Step by Step Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows

By | January 10, 2020

2019 Step by Step Guide To Kodi 18 Leia and Streaming Movies or TV Shows
Page Table of Contents
1. How To Install Kodi
2. Setup Unknown Sources
3. Add-ons and Repositories
4. How to Install Exodus Redux
5. How To Use Exodus
6. Kodi Frequently Asked Questions
7. What Is a VPN?

Kodi has become the best home entertainment system available, and all for free.

Originally called XBMC (Xbox Media Center) it has evolved leaving behind the hardware limitations of the original Xbox and changing its name to Kodi.

A new version called Kodi 18 Leia has been released which is a nice new edition to the ever evolving media center.

Kodi can be installed on many different hardware platforms from a cheap desktop/laptop computer to a Fire TV Stick.

Dedicated Android media center boxes can also be bought.

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After Kodi is installed to a media box it needs what are called Add-ons to take advantage of the content available.

Add-ons are like Apps for a smartphone that are installed in Kodi and do what they are programmed to do.
A Step by Step Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows 2019

For example, Exodus Redux is a popular Add-on that allows you to stream movies and TV shows with Kodi.

There are different sections within Kodi including, TV, Radio, Games, Add-ons, Pictures, Videos, Favorites, and Weather.
A Step by Step Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows 2019
Exodus would be under Add-ons Video after being installed.

How To Install Kodi 18 Leia
Installing Kodi depends on which hardware you plan to use.

To keep it simple Kodi can be installed on an old computer, Mac or PC, and setup as a dedicated media center.

To do this simply go to the Kodi download page and download the install that works for your machine.

Download Kodi Here

The install for Windows or a Mac is easy by simply downloading the correct installer and following the instructions.

The install to a Fire TV Stick or a Raspberry Pi the setup is more difficult.

Read Here for How To Install Kodi to an Android Smartphone or Tablet
Read Here for How To Install Kodi to an Android TV Box
Read Here for How to Install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV Stick
Read Here for How to Install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi 3.
Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 18 Leia
Kodi 18 Leia needs a box checked called Unknown Sources to install add-ons such as Exodus.

  1. Click the Settings Icon in the top left corner.
  2. Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 18 Leia Step 1

  3. Settings.
  4. Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 18 Leia Step 2

  5. Add-ons.
  6. Steps to Setup Unknown Sources in 18 Leia Step 3

  7. Turn ON Unknown Sources.
  8. A warning box will come up click Yes .

Add-ons and Repositories
After Unknown Sources have been set to ON, repositories and add-ons can be installed.

A repository URL needs to be added to Kodi so that add-ons can be installed.

What is a Kodi Repository?
Repositories are websites that store an Add-on for download.

They often contain multiple add-ons and are a repository for all add-ons a developer has created.

The websites address or URL is added into Kodi to download the Add-on that a repository contains.

There are many add-ons and repositories that can be added. Below are the steps to install the popular Exodus Redux add-on.

There are many other add-ons and it is best to have a few if one stops working.

Read Here To See a List of the Current Top Kodi Add-ons
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.

* is not affiliated with Kodi, or any Addons or Builds. is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.
Steps To Install Exodus Redux Add-on into Kodi

  1. At the top left click the System Settings Icon
  2. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1

  3. Click File Manager
  4. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2

  5. On the left click Add Source
  6. Click where it says NONE
  7. How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4

  8. Enter the URL: and click OK
  9. In the next box down name it Redux and click OK
  10. How To Install Exodus Redux Kodi Addon New URL Step 6

  11. Double Check everything is correct and click OK
  12. Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons
  13. Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left
  14. Click Install from zip file
  15. A box will slide open find Redux and click it
  16. Click
  17. Wait for the Repository to download and popup at the top right and say Exodus Redux Repo Installed
  18. Steps To Install Exodus Redux Kodi 18 Leia Step 15

  19. Click Install from repository
  20. Steps To Install Exodus Redux Kodi 18 Leia Step 16

  21. Click Exodus Redux Repo
  22. Video Add-ons
  23. Steps To Install Exodus Redux Kodi 18 Leia Step 18

  24. Click Exodus Redux
  25. Click Install
  26. A box will popup showing all the dependencies and add-ons that will be install Click OK

How To Use Exodus Kodi Add-on
Exodus Redux like all add-ons will have video sections for movies and TV shows.

Kodi add-ons don’t host any content and simply search the internet for website links for videos the same as Google.

After a video is selected to watch, Exodus will take 60 seconds to find the best links available.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows Links
Once it finds the best links it will display them.
A Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows Server Links
To start the video click the first link and Exodus will automatically go through them until one starts playing.
If a link comes up with a popup saying to PAIR click cancel and it will go to the next link on the list.
Once a stream starts if it buffers stop it from playing and click farther down the list of links until a good one is found.
Sometimes a good link will be found quickly while other times it will be harder to find and require a bit of patience.

Kodi Frequently Asked Questions
Why Don’t I see Exodus?
Exodus is located in its own repository, as long the repository is installed into Kodi it will show up when enabled.
To see which repositories you have installed go to Install From Repository . All the installed Repositories will be shown.
A Step by Step Guide To Kodi and Streaming Movies or TV Shows Jan 2018
Clicking on a repository will also show the add-ons it contains.
Why Don’t I see the Add-on I am looking for?
Each add-on will be located in its own repository, so adding the repository it is in will be necessary.
For example the popular Magic Dragon add-on is located in the Supremacy Repository.
Read Here for How To Install Magic Dragon Addon
When I click a link to a TV show or movie the link doesn’t work or buffers.
This does happen and the more popular Kodi becomes the more the servers/sources can at times become overwhelmed.
This is the reason many sources will come up on a list. If one source link does not work go to the next link. If it starts to buffer stop the video and move on to another link.
Kodi FAQ Pic 1
Most often a good source can be found within 2-3 links depending on the time of day.
Most add-ons will automatically try to go through the list of links but sometimes stop.
For example if an add-on stops on link 7, restart at link 8.

What Is a VPN?
A VPN provides privacy and security while being online.

Entities such as Internet Service Providers or unscrupulous persons will only see encrypted data and not be able to track what is being done.

This gives a user anonymity as well as privacy while online.

A VPN is not necessary to use Kodi but can hide all online activities which has become very desirable.

It can also help bypass any blocking an ISP (Internet Server Provider) may be doing.

Two popular Kodi friendly options are IPVanish and Express VPN with both having multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.



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    When I click a link to a TV show or movie the link doesn’t work or buffers.
    This does happen and the more popular Kodi becomes the more the servers/sources can at times become overwhelmed.

    This is the reason many sources will come up on a list. If one source link does not work go to the next link. If it starts to buffer stop the video and move on to another link.

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  77. Jon Boy

    Well I love it and I save myself £80 per month from leaving Virgin Media, yet another Rip Off cable company. I have enjoyed many hours of films and programs past and present and it was so simple that a village idiot could use it, apart from the idiot called Dave at the start of these comments, that guy must be the most stupid person in his town.

  78. Mark Frost

    I found this easy to install on Windows but the fire TV stick was a lot harder, mainly because how am I suppose to get the files on to the stick?

  79. MEll

    Thanks so much for the step by step instructions, they were so easy. I live on a set income and it is hard to pay for these high price cable companies, they are robbing us blind. I had one tutorial on how to set up my file manager and now i am about to relax. Truly thanks guys your awesome!. and let me say this, i tried to buy a box and they wanted 2)) buck for it. I got my firestick and i am good.

    Happy holidays

  80. Chip

    It really couldn’t be easier if you find a good tutorial it tells you step by step what buttons to push and walking through every tiny little part of it

  81. frustrated

    why cant they simplify this jeezus you would think it would be more easy but there is20 things you got to do ….and still icant figure it out …is there a 8 hr course you need to take for this??? or a degree of some sort???

  82. Sammy Parker

    I have tried streaming Kodi movies to both of my smart tv’s. And it always says Dr not supported . What can I do to correct this?

  83. Ant

    Hi all, I’ve been using Kodi since April 2016……….. Learnt a lot, messed around with addons, buffering options, but with a good wifi speed 99% of movies & tv shows work zero buffering HD 1080/720p FREE! ….for Live tv, smooth buffer-free football channels i subscribe to Sports mania for £28/SIX months, great value!
    Here’s the big question : why would I need a firestick at all??
    mine’s all direct NO firestick – NO box!
    DO I NEED EITHER..and to what advantage ?

