Our Picks for Best Octa Core Android Streaming TV Boxes

By | December 29, 2015

Best Octa Core Android Streaming TV Boxes

Having a small android box to stream content to your TV is one of those things everyone should have.
From cable cord-cutters to simply wanting a better TV experience there are many options to choose from.
There have been a introduction of a barrage of small android TV boxes these last few years.
Starting with the Dual Core and currently the popular Quad Core option, Octa Core boxes have began to be introduced.
As with any android box what is planned to be done with it, along with internal network setup will always need to be taken into account.
For example I install Kodi into all my android boxes and is mainly what I use it for.
Someone else may want to use Hulu, Netflix or simply want to use the internet from their TV.
Our Picks for Best Octa Core Android Streaming TV Boxes

The Idroidnation I-Box has a RK3368 Octa Core Cortex A53 CPU along with 2GB RAM and 8GB Internal storage.
It can handle H.264/H.265, 4k with 3d, as well as 1080P with no problems.
Bluetooth is built-in along with other features such a DLNA/Miracast and dual band WiFi.
Kodi comes pre-installed along with many other popular apps.
For a Full Review On The Idroidnation I-Box Read Here
The Zidoo X6 Pro comes with a RK 3368 Octa Core CPU, Power VR 6110 GPU, 2GB DDR3 Ram and 16GB Flash Storage
It is a nice box and can fit nicely into any entertainment system. It can also play most anything thrown at it from 4K to H.265.
Best TOP Octa Core Android Streaming Device Box 11
The outputs are standard with HDMI for video and along with two USB ports, composite video audio, and TF card slot.
Best Octa Core Android Streaming TV Boxes 777
It also comes with a fully loaded Kodi install ready to stream online content.
Best Octa Core Android Streaming TV Boxes KOdi 222
MobieA mobiecube Ultra A80 Octa Core Android streaming TV Box Media Player Watch Online Movies with XBMC/KODI
Octa Core Android Streaming TV Boxes For Kodi Media Center
The Mobiecube comes with everything you would expect from a android TV box along with Kodi and add-ons pre-installed.
Having a 8 Core capable android TV box may not be needed by everyone and many could simple use a Quad Core.
With that said having a fast box for the best TV streaming is nice to have along with future upgradability as new software is introduced.
As with anything be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere. Android TV boxes may not be for everyone there is always a degree of technical knowledge that many don’t understand.

4 thoughts on “Our Picks for Best Octa Core Android Streaming TV Boxes

  1. James

    Hi all,

    Which tv box would be best to go with a Sanyo PLC-XU116 Projector? the projector is a bit older so doesn’t have hdmi.

    Details of projector:

    Contrast(Full On/Off): 1,000:1
    Auto Iris: No
    Native Resolution: 1024×768
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (XGA)

    Video Modes: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60
    480p, 480i
    Data Modes: MAX 1920×1200

    Digital Inputs: DVI-I (HDCP)
    HDBaseT: No

  2. NoSunBeach

    I need to attach a Yagi antenna to mine to get access to a hotspot across the street so need one with an external removable antenna. Also, need one with WAP (Wifi Access Point) that shares that wifi inside my place. Many have these two features, but none of these seem to . Ideally want Octa core and Lolipop 5.1, but given that I’m connecting to a hotspot, am I going to benefit from the faster box?

    1. Bob

      Trying to stream video content over WiFi within a house can be challenging at times, from across the street would be almost monumental. A Yagi antenna would be good at receiving a signal but cannot transmit back so when you click a link nothing will happen. A better option would be a outdoor WiFi range extender such as Ubiquiti which allows you to keep adding small units to a wireless network to extend it. Here is a link for more http://www.wirelesshack.org/top-outdoor-wifi-range-extenders-2016.html

      I would test out Kodi and the network with a laptop for free first before investing in a android box.

    2. Jason

      Just make a cantenna and use an old router as an access point, connecting it to the router across the street… connecting a yagi or cantenna, or any external antenna for that matter would be a pain in the ass and would most likely really hurt performance more than anything. Also, you would need a very short feedline to the antenna too, as the android boxes wifi is EXTREMELY low power and any feedline losses would screw you big time.

      better to just use an old router that has an external antenna port (sma, tnc) with a cantenna as an access point..


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