it has been constantly updated with new versions.
Kodi by itself is a very nice free media player. Addons that are installed into Kodi are what give it more functionality.
For example a video addon will play movies and TV shows, while a music addon will stream music.
Read Here for A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies / TV Shows
What Is a Kodi Addon?
A Kodi addon is a program that runs within Kodi much like an App on a smartphone.
There are many kinds of addons for Kodi with the most popular ones being Video addons that play movies and TV shows.
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily. We add new ones that are found to be working to this list and non-working ones removed.
No addons or plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
How Is a Kodi Addon Installed?
Addons are installed from a Repository that holds the addon for download.
A Repository is a website that host the files for download.
The correct URL web address for the Repo needs to be typed into Kodi to install it.
Repositories can become overwhelmed with traffic at times which slows them down or even causes them to crash.
This page is updated regularly for the best working repository URLs and working add-ons.
Read Here For the Best Live IPTV Kodi Addons
Read Here For the Best Kodi Sports Addons
Read Here For the Best Kodi Music Addons
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559 thoughts on “TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List September 2017

  1. Shawn

    Love Covenant & Elysium, but so does everyone else which causes longer load times/buffering do to server crowding. It nice to see Bennu back aka Phoenix…been performing well.

  2. Good

    Covenant is best , i would prefer bennu and the likes but movies do not come with info there

  3. Diane Reyelts

    Maybe someone can help, every time I try to add on I get a pop up that says “unable to connect”. When I check, the internet is always connected with a strong signal. I have it set on unknown sources. I have starting over and retyped the address with no luck.

    Another issue I am having is after I type in the link for an add-on and give it a name, it will not go another further. In other words, I type the name and “OK” does not highlight as an option to save the name and continue. I have had this issue with multiple add ons.

    1. PapaScott

      Please do not use and dashes or special characters, this prevents the ok button from highlighting.

  4. Angel

    Maybe someone can help, every time I try to add any of these I get a pop up that says “unable to connect” couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to connect anyway?

    I click yes but when I try to install the zip file nothing happens

    1. edge

      main screen settings, go developer make sure apps from unknown sources is on

    2. Case

      Go to the settings in Kodi and click add-ons and the unknown sources option must be allowed. That should fix it.

    3. Hugo

      Did you solve your problem ?
      I have the same problem I was looking for a solution
      thank you

      1. Angel

        i already tried all of it mate. nothing seemed to be working. happened with ares. is their link down? no problem running ares on another pc but when i try installing it on this one, it always throws the same thing in my face :/

    4. Ron

      Down load the Aries Wizard has all the current working builds . I recommend the Pulse build has all the add ons in the list in article. You will need to refresh Kodi back to defaults then install the Aries Wizard their are instructions on line. When installed choose your build and enjoy.

  5. Bob£

    Any addon with 1080 content. Seems most addons have only HD quality.

    1. bruno

      123movies has tons of movies with 1080p, yesterday i was seeing Logan 1080p

  6. Deadrhyme

    It works pretty good to me i just install most of these add ons and no issues at all

  7. Silverfox616

    I need some help i have installed the Kodi 17.3 with a bulid called Aexon. Do I need to remove that build then put Convenant? Appreciate any posiitive feedback. Im new to this type of device.

    1. ray melan

      No just go to add ons and find what add on i are looking for and install. If u want it to display on your build. Movie section tjen ypi need to go to skin settings find set addons for movies if u have an open slot pit it in if not choose which one to replace. Reset skin and save setting and viola….

  8. gabs

    Useful and worth sharing! exodus would’ve retained its top spot. but since we have covenant instead, it’s no surprise to see that up over the first spot. maverick is another killer addon. My experience with Turk has been excellent new but i haven’t used it much since. I personally dig bbc iplayer too but it requires vpns like ivacy or nord to work because bbc’s content is limited to UK

  9. Terri

    What is the latest add on that I can watch movies or binge tv that works?

  10. Done Son

    Covenant plays trailers…. not actual movies. I tried three.

    1. A. Murray

      Must be something g wrong with yours then. Because mine plays movies with no problem.

  11. Done

    Every movie i’ve clicked on from Covenant plays a trailer.. not a movie… it’s worthless.