    1. Elise

      Hi Ant, I am trying to figure out how to cast it. Anytime I use chromecast it is horrible. Do you have another way that you found it works best?

  84. Isabella Gutierrez

    Wow for days I was getting really frustrated i almost through this out lol but thanks to you guys I got the exodus installed I couldn’t find where the movies where located because my fire stick had been updated thank you so much? 10 star feeakn rate??

  85. Miki

    I heard that this is the way to go to get out of cable. Bought a box and was told it would take 20 min – 1/2 hour to install this. I started at 1pm and was still trying to download Kodi at 5 pm. I called my friend that told me about this and we walked through the process and said that I did everything. After the third attempt I finally got the banner. I clicked on Live TV there was nothing there except for some boxes. I am so frustrated right now. How can I get my local channels, etc.? does caller ID have something to do with this or call block where people have to dial *82 ? I love the picture that this program has, but I’m ready to throw this whole box out the window! Worst program install – no instructions – I won’t recommend this to anyone.

  86. Drea

    thank you, i followed all the directions and works great for me. i have exodus and iptv… there anyway to get more than one app. perhaps a bundle? thanks again

  87. Julie

    hold up….complete idiot here 🙂 1.Do I need wifi? 2. Do I need cable? 3. if its so great why am I just now hearing about it? (I have no cable or wifi.. says the hermit)

    1. Jim

      You HAVE to have the Internet first before anything else. You say WIFI or cable, which doesn’t make sense. If you have cable and you want to use it with wireless devices then you install a WiFi router to send the wireless cable internet signal into the air. It doesn’t have to be cable. It can be internet from cable company, phone companies, satellite companies, and cellular companies. You need high speed Internet at your house first and then WiFi if you use a wireless device like Amazon Firestick. Then you install Kodi and then you use directions on this site to configure Kodi.

  88. Jake Chip

    I was given a myMatrixTV android box for my birthday so I can watch free tv shows and movies. It was easy to hook up and navigate through, but I wanted to upgrade my firmware to KODI 16.1. Does anyone know how I can do this?

  89. Herman beee

    Hi I have a kodi box and all the movies are showing side ways I do think remember what I did and want to know if I can fix this problem asap please and Thank u

  90. Cookie

    Finally rid of directv, it was great while it lasted, great to be able to save some duckies.
    Purchased amazon fire stick, installed kodo, phonex, exodus. Love it!!!!
    Ques. When I try to view some tv shows it tells me authorizationi required. Visiit link open then click “pair” What are they talking about??
    Help i’m lost????? Any ideas??? Thanks a bunch…

  91. SImi

    Hello, I have a question to ask, Im new with this kodi tv box– how can i watch live tv like NBC, ABC or LIFETIME, etc…

    how can i find that?


  92. ramu

    Well I only heard of this KODI a couple of weeks ago. Once you have bought the KODI box and plugged into the TV … it plug and play or via broadband do I have download the so called add ons via the box whilst connected to the tv……………….so far I dont know anything about this. So it sounds so good.

  93. Shannon Marie Abell

    Well I got my kodi and it did take me a couple days to get where I am now. But I love it. I have got a lot of add ons and files. Once you get the hang of it. It is awesome.

  94. JP

    Just heard of it, installed windows app, did some googling and now have access to 1000’nds of series and movies. all that in under 10 minutes.

    Using this page. If you cant get it working, your lazy.

  95. Northern

    On some of the links I click on to stream a movie I get a message to go to a website to pair my amazon TV box with the site to watch the movie. How do you do this or do I even have to?


    hi there. wonder if you can advise me. i was given a android box off a friend. it was running on 14.1. not a new one
    ive tried to load it several times with addons. i get to the point were it says. install from zip. but when i look above that there isnt any diolouge saying install from repository. so i cant install anything. grateful for any assistance.
    thank you mike

  97. Omar

    Can we all take a moment to humble and grateful? Not that many of us aren’t already, but seriously… look at where we are? We’re on a board that is giving us detailed instructions on how to get a HUGE amount of programming for free. Without having to download and store it.

    I mean, what a F****G world! Right?

    To the people who work on these ‘add-ons’ and who made KODI…thanks. This is the natural progression of what I remember the internet as in its earlier years: a place where people would go and help better strangers’ lives with no hope, promise, or pretense of being compensated in any form. These message boards, youtube tutorials, even web pages and step by step guides like this one are like the anti-capitalism. I appreciate the love of humanity, even while some of us cry out it isn’t free enough, easy enough, or other wise good enough.

    And to the cable companies and movie studios getting rammed up the @$$ by all of this…umm, don’t know what to say. I’m sure you love humanity and the arts, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer collective group of people. So. Yeah. Good luck.

  98. Adrian

    I need a straight answer to kodi streaming to smartTV. I have already installed the Kodi app and Exodus add-on is working fine. Now I wanted to stream movies live to the the Samsung Smart TV (UA40ES5500). I already set the uPnP settings under service.s.

    When I open a movie and right-click on the thumbnail, Play Using can detect the TV model but choosing it did not get the movie stream to the Samsung TV, instead the PC starting to show the movie on its own LCD screen., which is not what I wanted.

    However, Kodi can only stream to the Samsung SmartTV after a Exodus Movie is DOWNLOADED locally to the PC and the Play Using option to the Samsung TV will WORKS. The PCs and the Sarmsung TV are on the same network router.

    So my question is, how to get the Kodi to just stream directly to the Samsung SmarTV without a need to download the movie locally…? Are there any steps that I have missed?

  99. Renee

    What is the BEST way to have Kodi? Fire Stick, Computer, Kodi box? And…to have it wireless…do I need a smart tv? Also…I have a Macbook pro and a Dell laptop w/ Microsoft 10. Which one would work better for the kodi? I also have a Sony blue ray dvd player that we run netflix with…could use that for kodi?

  100. Natalie

    Hi just downloaded kodi installed exodus following a video on uptube, but when the user selects year 2016 a film list comes up …but not on mine what have I done wrong ?

  101. Bob Cromie

    Looking for a little help. I have several add ons installed and some work and others not so much. The latest to cause grief is Erotik (XXX). This was working the other day but now if I select any thumbnail it tells me that it is ‘opening stream’, then comes back with a message ‘Erotis (XXX) error’ at the bottom right of the screen. A message ‘One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message’. I don’t know how to check the log and I am at a loss as to why this is happening. Some of the others are working so my WiFi is connected. I am worried that this will start happening to other add ons. Thanks for your help.


  102. Tom

    At 66 and just retired and not particularly tech savy i must say that im having fun learning all this new stuff like Firestick and add ons to it. Its refreshing to be able to work through some of the confusion in getting this up and running but getting away from cable and its mindless array of mind numbing programs to be able to watch what i want is worth it.

  103. makeingcool

    I often use Allavsoft to download and convert Syfy Shows, Full Episodes, Movies to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc. on Mac and Windows.

  104. Carlos Robles

    I have a MS8 Plus, recently bought it.
    It has a slot for Micro SD, and USB. Do you know what it is for, or how to use it?
    Sorry, when I got this box it came with a little book of instructions which says nothing.
    I need more information, for questions like: can you download movies or TV shows into the ext. Micro SD or USB memory?
    Thanks in advance.
    P.D. is there any site where I can get a full Manual for this box?

  105. Brian

    Kodi is great. The thing I found out that is constantly changing. It it so simple to install. I”ve had numerous builds since I bega using it. It takes alittle time to get used to it but whenever i need answers or explainations I go to youtube and find it. Guys like JoeNobody, Pro and Cons or Soloman give excellent advise. There are plenty more.
    I am a novice with Kodi but you know what, I’m not afraid to make a mistake and have to reinstall it all over. Afterall it’s free.

  106. Don

    I think Kodi is great. I installed it on a Firestick a week or so ago with the Gears of War build, worked well but just thought it a bit “bloated”. Have just uninstalled that, reinstalled with the Achief build which is superb, I really like it. And given my age, not a millennial……more mid-century 🙂 and fairly limited experience of tech, if I can do it……..

