Amazon Releases New Fire TV Box

By | September 23, 2015

Amazon has released a lot of new products this month along with a new Fire TV.
The original Fire TV was released in April of 2014.
Biggest Upgrade
Amazon has added a few upgrades to the Fire TV hardware with the CPU being the biggest.
The old CPU was a 1.7 GHz Snap Dragon 600 while the new CPU is a Dual Core1.989 GHz Cortex A72, A53.
The faster CPU along with dual cores will definitely improve the performance of the Fire TV.
Other Upgrades
The new 802.11ac protocol that works in the 5 GHz range has been added to the new Fire TV.
This is good news for those who want the fast WiFi speeds 802.11ac can provide.
The old 2.4 GHz wireless-N can still be used as it is backward compatible.
They have also included Amazons voice assistant Alexa, 4K Ultra HD video streaming, and a new gaming controller.


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