Android Galaxy S2 with monitor mode, wash, and a terminal window. Hacking with a Smartphone and Bcmon app.

By | February 23, 2014

There is a program out called Bcmon that will allow monitor mode, wash, and a terminal window on a android device, how cool is it to be able to do wireless penetration testing from your Smartphone.
The way it works is most smart phones actually contain wireless chipsets that can be put into monitor mode and do everything a capable USB adapter can do. The problem has been the drivers, manufactures have never coded the drivers to enable this. Bcmon has re-coded the drivers to take advantage of the full potential the built in wireless has.
Bcmon isn’t plug and play there is some hurdles but depending on your ability this may not be that bad. First the phone will have to be rooted then cyanogenmod 9 or higher installed. After that Bcmon.APK copied to the phone and installed.
Also Bcmon hasn’t been tested on many devices. In the video I used a Samsung galaxy S2 which is listed as being compatible with Bcmon. Here is the Bcmon page,

11 thoughts on “Android Galaxy S2 with monitor mode, wash, and a terminal window. Hacking with a Smartphone and Bcmon app.

  1. Hmada

    Is it possible to run Alfa awus036h Rtl3070 on a programwifi pcap capture
    This software supports all phones

  2. aj

    Hello can you pleas tell stap by stap process to install monter mode in Samsung galaxy s2 t989

  3. asad

    I am using Android s2 gti9100 for wifi hacking bcmon apk and terminal emulator apk best things for hacking using commands (airodump-ng wlan0) aireplay-ng wlan0 aircrack-ng wlan0

  4. Jiwan thapa

    How to to connect tplink wn722n to android using otg and also supply power

  5. Suraj

    Hello Sir
    Your posted video of alfa 1 was very help full . I have some question for regarding Model Alfa AWUS036NHV 802.11n High Power 5000mW Wireless-N USB Wi-Fi adapter. i think it more long distance adopter.
    I have Android KitKat mobile with Pcap Capture.
    1.What is its range of coverage in meters?
    2.Can I use it on my mobile if power requirement fullfill by haking mobile battery or using usb cable hack?
    3.Can I create hotspot if one Alfa adopter connected to android KK mobile make long coverage and another Alfa adopter connected to different mobile use and connected to first Alfa WiFi hotspot thus both Alfa make long distance network?
    4. also i have other product options like TP-LINK TL-WN822N 300Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter, TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter
    Can it is work
    thank you.

  6. nand

    When I type airmon-ng nothing happens. I am using a aplha awus036h and kali does not see it.

  7. Malaynese

    I did this on my S2 and it is awsome. I just hope they code more drivers for more phones.


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