5 Ways to Play Music From a Smart Phone to a Car Audio System

By | July 28, 2015

5 Ways to Play Music From a Smart Phone to a Car Audio System
Connecting a smartphone (android or iPhone) to a car audio system can be done cheaply and easily.
Here are five ways it can be done picking the one that is easiest for you.
FM Transmitters
A FM transmitter can play music on its own from over-the-air sources or sync with a smartphone to play music from it. This include poplar services such a Pandora and your own audio files.
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Portable Speakers
Another option is to bypass a cars audio system and use a set of portable speakers. Most are powered by rechargeable batteries and don’t have to always be plugged in to work. This is also a good option for going to the beach or camping.
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Bluetooth is another option if the car stereo is capable of transmitting Bluetooth. It can drain a phones battery but it can always be simply plugged in to charge.
Check out the video at the bottom of page to see how.
Bluetooth Add-on Devices
If your car or truck stereo doesn’t have a Bluetooth option than a Bluetooth add on device can be bought to transform it into a one. The most common way is to use the sterio jack that is feed into a Bluetooth transmit/receiver which a smartphone can than transmit to.
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Analog Cable
If your vehicles radio has an audio jack than a cheap audio cable can be bought that runs from a smartphone to the radio.
This is one of the cheaper solutions and possibly the most common method.
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One method does not fit all and choosing the right one will depend on the scenario. Hopefully one of the above methods of playing music from your smartphone to a cars audio system will work for you.

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    Thats all very fine but now their taking away Google Play what app would you recommend Im sick of Youtube Music!


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