  107. Stanley E Schneider

    previously able to get movies on Kodi – not any more. a movie will load to 59% stop and a messafe on upper left of screen says “fork error check the log information” have no idea what happened – any suggestions

  108. Rob Daman

    I use a MyMatrixTV box to watch all the free movies and shows. Does anyone know how I can update my box to Kodi 16.1?

  109. Masood

    I have bought M8s plus but the remote control is working. Can you help me with that.
    I really appreciate.

  110. STU LACH

    Where can I find an instruction manual for my keyboard remote. I’m sure there’s more I can do with it but I’m not getting anywhere just clicking around randomly. Mine looks just like the one in your review on “ANEWKODI 2.4GHz
    Mini Handheld Wireless Keyboard etc etc”

  111. Shawna_ToCute

    I’ve been using kodi on my laptop for about 6 months now, and it works perfectly for me, plus I have it on a firestick. So whoever it isn’t working for just maybe you are doing something wrong because I have it working just fine with two different devices. Lmaoo, it’s rather sad to be complaining about it if you are the one doing something wrong.

  112. sapr

    same here. all addons come up just the way all tutorials say, but when searching or trying to play anything, it says working and no video player comes up. it goes nowhere, just sits at addon screen with list of genres etc.

  113. Danny

    Can someone please tell me how to search for an addon that doesn’t appear in the pre-loaded list?
    Thanks in advance (IHope!)

  114. Char hoppe

    I have kodi and just recently added exodus. It’s great Xmas new movies , tvshows from session one , etc. Only problem I have is exiting kodi. It freezes up. I have to unplug the Amazon stick to get out. Can anyone help.

    1. Big Jeff

      Amazon sticks get very hot running kodi I suggest u invest a meager $30 and go to Amazon and purchase a android tv box

  115. Natalie

    Thanks so much for the instructions! Very easy to follow. I’m looking forward to using Kodi.

  116. James wood

    Hi I have just bought a pair Amazon Fire stick with Kodi installed.
    I am 67 not technically gifted.

    I have connected wirelessly.
    But do I go straight to Kodi or do I need as Amazon subscription.

  117. Belle Hoyos

    Your instructions where on point I have a fire stick down loaded kodi and then follow your instructions and in less than 10 minutes I was watching a hd still in theater movie. I’m impressed and I’m not a computer anything I’m just a payroll processor lol

  118. Alan Kenny


  119. Michelle

    Great stuff as mention by several already for those who really need assistance.. go to you tube and search kodi you will have a great deal of help. I had kodi on my phone with hour and watching video all from help videos on you tube and did the same with new fire stick in a few hours as well.

  120. Noah

    So I just got a computer with KODI already installed on it. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very tech sav, but this just drives me crazy. I can’t get the computer to connect to the enternet, if someone could help that would be awesome

  121. Paul

    Don’t put something down because you don’t understand how to use it. I’m a computer tech and I tell my clients all the time about their computers, if you don’t like something, move on to something else, don’t put other’s down because you don’t know how to use something. Not everyone is computer savvy and not everyone is going to like Kodi. I’m a big Kodi fan and it allowed me to cut the cord. Read man! Read! Don’t disrespect those that engineered a product that works, just because you don’t want to take the time to understand it.

  122. Bman

    I tried the long way to stream kodi to my chrome cast, but no luck. Can anyone help?

  123. Mike Myers

    Your tips, screenshots and videos were fantastic and made it super easy for me to figure out how to do it. Thanks so much Wireless Hack!! You saved me hours and hours of stress and headaches!

  124. Stephan McQueen

    Worked perfect for me! Thank you! 1080 quality and 0 buffering. Installed on my HP pavilion so I can take it anywhere and connect it to any tv in or out of my house.

  125. Reach

    I have installed kodi in my TV with help of blue stalk software, I have installed super repo . My problem is when the video is starting then kodi will crash. I have tried plenty of other add-ons. Can any one help me with this .?

  126. Mario

    I think it works just fine and I am very happy with it. I encounter one problem lately, however. New seasons or episodes are no longer updated.
    2 examples:
    1. America’s got talent
    There’s a new 11th season. In the list, it only shows 10 seasons. The picture, however, is with Simon Cowell, who only is a judge starting from season 11
    2. Rizzoli & Isles
    Season 7 started, but it doesn’t show either.

    When I check on primewire directly, all the above-mentioned episodes are available to watch.

    I never had this problem before.

    Is there’s something I can do about this?

    1. Paul

      Season 11 works for me. Check to see if your updating automatically. I’m using Exodus to watch it.

  127. Gwen Leighton

    I have been trying to upgrade my kodi but everytime I try to add kodi in favourites with es file manager. It does not bookmark. Can any one help. Also can the weather effect the streaming of films.

  128. Cath

    Hi all – we got our kodi box this week, all set up & cannot believe the channels we get access to, amazing! Only issue is that it starts buffering in the evening (guess network gets busy?) any advice on if I can upload? Any addons that can help with this? I am not tech minded… Thanks

  129. Ali

    We have downloaded kodi but it’s not in HDTV

    Please help

  130. Dennis Kushneryk


    I don’t where you were trying to stream it from but I can stream all 6 seasons for free off of Exodus or Phoenix. But again I bought an Android Tv Box that was not fully loaded and was totally customizable. I am not sure the Fire Stick is fully customizable. Google how to get The Walking dead all seasons free on Kodi

  131. Dennis Kushneryk

    it is for free om Exodus or Phoenix ? where did you try to stream it from ?

  132. Dennis Kushneryk

    there is so many youtube videos out there in helping set up kodi. I found it was pretty easy when you write the steps down. remembering all the url’s was a no go…had to write those down as well. Now I can stream pretty much anything I wish to watch. Thanks to all hard work from the builders to create such a media library.

  133. liam

    I have down loaded kodi to my mx 8 box i also loaded exodus
    i can stream anything i want to watch using exodus but with one problem no sound
    can anyone help

    1. AlexB

      Tl; dr – look at youtube for answers to kodi being muted.

      If there is a red mute icon on screen you have inadvertently muted Kodi. There will be a button on your remote to unmute Kodi specifically, not the Android box. For instance, I have a remote control app on my phone for Kodi in addition to the remote that came with the Android box. I must have touched the volume buttons on my phone and this caused the kodi app to mute.

  134. Ray Thompson

    Hi all,
    I was using XBMC but have since upgraded to Kodi, my reason for posting these comment’s is to thank all the people responsible for the development of the above program’s. the Installation of Kodi on my Dell “all in one” running Windows 10 went without problems after following advice from forums and youtube video’s.
    I’m neither an expert or young of age (70) but unlike some of the above people I do have a better than two digit I.Q.
    also referred to as common sense.
    Ray. (Australia)

  135. Yeagerbomb

    Good evening everyone!
    So I have gotten everything to work on my laptop, but when I try and skip ahead in a TV show the picture freezes and then the sound then the computer locks up. I was wondering what do I do? When I restart the computer and then run Kodi again, the show will play until I try and skip forward again… Is there a special way to skip forward, or should I just watch shows all the way through until I get to where I left off?
    Thank you a bunch!

  136. Jeff

    I am old and ugly and had trouble at 1st w/ installing kodi on my computer. I too am a little slow and had trouble following the vidios, but all info needed IS in them. I simply watched the vid and wrote down the steps on paper. To do this I needed to stop the vid as I wrote them down,and rewound the vid to get parts I missed.I eventually got all I needed installed. It took me a couple days to complete as I AM slow…hehe…but it was well worth it. Since then I’ve been able to “upgrade to newer versions as they come out and ya don’t lose what you’ve done as that happens I’m glad to say. Patience is the key to learning and it is well worth the effort!
    I wish to thank ALL the folks at kodi And all the folks that make the tuiterals vids and those that teach in the forums. Thankyou So much…..Not all add ons work all the time, but that is the “price” of sharing the benifits of so many other peoples work that they share w/ us for FREE…

  137. E

    ???Ctfu! There’s nothing wrong with the kodi box. But I do believe there is something wrong with the person who’s trying to program the box. Have you ever thought about taking it to someone that knows what their doing? Mine work’s pretty darn good!

  138. Kodi box

    Sometimes some links die and they usually get updates within the addon….