    1. Rob

      Interesting! I have been playing a vast array of British tv shows. All are perfect and top quality

    2. done is stupid ^

      covenant plays movies same version of ( exodus ) .. you’ve must of install the wrong one haha

  12. Errol

    Steve, you rock buddy. I have installed 1channel, genises reborne, specto fork, covenant and exodus.
    If one doesnt work, the other will.
    Dont know what everyones bitching about

  13. Gee

    If you have Ares Wizard there’s a section where you can install new/updated addons ( one click). You also have the options to delete or disable addons.

  14. Jimmy Gatz

    Best add-on forLivePPV Events,like UFC, and Boxing???

  15. Mark Jenkins

    I’m not finding any HD quality feeds in Genesis Reborn. Are others experiencing the same thing? They were there last week but as of July 26th they are gone. I’ve gone back to episodes of shows I watched in HD to find none listed now. Can someone suggest a better add-on or a way to fix this issue?


    I just install Covenant it was a little slow coming up but hey that’s something that they did mention. I want to get rid of cable if I use IP van can I use it for every room in the house

  17. Peegee

    Hi, may I know how can I access Global BC News Channel, I tried to access this through Made In Canada addon but it doesn’t seem to work. Appreciate if someone can help me with this.

  18. wayne

    Hi have installed POSEIDON , using Lap Top , Problem is when i`m in Movies and enter a page [say page 3 ] it won`t go back to previous page. but sends me back to Home page ,i click on Poseidon it takes to page 3 !!!!…..this is when i press ESC or Right click on the screen. is this a Kodi 17.3 thing or Poseidon. ?? Never had this with Kodi 16 with Exodus.

  19. BHOWELL™

    Just installed the latest Kodi 17.3 Krypton yesterday and installed covenant. The option to download videos is no longer available. When you find the video you want to watch select it and video sources windows comes up like a pop up window now. With no option for a drop down menu, to downloadanyone know how to fix this??? FYI I’ve setup everything in tools in regards to enabling downloads.

  20. steve

    i don’t know what all you people are complaining about….

    I go off this list every few days…….i have all the addons installed, and they ALL WORK PERFECTLY, not ONE issue at all.

    My list is ( not in any specific order )

    not sure
    sports devil
    genesis reborn
    UK Turk
    rising tides

    The ones that work the best I’ve noticed are

    genesis reborn

    1. wayne

      Well whoopie do for you , in a perfect world ALL things would work , but it`s not, that`s why we have forums !!

    2. Anthony

      What do you use your stick for movies or tv shows? I use my mainly for tv shows. I hate waiting week to week so I’m a binge watcher and I’ll go back and watch a seasons worth and I started with Exodus and if a season has 10 episodes 6-7 will work fine and 2-3 no streams to even watch. So I downloaded Elysium and that worked great but now it doesn’t work at all. Neow I’m on Covenant and I’m not impressed. I have very good speed and connection I have a VPN subscription to help with connections and constantly streams freeze up and sometimes just stop working mid show then I have to restart it. Am I just expecting to much and not complain cuz I’m getting free tv and you run into these problems or should this not be happening. I’m an ID Discovery fan and every show that I wanna see a certain episode there are no streams for that particular episode it’s amazing 70-80% of the others have streams but ones I wanna watch no stream.

      1. Sean

        Try Clearing Your Cach memory on the individual addons if possible or do it from the settings menu on your android device.

    3. Chrystal

      Thanks! All mine worked too but I was looking for a list of add ons that work best

    4. Michael Hinchey

      The exodus no longer works. Just saying.
      The only add on I use is specto fork. It works great with your account.

  21. Diane

    Phoenix down, Hallmark only a few movies not the best
    Most are gone!!! I have 2 unjailed. Got rid of cable for
    Because of the convenience of stick cost cutback! Now
    there is nothing!!!😪😲

    1. Riff Van Winkle

      Running Kodi Jarvis and Krypton on 2 of my PC’s also using MXQ Pro boxes for TV’s.
      I was having problems on all of these until I installed the Ares Project Repo: http: //
      You can check it out here:

      I have also installed a few 2TB harddrives on Kodi (Jarvis and Krypton), two way to do this (that work for me),
      1; Go to Program/Android Apps then File Explorer and click on USB.
      2; Go to Videos/files/files (again)/Add Video/Add Video source, click browse, find the drive and click on it, add name ect., then create a short cut by adding to your favorites.

