TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List February 2018

By | February 22, 2018

TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List February 2018 Updated

A few popular Repositories and Addons have shut down including Noobs and Nerds, and Looking Glass Repos. The list below is updated for the best current working Addons.
Kodi Add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by new Add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.
We use a Poll and user feedback to show which Addons are the best and most popular.
Last month the Poll has Neptune Rising as the clear winner.
TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons February 2018
Be sure to take the new Poll below and vote for your favorite Addon.
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The Top 10 Best Addons February 2018
1. Neptune Rising New Repo Version 0.1.1
2. Genesis Reborn Updated 2-18-2018
3. Placenta
4. Covenant XvBMC Repo
5. Incursion
6. Maverick TV
7. Supremacy
8. Uranus NEW
9. The Dogs Bollocks NEW
10. SkyNet Updated
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New Poll February 2018

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Best Working Kodi Addons List for February 2018
Neptune Rising
Neptune Rising is a Poseidon Fork from Blamo repository.
Like Covenant it plays movies and TV shows with updated code.
Covenant along with many other Exodus Forks have not been updated recently and are pulling in fewer links.
Neptune Rising is a Fork that has been updated and is currently working very well.
How to Install Neptune Rising
Genesis Reborn
Genesis Reborn is also a Fork from the once popular Genesis addon with updated working code.
Since it is from the Genesis code it has the same layout and options as Genesis / Exodus had.
It is a good addon to have and has been continuously updated, most recently on 2-18-2018.
How To Install Genesis Reborn
Covenant is a very popular Addon which the main Repository Colossus shut down.
This means the popular Covenant will not receive any more new updates from the Colossus team.
If you already have Covenant installed it will keep working but as things break they will not be fixed.
A Repo called XvBMC is available to install Covenant
Read Here for How To Install Covenant with the New XvBMC Repo
The Pyramid
The Pyramid is a Kodi addon that has been steadily updated.
It plays movies, TV shows, sports, and more with one click.
It recently received a new URL and Repository location.
How To Install The Pyramid
Incursion is new Kodi addon for 2018 based on the popular Exodus and Covenant plugins.
Since it is a Covenant Fork it has the same layout and features but with updated code.
How to Install Incursion
Maverick TV
Maverick TV is an older addon that has been constantly updated.
It has a lot of content from 4K and 3D videos to standard definition movies and TV shows, to documentaries and music.
It is also a one click to play addon that finds the best stream available to play automatically.
Instructions for Installing Maverick TV
Elysium Lite
Elysium Lite is from the Noobs and Nerds Repo which is a faster version of the main Elysium version.
The main menu has categories for Movies, TV shows, Trakt, Actors, Settings, and Search.
How To Install Elysium Lite
Supremacy is a good all-in-one addon that has a lot of content including Movies, TV, IPTV, and 4K HD sections.
It will try to find and play the best SD or HD link available and play them automatically.
How to Install Supremacy
Project M
Project M is an all-in-one addon that has IPTV, movies, TV shows, music, sports, and more.
It has a lot of streams divided into categories and sub categories .
It has been recently updated and has been working very well so far.
How to Install Project M
Verdict is a new all-in-one Kodi Addon from Judgment Repo.
Sections include Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, Catch-up, Sports, Fitness, Standup Comedy, Anime, Documentary, Kids, Music, News and more.
How To Install Verdict
Placenta is a new Kodi video addon from Mr Blamo and Muad’Dib.
It is another Fork of Exodus / Covenant with more options and links.
How To Install Placenta
Platinum Smart IPTV
Platinum Smart IPTV is a new 2018 Live TV addon from Legion World TV Repository.
The main menu has Android App, and an IPTV Weblist section.
The Android App section has the popular APKs Mobdro, Edoctor, Snappy and Swift.
How To Install Platinum Smart IPTV
Scorpio Streams HQ
Scorpio Streams HQ is an all-in-one Kodi addon with a lot of categories and subcategories .
It includes Movies, Live TV, New Releases, Kids Movies, Sports, Documentaries, and more.
It was recently updated and has been working very well.
How To Install Scorpio Streams HQ
Fido is an older all-in-one plugin that recently received an update.
It has a category for most everything from movies to sports.
So far it has been working well and pulling in many links to choose from.
How To Install Fido
Star Tec
Star Tec is an all-in-one addon that has a sections for most anything from movies to music.
It recently received an update and has been working very well.
The first time a category is selected it takes a moment to build the list, but works quickly after that.
How To Install Star Tec
Midian is a new All-In-One Addon with lots of content.
It has sections for most everything including movies, TV shows, documentaries, fitness, music, and more.
The section called Grab Bag Deux has lots of 720 / 1080p Bluray and 3D / 4K links.
How To Install Midian
At The Flix
At The Flix is a Movie add-on from the Maverick Repository.
It has lots of sections including 4K UHD, Sci-fi Fantasy, Horror, British Cinema, and much more.
The option to play HD or SD streams is giving and it plays automatically.
How to Install At The Flix
Supra Box
Supra Box is an All-In-One Kodi addon that has lots of categories to choose from and recently received an update.
The movie section has options for 1080p, 720p, DTS, and UHD 4K resolution.
How to Install Supra Box
SkyNet is another addon from Maverick TV Repo that woks very well and was recently updated.
It has combined many top Addons into one place including Supremacy, the Dogs Bollocks, and Maverick TV.