  139. Heather

    I love love love this site!!!! I uninstalled my Kodi and I could not get movies or anything that was English except tv shows. I had the worst time trying to figure it out. This site was so amazing and got me what I needed I would definitely recommend it and I love you guys for helping me out.

  140. tianna

    can someone please help me. I ordered a android box off amazon. it just came in and I pluged it in. Kodi is pre-loaded on it but when I go into Kodi and click 1Channel to see what movies are on it, it says connection failed or something but I am connected to the internet ? my moms box works amazing and shes been watching movies on it and didn’t have to do anything

    1. Julie

      1 channel doesn’t seem to be working on new boxes at the minute, myself and a friend both had the same problem. After spending hours looking through forums it seems that apps will work for a while then get shut down or replaced so you have to keep searching for the newest ones. I learned how to download exodus to it and that works fine and mine already has salts and pheonix which are also pretty new too and recommended. Also I was originally using wireless on my box and was recommended to change to Ethernet cable and that has also helped the connection.

  141. Patrick Milne

    Is Niter not working? I tried it and I get nothing. Installed it and then uninstalled it but got nothing do you know what’s going on with it.

  142. h

    is there a kodi box out there that has the feature to record live streams? not the channels that are picked up with an atenna the freeview channels

  143. Sherlyn Perez

    Cud some one pls tell me how to locate the descriptions of the movies on 1Channel. Lots of movies are available but we hv to guess what they are all about.
    Thank you.

    1. Bbob

      1Channel has a straight to the point interface with almost no information on the shows. Exodus works great and gives show information but has no favorite section. A combination of add-ons is best.

      1. Lucy Lamoureux

        I have installed the Exodus and cannot figure out how to find movie descriptions. I tried to right-click but it just took me back 1 page.

  144. Chuck

    What add-on will let me see the latest TV show episodes? Usually just download the show the next day, but want to try a add-on to stream only. Normal popular TV shows family guy and such? Any idea which add-on has the best and easy setup or filtering?

  145. james

    can kodi be installed on a playstation, either 3 or 4.
    if not what is the best device to buy to install kodi on?

  146. David

    Does anyone know how to add favorites or subscriptions on 1channel using the Amazon Firestick? When I watch instructional videos, they always add favorites by right clicking, but the fire stick remote does not have a right or alt click. It’s extremely tedious to search for every single show or movie every time and I wish I could create a list.

    1. Leon Redbone

      The menu button on the Fire TV remote is a right-click in Kodi.

  147. TN

    This was an awesome walk through!

    I just upgraded from gotham 13.1

    Streaming a series right now!

    Thank you!!

  148. Marla Santiago

    I love my Kodi! Just upgraded to the latest version Have never had any problem using or configuring it . I’m 68 years old and not an expert when it comes to computers. if i can use it (and very successfully!), anyone can.

    1. Patricia Martinez

      Can you help me get mine to work and how do you upgrade lastest versions I’m disabled and like to watch while I see but can’t get mine to work. Please help me.

  149. Love Kodi all day long

    My husband and I must be smarter then most of you… We love our Kodi never had a problem always finds what we are looking for !!!!! Having Kodi has changed our lives for the better, no more on demand or movie stores….. so I give Kodi a 5 star ….. And it’s not hard to work ……

  150. AK Fletcher


    I recently got the amazon fire stick with Kodi on it, I was use to getting the blue menu with several options on it. I installed Sports mania for sports however, I think I did it incorrectly and now I am greeted with this screen

    Does anyone know how to reverse this process and get back to the usual home screen and options?

  151. jedd

    Hi first id like to say thankyou for the easy steps you have posted i wouldnt have gotten this far without them. However i have a problem i have followedall the steps but when i try to watch a show a little window pops up that says “working ” with a buffer but inly for a second then it disappears and nothing happens could you please help

  152. Tricia

    Question about watching TV shows. After the episode that I’m watching is finished,It goes back to the list of available episodes to watch however the one I just watched is gone. For example, I watched season 1 of Oz.I watched each episode in sequence.When I picked the next episode,the one I just watched was gone.How do I get them back if I want to watch again? Thank you!

    1. Jeremy

      Check your settings, do you see the arrow on the left side of kodi? Scroll over to it and it will have the options to hide shows you have already watched.

  153. Very confused

    I have installed Kodi on my laptop, and followed your instructions to add repositories, but when I click add source and try to enter the address it comes up with “No PVR clients have been started yet” what do I do to start the PVR clients? Bear in mind I am a 66 year old so as simply as possible please.

  154. TunerRock101


    I have a samsung smart tv that only has a total of 1.15 gigabityes of space… will kodi be able to fit on my tv with that little amount of storage capacity?

    Please let me know as I really want to install this to get a ton of free tv, movies, sports… but do not want to go through the whole process if the program wont be able to be installed on my tv in the first place due to a lack of storage.

    Please help!

    1. WirelessHack

      There is no Kodi install directly to a smart TV. Another device such as a computer, Kodi box, or stick needs to be used.

      1. TunerRock101

        ok thanks for your help. I am also having trouble with kodi in general. I downloaded it to my desktop. when i opened it the first time, it had a bunch of boxes to check and asked which ones i want to download. (this is before i did the repository step). some of the main boxes are audio decoderadd-ons, audio encoder add-ons, pvr add-ons, skin add-ons… etc.. and each of those has many sub boxes underneath. I do not know which ones i need to check to make sure I download the right content that I need.

        Thanks in advance for your help.

        1. WirelessHack

          It is best to install the default Kodi setup. The only time the default install needs to be modified is if the hardware is unusual.

  155. kristina

    in need of some help here i have a amazon fire stick it has Kodi installed on it everything was fine just last night i got on it this morning and all the movies are gone no movies or anything what happened and what can i do?

  156. kristina

    For some reason all my movies and everything are gone from kodi worked fine last night got on this morning to find a movie and they are all gone what happened and what can I do

  157. NAW

    My video was working fine using Kodi on my Amazon Firestick but now it won’t play anything in any add on (ex: genesis, sports devil, SALTS, etc..). It loads all the sources and qualities for the show I’ve been watching but when I click the link it says loading but never plays. Any help would be awesome, I’m new to Kodi and to be honest I have no idea what to do.

  158. Dorian

    I never took the time to setup xbmc but just got Kodi on a desktop and it works fine. I liked it so much that now I have it up and running on an iPhone 4 and a 6. It works great! Next is my Apple TV.

  159. Vicki

    Binnieworld, How do you get your phone to act as a remote….? Sounds like you have a great setup there… 🙂

    1. WirelessHack

      Yatse and Kore are smartphone apps that turn a smartphone into a Kodi remote control

  160. Jim

    Thanks for the info. I’m interested to find more out about kodi. I have programming experience and would be interested in finding more info so that I can make my own add-on to watch movies. I was hoping that you could point me in the right direction. Is there any info for new people on how it works so that I can create my own code? Thanks for any info.

  161. Binnieworld

    Have installed this now for a couple of weeks now
    best thing i have found, working fantastic best advice i can offer is you tube how to install and follow instruction.
    I now have a fuuly working system with hundreds of tv channels , thousands of films , tv channels.including sports all working with my phone as a remote,
    Great tv guide Ivue,search for UFO installer, ivue installer,Genisis installer and fusion all on you tube after installing .

    1. Lara

      Oh would love your add on list names recommendations for your tv channels please :)))) !!!

  162. David Andrews

    The first thing I should say is that I am new to all this so you’ll have some idea of my problem. The comment I would make on the tutorial video is that it just moves along toooooo fast. “All you have to do is…click, click, click…so there you are”. No, you lose a newbie within seconds, sorry.

    However, I followed the step-by-step instructions down to My Add-ons > All>. The list that comes up is nothing like the one shown. There is no 1Channel, no Genesis, no Navi-X. So that’s as far as I can go. What do I do next?????

    Thanks for any light you can shed on the situation,


    1. Mike graves

      Hi wirelesshack you do seem like you know what you are talking about when it comes down to this kodi stuff I do have a question and hope that you can help me out before my wife kills me lol we can’t watch live tv without it buffing or just not working I do have a android box suppose to be the best out there the add- on that I am using now is live mix I have used castaway which went dead on me same for is there anything I can do to better this . Thank you for your time and help.