      I don’t have a Facebook, Youtube page or website, so hopefully this helps someone, it took me a few weeks to figure these out so enjoy.


    2. steve

      yeah pheonix has been down for over a month along with fusion. This is old news beyond old news

    1. steve

      you can find covenant in the colossal repo which is now part of http://

      you can also find inside smash repo, and the machine repo

      smash gives you exodus & 1channel
      machine gives you the machine

  22. G. Perry

    As of July 20th, I tried several times and the Smash Repo will not download in Krypton 17.3, so no 1 channel. Also, no Duck Pool on Mucky Duck repo. Having trouble with most of my Addons streaming at all, I have almost all of the ones listed above. Wait forever for things to load only to not play (I have a good VPN and excellent fiberoptic internet) They are all very buggy, time consuming, and frustrating to use these days.

    Spent over 2 days wiping my Kodi, updating to the latest software, installing Ares, downloading all the supposedly working repositories and Addons only to be frustrated trying to get anything to work. Maybe Kodi is no longer worth the time or the effort? Which I hope isn’t true since I just purchased 2 years worth of vpn service just for my android box! I will try the 2 Addons listed here that I don’t currently have and if they don’t work I think I am out. Life is too short.

    1. Venus

      All of them worked on mine just fine and I just bought my firestick last week

  23. Brayden

    I’m going through all my addons and can’t find any of these listed. I’m super new at this and reall need some help please!

    1. Todd hall

      Brayden, just do a search on youtube on the addon you want installed. You should find multiple channels explaining where to download these.

  24. Joe

    Trying to install flixnet and get a double beep no install. Sane with genesis reborn. Both in jesus box. Don’t see flixnet in nan as someone said they got it there.

  25. Richard

    We are novelist on kodi and I live in Ecuador….we downloaded 17.3 ok. having problems with addons not working.
    Actually live addons not working. the rest movie and tv programs work…
    College football is coming…
    also what is the best college football live addons are there

  26. Joseph

    Thank you ALL for keeping us updated. I’ve been having issues lately and was at a loss as to what to do. I will try these right away. Thanks again

  27. Paul Womersley

    Now using white devil to stream films has nothing else seems to work added to zip file

  28. Nicole Phenis

    I’ve been using 1Channel forever & it’s been great. But suddenly, it’s not streaming. It works & shows lists but I can’t stream from it. Using a Krypton so any advise is helpful. Thanks in advance!

  29. K

    I have downloaded every Repo I could find and to date, 1 Channel, UK Turk, and Specto has been failing me.

    I have also tried to install the Colossal Repo with no prevail. I don’t understand what is the problem with all these repos. It is almost like they all have gone down the same time and nothing is working anymore.

    Is there some sort of recourse that I can take to enjoy my firestick again?

    1. Ryan Bottineau

      My understandings are that a large lawsuit recently went down and since i have noticed alot of addons and links not working

    2. jason

      the more apps you download the slower your device will run and the more likely to crash and fail. Only download one for each category, ie, one for movies, one for sport ect.

  30. tony

    hi any addons that will get foodnetwork and hallmark channel ??


  31. ParseMajor

    As of some point on July 13, 2017, BST Live IPTV seems to have been disabled, and then the repository disappeared. Too bad, it was incredible!

    1. KodiAddict

      Sadly After having it installed for a few days,of bliss I must add…it does appear to be offline for me as well😥

  32. nika

    I added the noobs and nerds repo was able to get flixnet. Elysium says enabled but when I go to add-on’s it’s not there. There isn’t even an open option when you go to it under add-ons – you can only update or uninstall. Is elysium having problems? Like I said flixnet is working so it isn’t anything I did wrong with the noobs and nerds repo.

    1. James Thomas

      GO to my addons select Elysium and the same location update is you see enable all you have to do is select enable then it should work

  33. Beth piercy

    Hi I used yo watch american dad the big bang theory and family guy on phoenix it was a stream where it just played episode after episode without having to start a new stream it was called 24/7 live TV. Is there a new add on that I can do this with again or any live TV addons that actually work. Just I need to have the TV on all night while in bed and dont want to have to go back and put new episode on and wait for a stream to work. Thank you

    1. Sarah Lowry

      Beth Piercy if you download the Maverick Tv repo there is a 24/7 tv shows link.


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