There is a section for most anything making it good for sports, movies, TV shows, and more.
How to Install SkyNet
BOOM! is a sports addon that has been continuously updated.
It has sections for Football, Boxing MMA, Golf, Ace Stream Sports, Motor Sport, and much more.
How To Install BOOM!
Sports Hub
Sports Hub is a sports plugin from the once popular Pro Sports Addon.
It has been updated and renamed.
Sections include NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, My Subreddits, Highlights, and more.
How To Install Sports Hub
Eyasses is a Kodi all-in-one Addon from Aj Builds Repository with something for everyone.
Sections include 3D Movies, 4K Movies, Audio Books, Box Sets, CCTV, Cooking, Documentaries, Horror, standup and much more.
The links are one click to play with it going out finding one avaible and playing it automatically.
How To Install Eyasses
Oculus is a new video addon from the Trademark Repository.
It has movies and TV shows with lots of sections and categories including a Trakt section.
How To Install Oculus
Elektra Vault
Elektra Vault is an all-in-one addon from Supremacy Repository.
Sections include Movies, Box sets, TV Shows, Documentaries, Fitness, IPTV, and more.
How to Install Elektra Vault
Not FilmOn
Not Film On is an All-In-One Kodi IPTV add-on that has a category for most everything.
Sections includes movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, horror, music, comedy, business, news, education, and much more.
So far it has been working well with good IPTV streams.
How to Install Not FilmOn Kodi Add-on
Non Stop
Non Stop is a new IPTV Addon for 2018 from Where The Monsters Live Repository.
Sections include 24/7 TV shows, 24/7 Kid’s Klub, 24/7 world News, Live World Cams, Round the Clock Music, and Random 24.
How To Install Non Stop
ATRIOX is a new Kodi video addon from the Supremacy Repository.
It is a video addon with lots of categories and subcategories.
When a category is selected it takes a moment to build a list but works quickly after that.
How To Install ATRIOX
Diamond Cinema
Diamond Cinema is a Kodi video addon from the Diamond Wizard Repository.
Sections include Cinema, Horror, Urban, Music and more. The streams are pulled in from YouTube.
How To Install Diamond Cinema
Exodus ITA
ExodusITA By Stefano is a Fork of the once popular Exodus Addon.
It has been updated and is working very well pulling in many links.
By default the language is Italian which is easy to change by going to Tools–>Setting General and changing the language options.
How To Install Exodus ITA
Vendetta is a Kodi video addon with a lot of sections and sub-sections.
It is located in the Redhood Repository.
The main menu sections include new releases, box sets, kids collections, live tube, and sports tube.
How to Install Vendetta
RP1 is a new video plugin from the Looking Glass Repository.
Sections include RP1 Movies, TV Shows, Unrelated and search TMDB.
Clicking a section can run a bit slow at first since it needs to build meta data but runs quickly after that.
How To Install RP1
Joshua is a new Kodi video addon.
Sections include Documentaries, Movies, TV Shows, Trakt, and TMDB.
How To Install JOSHUA
The Alchemist is a new Kodi video Addon from Redhood Repository.
The main menu has Movies and TV shows with many sub categories. Sub categories have New movies, 4K Movies, Genre, Popular, Cam, and much more.
How To Install the Alchemist
The Brotherhood is an All-In-One plugin from the Intercomp Media Repository.
It has a section for most everything from Live TV to movies and TV shows.
Sections include Live TV, Sports, News, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Anime, Cartoons, YouTube Live, Karaoke, and more.
How To Install Brotherhood
I Am Absolem
I Am Absolem is a new Kodi addon from the Looking Glass Repository.
It includes the plugins Prometheus and Vendetta as well as the sections War Movies, Urban, Documentaries, and Fitness.
How To Install I Am Absolem Kodi Addon
Jarvis Vod
Jarvis Vod is a Kodi Addon from Team Jarvis.
It has numerous sections with a category for most everything including movies, TV, anime and more.
Sections include Critter’s Beginning, Neo’s Place, Just In Anime, Joe The Slayer, Genre’s, TMDB, Trakt, Networks, Movies by Year and more.
How To Install Jarvis Vod
Goose is an All-In-One Addon from the Looking Glass Repository.
The main menu has Movies, TV Shows, Kidz Zone, Documentary and Reality, Music, Live Sports, Xtreme Sports, Gaming, request, Search and Settings.
How To Install Goose
Net Streams AIO
Net Streams AIO is a new All-In-One Addon from Judgment Repo with a section for most everything.
Sections include Catch-Up TV, Documentaries, Kids, Live IPTV (ALL), Movies, Music, Radio, Sports, TV Shows, Clear Cache, and Settings.
How To Install Net Streams AIO
Picasso is an older Addon from Goliath Repo that been recently updated.