  163. Rick Minter

    I have followed the instructions but like a number of the above contributors do not see the “Get Add-ons” function I can confirm I have repeated the process a number of times and therefore I am confident I have inserted the correct URL etc.

    Please advise what steps I should take. Thank you.

    1. WirelessHack

      They changed the name to “My Add-ons” in the new Kodi releases, than click “ALL”. Under the video section you can also click “Get More”. Post Updated.

    1. WirelessHack

      That is a option I have seen them for sell on eBay. Although the orginal Firestick has the minimum requirement to run Kodi with a dual core CPU and 1 GB of RAM. This doesn’t give much room for future updates.

      The new Firestick has a quad core CPU but I haven’t heard of a hack for it yet, The ones sold on eBay are likely the original dual core version.

      If you had one laying around and set it up yourself this may be a good option. But for the cost to pay for one already setup could be spent on a much faster dedicated 4 core Kodi box, at least in my opinion.

      For example The MXQ Amlogic S805 Quad Core Kodi Box pre-setup is currently less than $50 dollars. While not the fastest Kodi box it would be a better than a original Firestick.

  164. Isa

    Wow! This really helped keep! I can watch all of my favorite tv shows for free!!!!!! Yeah!!!! It was a little confusing at first, but people, if you a trial,y use your brain! Your I’ll figure it out!!!!

    1. Lara

      Isa, which add on (name) lets you watch all your tv shows for free? and which ones? i bought -thank you 🙂

  165. Dave

    My issue is how do I remove close-caption subtitles? I tried going into SYSTEM – SETTINGS – VIDEO – SUBTITLES with no success. So far, this only happens with the SYFY.COM addon. I like this addon except for the close-caption subtitles. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. WirelessHack

      The usual way to disable subtitles is when a video is playing, under the play bar (right side) click the volume tab and than un-click the subtitles icon. I haven’t used the SYFY.COM add-on but most add-ons work this way.

    2. Mia

      Gosh. I have been trying to get captions and haven’t been able to do so!

  166. Joe

    I have kodi installed on a matricom g box when I try to watch a movie it loads and plays for about 1 minute then freezes.Any ideas why ?

  167. cnorth

    I am looking for a way to filter out foreign tv shows and only show american shows. Anyone know of a setting for this?

  168. TomE

    Simply brilliant. I installed and watched some football, wrestling and 3 films to test it. Thank you. Steps are excellent

  169. Liz

    When I click on a movie in navi states it is loading but nothing happens it just stays on same screen

  170. Aaron

    I have Kodi on an Amazon Fire Stick and I lost all movies, sports etc after a Firestarter update. Nothing would work after the update. Frustration coupled with a ‘fuck it, I’ll press this and see what happens’ attitude led me to reset factory settings. Now everything is gone. Kodi remains as an app on the fire stick but all content has vanished. Under VIDEOS when I select FILE MANAGER the screen simply loads to black and nothing appears. In PROGRAMMES: ADD ONS the images have been replaced with jigsaw pieces. Can anyone take pity on my idiocy and offer a solution?

    1. WirelessHack

      It sounds like you need to go through a step-by-step how to install Kodi on a Firestick.

    2. Jj

      Yes . your screwed. Remove it and start over. It makes no sense to try and fix lost files and what ever else was removed. Just start over and save yourself alot of problems.

  171. Terilyn

    I have googled countless videos and step by step instructions on sound issues but none seems to help. I’m watching kodi on my laptop using windows 10. The sound goes in and out and I have tried everything I know and have read and watched on YouTube. Should I uninstall and reinstall kodi 15.1 ? Please help!

    1. WirelessHack

      It sounds like a possible Windows 10 sound card driver problem.

  172. Terilyn

    I installed kodi on my laptop using windows it’s not connected to my TV I just watch it on the 20 inch screen, but the problem I’m having is audio. I start out with audio and a picture but looses sound about 3 minutes after starting the movie. What should I do now?

  173. Nicolas De Letter

    Great tutorial! Was at a loss going from XBMC to Kodi since Genesis was gone all of a sudden. This helped me greatly!

  174. WirelessHack

    Was the URL typed in correctly? The video may be easier to follow, there are many other YouTube videos also, each with the same info though.

  175. alex

    Great step by step write up. I installed 1Channel and it is having problems with bad links. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. joe

      sounds like you know exactly what you want the add-on you need to write to do. You are a step above most creators. Good Job!

  176. Bill H.

    You do have to add in a URL and do a initial setup to install add-ons. Once the add-ons are installed your good to go.

  177. david

    This is the biggest junk program I’ve ever tried to use. It is anything but user-friendly. I installed and found absolutely nothing useful about it. I searched for tv shows and movies and it couldn’t find anything! So i searched for how to watch tv shows with kodi and found videos and pages with literally dozens of steps on how to add different paths to make this program know where to look for shows. Are you f%$#ing kidding me? I install your program and then I have to program it so it will know how to actually work and play videos? Using this pathetic program was a complete waste of my time!

    1. TOMt

      lol, this why cable companies never have to worry about going broke.

      1. BetterThanYou

        Pathetic that you all can’t figure out some simple steps. Yeah, cable companies won’t have to worry about going broke because d@#$% such as yourself pay for it. Also if you were slightly intelligent, most, if not all, cable companies provide internet, so they’re getting revenue from somewhere at least.

        1. Junky

          They really didn’t get the memo tech illiterates don’t apply or download simple patches because your cranium won’t comprehend this information well.

        2. Superevilnine

          I have to agree with you, I have a Sony 4K Smart TV and the steps given on here were correct, no problems…soooo ALL THE WHINY CRYBABYS KEEP TRYING OUT DIFFERENT STEPS…

        3. Hancock

          There are several requirements to get any of this running because of legalities. It can be frustrating in the beginning with these know it alls skipping the easy steps whey do in their sleep. Since they learned it when they learned how to walk and talk they have no idea what it feels like to be an adult trying to learn the missing steps and figure out how to get all the moving parts to work together in unity.

          Give these people a break unless you have a better solution for figuring this out than I have found so far. I understand it and have it installed correctly but it took Weeks of research to get it all to do what its supposed to do.

      2. colin

        its so simple i have over 1000 channels streams live ppv u name it i got it all installed on kodi,installed onto my laptop,run hdmi to tv n run kodi from pc on to tv and has been working for well over a year with no probs,its so simple to do just follow the instructions,n youll never want to pay for cable tv again ,all u need is an internet connection ,and your ready to rock,ive never watched tv in over a year i have so many apps on my kodi ive installed,anything plus films b4 they r even out in cinema,plus all cinema pics r all installed wi using exodus,or use navi x n get thousands of 3d films blueray hd,the list is endless ive showed all my m8s how to do it,and got about 30 mxq boxes fully loaded them n sold em to my friends so they can use in there bedroom,if they dont have a pc,ive also got it installed on my mobile and my tab,n works fantastic,no more money to cable companys,,its a bit hard if u dont know what to do but if u follow the instructions it can b set up with all add ons in 15-20 mins,sometimes takes a few mins to find a working link but always get one n watch all live sports ,its got more than sky virgin amazon n netflix so get rid of em n install kodi and any add ons u want all for free,n watch anything u want loads of gigs on it,documentarys,thousands,plus just go to file add ons and go through the apps n just click n install the apps u want,n my box i have the mxq im running jarvis 16.1 on it wi 1geg mem n quad core n runs a treat and has done from day one and thats me running the box of my mobile fone,turn my fone into a hotspot n away u go,free everything,never been so happy,its a great programe kodi,add recomend everyone to download it and the add ons,as my box is now fully loaded with every app i need for whatever i fancy watching or if boared ,i sit n watch on my mobile while missus is shopping,a just chill n put kodi on,and watch anything i want,its fantastic,all my friends love it,some bit clueless n downloading n using the hd space ,but i use the app clear my cache n wipes all the crap out,or disable apps or inable apps wi using file add ons,mydaughter is 8 and has it on her mobile and tab n done it herself,so it aint that hard even watch a few you tube videos or ask on here if anyprobs n im sure loads out there will reply bk with help..if u dont have kodi and all the add ons u dont know what your missing ,and its all free to do,fantastic 10 out of 10.

        1. kerry


          Can you please tell me how to find this NAVI X? I want 3D programming SOOOOO badly! my TV is such a waste not being able to find media to watch. ANd 4K media too, PLEASE!!!! Thanks mate!

        2. KELLEY J MARTH

          im trying to get mine to run live tv however everytime i get the pvr client set up its no good is there someone who can help i have tried and no im not tech illeterate

        3. Lee

          If you still read this; I have a question; I have used my Kodi a lot; but I can never get a link that allows movies before they come out. The only ones that I can get; have people moving around and talking in the movies. So obviously some hand held video./ Also, there are a lot of programs that I can pull, but none of the links will come up with a video. especially old soap operas and tv programs. Any suggestions? Also, have you found advance feeds for the network series?

        4. Joanne

          Do you have to do it using a computer or can you do it all on the amazon fire tv? (not firestick)

      3. Jj

        Your correct. David is a minless reject who gets upset when he cant figure it out. Hes the guy with a squar peg and a round whole. He will jus keep pounding on it and wonder why it dont fit. Then blame somebody else for it. Lol

        1. Oswald

          Well said Jj, I guess the level of his density makes it difficult to grasp the processes. The moment I discovered Kodi, it was plain sailing, it grew on me and I am so thankful, I like the program.

          1. Michael Nelson

            Hello Oswald,
            I have also found a blank screen, I managed to download Kodi-17.0- Krypton…Exe
            After the download I clicked onto the icon and ended with a blank screen, that is as far as I got, apart from screaming children wanting to watch TV trying to sus out how to find the TV channels is mind boggling,
            I have to admit I am a total novice as far as PC/computers are concerned, I just never grew up with one, so my density is also to blame..

            1. Joseph Agnello

              Michael i’m glad i’m not alone in this pc friendly world.

        2. stephen olson

          i recently installed kodi and notice to get aid channels i need a username and password for certain channels… how can you get around this??

        3. Christine

          Wow, David makes me look good. I am a 60 year old grandma and I can operate Kodi. I am so thankful that I found Kodi and have been introducing it to all the other senior’s in my community. I cut the cord to satellite and cable.

    2. beast

      @ David – “your program” is a little incorrect as it’s open source and doesn’t actually have a single ‘owner’. I don’t think anyone ever wrote that it works out of the box in the manner you’d expected. It is indeed more of a project designed for those who truly enjoy customising a bespoke solution for their homes. I’m not a huge fan of it myself but I do admire anything that gives the user the power to do whatever they want. Millenial types like yourself should stick to your own mindless applications base.

      1. DisgruntledMillenial

        @ Beast – Why are you maligning millenials b/c of this jerk? There’s no single type for a generation. You’re just as much of an ***hat as this joker. You also used “bespoke” in a sentence, clownshoes.

        – A disgruntled millenial that contributes to open-source projects.

      2. Peter

        There’s absolutely nothing to imply he’s a millenial…. if he’s not able to figure this out then it’s far more likely he’s not from a generation which grew up tech savvy. Go back to your basement.

        1. Ric

          As the great Philosopher Forest Gump said “Stupid is as Stupid does” stupid knows no ” “‘s neither your age or bank balance, since many are rich cuz of Daddy’s or Grandpa’s money. Trying to get the basics through to some is like asking the paint on your walls to change color. The latter’s more likely than some.

    3. Rah

      🙁 maybe you should not try things above your understanding. Just because it is above your skills does not mean it is pathetic. You should try paying for tv and movies then if you want user friendly easy stuff 😛 aka given to you.

      1. Hugh

        Hay Just maybe we may have purchased this box because we can’t afford the high priced Cable TV,Just Saying

        1. Esmie

          Did you buy the fire stick and tryed programming it yourself? You have to get it broken into as in programmed by someone who has all the stuff on their PC… I have had mine for 2 yrs now and works great..

          1. Bruce

            Actually the fire stick doesn’t need to be broken or rooted. Very minimal skill required, especially with all the youtube videos out there. My biggest issue is all of these people charging as much as they do for 15 minutes of work. Anything more than 70 is a ripoff. I would recommend an android tv box myself. You can customize the launcher and easily add any app that is compatible. Lets not forget that there are much better builds for kodi than the tvaddons build. However the one advantage of the firestick is the rf remote. I haven’t seen any of the more affordable boxes come with a good remote.

          2. PATTY NELSON


            1. Ray Humphries

              Im not the person you asked for but you can get step by step instructions or even video. Just google hiw to istall tv/ movies on kodi. Good luck

            2. Granddaddo

              I’m 70 so don’t use age as an excuse. Here is how I installed Kodi on my PC. A 2nd person with a laptop
              Youtube has many tutorials on this subject. Problem is it goes too fast, so your helper pauses after each step, giving you a chance to execute on your PC. Be patient and take your time. If I can do it so can you.

              1. Lisa Beasley

                Much admiration! I live in a massive retirement community (Villages, FL) and I’m in the process of setting up a couple boxes for seniors. I’m younger (at 50) and am pretty good at tech stuff. I’m loading them to be a little less cluttered and user friendly if possible. I’m the go to person for a growing group of people that have discovered the streaming option. So, I’ve just made the decision to gather a group and have a class. I think it would help them to see a walkthrough instead of letting them learn by trial and error.


                1. Roger

                  I’m in FL also and have a kodi set top box. My issue is all the movies either have foreign subtitles or are in foreign language, How do I get movies in English???

                  1. tom

                    do you have exodus or pheonix installed. most of the films are in english

                2. MENACHEM ROSENBERGER

                  hi lisa! i am a bit older than you: 88!!

            3. RJB


      2. GC

        Ha, yeah I found this to be a fun challenge and now I am reaping the benefits. Goodbye, satellite. Thanks Kodi Tv.

        1. Wendy

          I read your comment and I wondered if you could answere a couple of questions. Why does the stream keep pausing and have to load more of the show. Also, message cache full shows up. What is the cache and how do I get to it to know how to make space.

          1. David

            There are several videos on how to stop buffering on utube also go into setting and and enable zero cache files this might help

          2. Paul l

            You can go zero cache. It is in the advanced settings. Try clicking on providers that give you a good stream. You will learn them in time. If my show stops more than once I change the link right away although I take a quick glance the see how far I am into the show so I can move it up when I start with the new link
            You can click off most of the crappy providers that give bad streams in tools on exodus. Just keep the good ones. You can also shorten the time so your not sitting for 30 seconds waiting for the list. Torba and open scource just try to a avoid clicking on

        2. Sherrita Mitchell

          I’m with you loving it. I found it easier to download and get everything I needed on my tablet and my phone but it was much more challenging on the firestick still working on it when I get through and I have one hell of a build.

        3. josh

          so help me out then because im only finding a few shows here and there, having to sign up for all kinds of sites and 95% of the streams i click on dont work

    4. ctj

      Yup. Why bother with all this bull when it’s easier to just download a torrent.

      1. Bbob

        Streaming from Kodi requires no storage, is on demand, there is no having to upload and share parts of the video, no P2P. It is the next evolution of online video content beyond Torrents. As far as watching videos Kodi is replacing Torrents the same way they replaced Napster back in the day.

        Torrents have their place but can’t be compared to the way Kodi and a good add-on works.

        1. Louie

          streaming video is not such a great deal if internet bandwidth is not free. We travel the country in a motorhome, and internet access is either slow and expensive, or else non-existent. So I prefer to get the content I want when I can find a decent connection and DOWNLOAD it, not just stream it. That way I can watch it later.
          And don’t tell me about satellites either. Half the time the antennas are shadowed by trees, mountains, etc.

          1. Not a fan

            Cool story man. Who cares about your motorhome streaming experience. This is a page about Kodi not your life story.

          2. April

            Louie. I have an option to download the movies on my fire stick to watch later. You may want to look into it.

        2. Jay Roca

          I’m Sorry, Torrents will never be replaced budd, Simple Fact is, Quality!! The 720p Files and (Some, Not all) HD Content on Kodi is Shit!! I pay for the highest tier in internet speed and never have seen a movie buffer, However watching 720p Streaming on a 4k TV is absolutely Horrid. When i can download a 1080p or Higher Copy from Torrent in less time it takes to start up and go through a couple links for Kodi.. Hard drive space doesn’t matter anymore since we live in a world where a Terabyte hard drive is 60 bucks, Not Knocking Kodi in any way, But think about it, Without Torrents and Downloading how Would Kodi Even have a database? Something to think about..