It has a lot of categories and sub-categories including Settings, Keep Safe, Find It, Movie Madness, Telly Box, Sports, Tunes, Docutainment. Keep fit, LOL, Talk To Me, Little Ones, How to and Magic and Get scared.
How To Install Picasso
Fright Night
Fright Night is an Addon all about horror movies and TV shows from the Illuminati Repo.
The main menu has sections for the Top 100 Horror movies, collections, Fright Night TV, Unsettling Documentaries, and movies by year.
How To Install Fright Night
GearZ is a Kodi Addon from the RockCrusher Repository.
It pulls in streams from YouTube with many sections and channels to choose from.
Since it pulls feeds in from YouTube it works very well with no buffering.
How to Install GearZ
Sparkle is Kodi Sports Addon that pulls in streams from Reddit and Acestreams.
Categories included MMA , NFl , NCCA, Tennis, Soccer, Boxing, Rugby, and much more.
How to Install Sparkle
Borg is a new Kodi Addon that has combined many other Addons into one from Illuminati Repository.
The main menu has BlockBuster, Ektos, Final Gear, Fright Night, F Society, Goose, House of Blue, Midraal’s Stuff, Nina, Stat Tec, and Shep.
How To Install Borg
The Dogs Bollocks
The Dogs Bollocks is a new All-In-One Kodi Addon.
Sections include Movies, Screeners, catch Up TV, Documentary, Kids, Movies, music, Radio, Sports, and TV.
How To Install The Dogs Bollocks
White Devil Streams
White Devil Streams is an older Kodi Add-on that has all kinds of content and sections.
It is an all-in-one Addon with sections for Search, Movies, Cam’s, Boxset’s, 3D Zone, Top 100, Retro TV, Ultra HD 4k, Documentary Freak, For the Ladies, BAMF’s Back In time, Nemesis, the Kingdom, Enzo, FTFS, Adult, and more.
The requirement for a Pin number was recently removed.
How to Install White Devil Streams
Mad House Classics
Mad House Classics is a Kodi Addon for watching classic Movies and TV Shows.
Categories include movies and TV shows from the fifties and sixties, sixties to seventies movies, eighties, nineties, and more.
Like all Addons it gives a list of links which it automatically will try to go through and play. If it kicks out or a link buffers go farther down the list until a good link is found.
How To Install Mad House Classics
Uranus is a new Kodi Addon for 2018 from Griffin Repo located at the Blamo URL.
It is has movies and TV shows as well as Trakt.
A list of links will come up on the side to select from. Like most addons it will try to find a good one to play, if it kicks back to the menu or buffers go farther down the list of links.
Live Tube
Live Tube is a new Kodi addon that takes advantage of the many Live streams fed into YouTube.
As most know Live stream on YouTube often are live TV channels being fed in from Youtuber’s looking to get more hits.
What is available can be hit or miss but Live Tube is a good addon to add to any Kodi setup.
How To Install Live Tube Kodi Addon
What Is Kodi?
Kodi is a free Open Source media player that is available for many hardware platforms from a desktop computer to a smartphone.
Originally called XBMC it has been constantly updated with new versions.
Kodi by itself is a very nice free media player. Addons that are installed into Kodi are what give it more functionality.
For example a video addon will play movies and TV shows, while a music addon will stream music.
Read Here for A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies / TV Shows
What Is a Kodi Addon?
A Kodi addon is a program that runs within Kodi much like an App on a smartphone.
There are many kinds of addons for Kodi with the most popular ones being Video addons that play movies and TV shows.
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily. We add new ones that are found to be working to this list and non-working ones removed.
No addons or plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
How Is a Kodi Addon Installed?
Addons are installed from a Repository that holds the addon for download.
A Repository is a website that host the files for download.
The correct URL web address for the Repo needs to be typed into Kodi to install it.
Repositories can become overwhelmed with traffic at times which slows them down or even causes them to crash.
This page is updated regularly for the best working repository URLs and working add-ons.
What Is a VPN?
A VPN provides privacy and security while being online.
Entities such as Internet Service Providers or unscrupulous persons will only see encrypted data.
This gives a user anonymity as well as privacy while online.
A VPN is not necessary to use Kodi but can hide all online activities which has become very desirable.
The most popular VPN to use with Kodi is IPVanish since they are Kodi friendly, have worldwide high speed servers, and don’t keep any logs.
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Read Here For the Best Kodi Music Addons
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