          1. G.G

            OMG..Jay Roca dude!!! Why talk about something you know nothing about? How would Kodi Even have a database? LOL. Kodi has nothing to do with the files/movies/addons. It’s simply an platform/open source software. Please read more on it. It is indeed a great evolution – no download need. I mean it’s still nice to have some external drives with some quality movies/files, etc. But you cannot store or keep up with so much content out there, would cost too much bandwidth to download and cost of those TB drives.. so just do a search online and you’ll see why media streaming devices whether running kodi or not are being sold by thousands each day if not hr. It’s the next best thing bro.

            1. Key

              Lol… G.G, you’re calling Jay Roca, when you know nothing about Kodi, Kodi Add-ons and bandwidth. And its funny that you talk about streams without having a database.. Even online steaming via Kodi cost you same bandwidth if you download same file from some torrent or file sharing site. Kodi is an open source but all of its online content are coming from online databases just like youtube add-on get videos from youtube servers and illegal add-ons have tv shows and movies uploaded on some servers as well.. And online streaming via Kodi is no different than watching shows on some online streaming site like Hulu or Netflix.. So it’s not something new. The only thing is that it’s free, just like torrents or illegal streaming sites. And this whole add-ons database is mostly thanks to torrents.

          2. CodeRogue

            guys (and gals) I can see the luxury of both options here. however, I get tired of all the a$$hat that decide to add viruses to downloadable content, and therefore have opt’d to use KODI and its addons. Granted, there are virus scanning tools to “help” prevent this.
            But I personally am just tired of the constant monitoring and battles with viruses to the
            point I am almost ready to just to a *IX operating system.
            Anyways, that is a whole other topic for a different forum. sorry.

            cheers all!

          3. Mike

            Most torrents are being blocked by ISPs in the uk, so streaming is the way to go.

        3. Patricia Martinez

          I have the mxq4 box with Kodi but it a
          Only works when it wants to I don’t like waiting for it to work it’s frustrating do you know how I can make it work when I want it to?

    5. Righteaousteacopurme

      Kodi owes you nothing, you are the person unable to use it and getting annoyed because you can’t work it out, you are directing your anger at the wrong people.

      1. Sherrita Mitchell

        I love Kodi I’ve been learning how to use it through trial and error and I gotta tell you it’s difficult but I love it it’s worth every second I spend adding other things to it I really enjoy the people who put everything out there because it works

        1. Basemassey

          Hi sherrita
          I’m the same as you, meaning trial and error and I appreciate what I’ve got. My firestick was pre programmed and my mate has moved away so I’ve had to try to do it myself.
          I’ve specifically replied to you as you are the latest post.

        2. HeathaR

          Agreed!! I’m super new to Kodi & Firestick (thank GOD for Google + YouTube lol) & while its def a bit more tech-friendly than I’d expected getting to watch new movies at home while they’re still playing in theaters (most w/out dark shadow people randomly going by the screen!) is pretty cool + saves lots of $! Much to learn but think it’s worth my time figuring it out!??

          1. dese

            I have a question…I downloaded kodi and exodus on my fire stick. no problems. except my hubby says we could be fined for watching the movies (the ones that are new and old) and that it’s illegal….we do have cable (mid-Hudson cable which is expensive and crabby) but I just wanted kodi for the movies …any movies I desire at my fingertips…for free…

      2. Denis

        Produce product which worth to be used… so far I used XBMC for 4 if not more years, and it gets worse.. this is one more nail to so call opensource products, I would be glad to pay for a good support at least…

    6. Angela

      Wow really? If it were all done for you it wouldn’t be free!!! I think most people across the world pay for tv and media access? My suggestion to you is to buy a box that is pre-configured to the kodi system with the addons already installed. Skynet box is what i have well worth the price versus savings

      1. Josh

        I love kodi myself it is great, if people don’t know about builds or how to fully setup kodi, you can download FreeTelly, which is a kodi fork and already has phoenix, and many other add ons already setup, just download the program, launch it in Mac or Windows, no support for Android based platforms yet ) =, click on an add on, browse or search click on your choice an vola, very very user friendly,, if you do not want to setup kodi or builds or just do not know how, this is the best route

    7. aimee

      Lmaoooo kodi is amazing, if you know what you’re doing , can read , and follow basic instruction. It literally take 20 mins to set up and you have endless viewing possibilities

      1. greg

        I would agree if I could figure out how to find the search op on the kodi home page. I have it installed and everything is good I can watch the add ons I have installed but I cannot search for shows

        1. Rossco

          You can search for shows within the add-ons, not on the home page.

      2. Jamie

        I can see the movies but can’t play anything it does the little working circle thingy in bottom rat corner and then just stops, no errors, what did I do wrong?

        1. Sherrita Mitchell

          I might be a little late with this but you have to configure everything once you configure everything you might have to do it one of the time but it will work

      3. chelle

        Hey There.
        I have KODI.
        I am able to watch TV shows and movies that are not in CinemaHow do you watch Live TV and cinema movies?
        I can’t figure that out. .

        1. Angela

          Go to your ad dons I use exodus go to movies and then scroll down to in theaters

    8. Jake

      Found this with my car too. Got in, switched on the engine, kept pressing the things on the floor. Nothing happened. Waste of my time and money – don’t know why made so many. Completely useless…

    9. Yamera

      Be patient, it took me a 30 minutes for 2 weeks every night to get it to work on fire stick but is really good, now I have it in all my devices

      1. Dave

        What was wrong that it took 2 weeks? I ask because I am currently having an issue. I downloaded kodi and the add-one, but when I select a show/movie, it won’t play.

        1. John

          Dave the biggest problem I had when setting up Kodi was that you have research a good add on to use. Istream, Salt and Exodus are great addons that I use and I found all the information on youtube on how to set them up. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. No fire stick or none of that crap. This isn’t a hard program to set up if you just slow down and follow the steps that are given. Once you get a basic understanding of what is going on you’ll be surprised at all the content this little program has to offer.

        2. Big Jeff

          I don’t get all the issued with Kodi. Bottom line..if u have a issue uninstall it and reinstall it’s too simple people. There are thousands of apps out there that show different content from different countries etc smh I program fire sticks computers android boxes even cell phones. It is simple just read a little and the rest will fall in place go to Amazon buy a preconfigured box and work at it

          1. Tasha

            Hey Jeff, I’ve been looking around for a box to use Kodi with but its my understanding that some of these block for you from add-ons like Exodus for obvious reasons… Is there a box I can buy that I will know for sure will allow me to run exodus? Then I can avoid the hdmi cable from my laptop to my tv. I know, first world problems lol! : )

            1. Gabor

              Got a box from for less than $25, free shipping, though it took two weeks to arrive. 4 USB — 1 I use for connecting my Logitech mouse and keyboard receiver, another I use for a USB portable sound card because I am using it with a monitor and not a TV, so I needed a direct connection to my amplifier. You probably do not need this. That site has an abundance of inexpensive units.
              It is already rooted.


      2. Alicia C.

        how do you make it easier to find the add-ons that you have added and to be able to play from them I have been working for a 1 hour every day for the last 2 days. I have all the add-ons but now trying to improve picture quality and the easy of finding the programs?

        1. Big Jeff

          Go to settings appearance click on settings again and u can set short cuts to your favorite apps

    10. Jj

      If you can find anything on kodi you have to be blind cause i cut the cord from cable a year ago and ill never go back at this point. I have seen so many things on kodi it makes me dizzy! Every day all the time i can find something to watch. Like right now the Olympics are on and I’m writing you at the same time. Really if you cant find what your looking for on kodi your doing something wrong. I suggest start over and install in correctly. Good luck.

      1. Navman

        Ur right JJ. Maybe some people They want to be spoon feed like a cry baby.:) Theres a lot to watch in kodi. Ull really get dizzy of so many source to watch on. KODI Is the best for me especially when u know how to used it.:)

    11. George

      I just bought the android box from wal mart installed kodi then started adding add-ons. Now I can watch anything I want at anytime. I have it figured out now I have it on my smart Samsung TV, LG tablet and Samsung note 5. It’s the best program I’ve used by far nothing outhere can compare to it. If I my kids want to watch cartoons from the 80’s they can if I wanna watch any movie right now wether it’s in theaters or a movie from the 70’s I can. You have to understand the way it works before you start trashing it. Yeah you can always download torrents but that takes time versus with kodi I look for what I want to watch and done. Downloading torrents takes time depending on what you have for internet it’s also copyright infringement and if caught they can shut off your wifi or even take you to court. The safest way is streaming you cannot get in trouble for streaming. If you are not good with electronics or understand the way the operating systems work maybe you should just stick to paying for cable.

      1. RJB

        I avoid torrents because of the lawsuit issue. Recently had to write an opinion for a friend to submit when they got sued for and illegal torrent download. The court determined that the existence of a torrent client on the machine plus evidence of download from the ISP gateway was sufficient to decide the case.

    12. JP White

      Once you figure out how to get useful streams you can do cool things like watch movies that are still playing in the cinemas.

      The program isn’t useless, but if it’s too technical for you then fine, move on. Don’t diss the program its very powerful.

    13. Tasha

      You know I am the biggest non tech savvy girl out there. Yet I got on YouTube and followed the instructions step by step and now get to enjoy exodus…. You just need to be patient and follow the steps. It room about 45 minutes to get it all set up from start to finish then I used an hdmi cord from my laptop to my TV then bam! Got it going.

      1. Bogdan

        Hi, to eliminate hdmi cable you could Google cast using Chromecast ( $35)

    14. Spyros

      This comment is absolutely spot on! I had to install Kodi numerous times on various machines so that to use Kodi’s ability to get synopsis and cast information for my local movies (which is handy). I have to read the instructions every single time I do that on how to set it up correctly as it’s not obvious. Once it’s set up it works well but the user experience is so atrocious that it actually justifies the expense of paying a professional subscription service to watch content. A good example is the “Set Content” command which is ambiguous and means nothing to average people.

      Yes, maybe if you’re 15 and have all the time in the world you can laugh about people like David or me who have better things to do than go through Wikis to install a media player.

    15. Shaun

      Ummmm yall must be slow. I been watching kodi for a year now. And i have gone and gotten most off my friend too use it. Works fine for me. If you need help let me know

      1. Gerald

        How do you set up live television? I’ve installed and watching movies and shows like series and seasons, no problem there, but I want live shows like news and local programming. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks…

    16. Dennis Sullivan

      You must have come down with the TCD it’s infectious & once you have it become irritable, ignorant, frustrated & feel the need to Let Everyone Know You Have It as you comment on forums.
      Oh, TCD, it’s “Technologically Challenged Disease” people who have trouble with simple tasks, having to think, using your brain (or in most instances just “Common Sense”) then become Complete Idiots on a forum.
      You are upset bc you installed Kodi then had to Customize it with the many add-ons available. Wow you really are, well, everyone gets the point. So you think if you buy a computer so computer angel knows what programs, software & addons you like they all miraculous get installed & configured so a TCD person as bright as yourself can just press the on button & voila.
      Seriously you truly think that with where technology is today, with all the choices, the devices, software/Apps, plugins, add-ons, IAPs, etc. you want to download One Program push the On Button & everything your pompous ass wants shows up.
      Now that I think of it there are a few things you can achieve exactly what you want. They’re your local Cable or the Satellite TV Providers, by the way, you can either pay your $100-$150/month plus extra for each Major Sport ($100-$350 for each Sport) or & learn how to use today’s devices & technology.

    17. Jo

      I’m afraid yoube installed it incorrectly, I have had Kodi for several months now and get 10x the movie and television show selection that Netflix has…and it’s free…maybe try a different add on, I’ve found Exodus to be the better one.

    18. Big mike

      Learn to use it….. it’s a wonderful you knew how to post your whining complaints…:)

    19. foolishKlown

      Its ok David,
      Go get yourself a comcast TV box, and pay for them to come over and show you how to work the remote. No setup needed, it won’t be hard.

    20. K Mills

      Dude your nuts kodi is the best thing smoking hands down better than cable direct TV and dish network you canto be serious if you couldn’t find anything that work then it was you who messed up not kodi.

    21. DEnis

      I agree with you this is very buggy and confusing piece of software which makes it even worse by provideing so called add-ons, which in most cases can not play a simple stream video from internet sites even if all codecs are installed and there is very little possibility to debug why does it happen like this… meanwhile most popular internet browsers does not have any issue with this…

    22. Andrea

      I ain’t no computer geek. I downloaded and installed KODI, no shows. So then I though (hmmm when all else fails RTFM) read online what to do now. Someting called Exodus was suggested (whatever that is). Followed the instructions, click here click there. OMG its working. I have free TV.

      Now if I can figure out how to install and use Phoenix, I will give that a try. Apparently I don’t have to pick a stream it will do it. Got it installed (took all of 4 minutes) But I’m not getting a choice of episodes…hmmmmm what have I done wrong.

    23. Doc Mike

      I followed the instructions step by step installed it and I’m a chiropractor not a tech guy for computers and kody is awesome I watch stream movies all the time I’ve watched programs on TV everything works fantastic on my laptop, on my tablet and on my smartphone Android. So if you think it’s the worst program ever had a look in the mirror because I think the problems you. Sincerely my reply to you David

    24. frustrated

      why is it so difficult to understand????do you got to go to school for this or what??? simplify the friggen kodi ….15 steps to understand……got to be an easier way

    25. Thomas

      David you just need to use one of the many build out there , you tube videos show how to get and install.
      it is as simple as downloading a zip file , installing zip file and then closing the kodi app.

      Once the above is done , just open kodi and its completely configured and setup with wallpaper , movie addons , tv show addons etc. There is no need to look for shows just go to for example popular shows and you will see a large number of shows to choose from etc. This program is worth the time and does work as expected, would suggest you give it another go.

    26. Josh Rocco

      Your getting every tv show and movie imaginable FOR FREE. My 9 year old son figured it out and had no problem with it. It really couldn’t be much easier. Take a xany an calm the f down bro

    27. SANDRA

      I don’t understand I never used this before and I could’t get the program running right so I youtubed how to uninstall and reinstall kodi and it worked then did the same thing for the addons I was so nervous as didn’t know what I was doing and I have a box on every tv as well as my laptop and tablet it works great and no complaints just give it time and relax it will work and well worth the money.

    28. Benard H Johnson

      your just slow, this takes literally 15 mins to install and have free TV shows, cable and movies, i even watched the Superbowl on Kodi..

    29. Jep

      Install paradox build or some other Bulls for Kodi. And you Will love The user friendly easy to use interface.

    30. Predator

      I think Kodi 16 is a far better interface than 17 but both work fine (only different). Once Exodus is added the system works great and finds all the shows I used to download. No streaming issues at all.

    31. dannielle

      omg , i just got kodi the other day it took me one day to really get the hang of it my biggest problem was that i would put a movie on and it kept buffering every 1-2 minutes so I used my brain and i used google to look up on how to solve the problem or if my internet was to slow….well i watched a youtube video and i followed the instructions which was very easy ! and now i can play movies and it doesn’t buffer anymore ! and I’m serious there are so many things to watch from movies that are in theaters now to old tv shows to new, sports,ppv anything you want . but it takes someone with a working brain with common sense to know how to use it which if you had one you would of been able to use it properly don’t get me wrong i got fustrated and the person who gave me a box with kodi told me i would because there is so much stuff up there! its way better than cable i will never pay for cable again! and i will never have to pay money to big box offices either cuz i can watch it at home for free !!!!!maybe you should buy a brain !

    32. grant

      all you need to do is install kodi 17.1 on your pc, then watch a youtube video (youtube search ‘how to install exodus on kodi 17.1) then install exodus’ (the only add on you need to watch tv and movies) then watch a youtube video on ‘how to set up downloads and download using exodus’. once your downloads are on your pc copy them to a usb flash drive and watch them on your flatscreen smart tv or just watch them with the built in kodi player. i am computer illiterate and i did it. You do have to enable downloads in kodi settings and select a download folder (i created a folder on my desktop specifically for exodus)

    33. Christina Wharton

      This is what you have to do if you don’t want to pay someone to program it for you.


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