Best WatchSeries Alternatives 2022

By | July 25, 2022

Best WatchSeries Alternatives July 2022

WatchSeries is a very popular website for streaming movies and TV shows, but there are other sources.

Many alternatives to WatchSeries have been taken down since the content they provide is in a legal grey area.

There are many good alternatives, but due to the nature of the website, they will be working one day and down the next.

One such alternative is a good Kodi add-on which will search online for website links to a video and try to find a working one.

If a link is taken down, simply go through a list of links until a good one is found.

Some current top Kodi add-ons include The Crew, The Promise, and many more.

See here for a full list of the best Kodi add-ons.

Another option is to use legit free services, which work very well and won’t go down.

While the legit free websites don’t have the latest movies and TV shows, it can be surprising what they do have.

Best WatchSeries Alternatives 2022

  1. Tubi TV
  2. Best IPTV Service Providers 2020 Tubi TV
    Tubi TV is a great WatchSeries alternative with lots of content to stream, and best of all, it is free and legal.

    The downside is it doesn’t have the latest movies and TV shows, but it does have lots of videos and TV shows to find something to watch.

    While free services will not have the latest content, it can be surprising what they do have.

    Tubi TV can be set up on almost any device, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

    Click here for Tubi TV Website

  3. Roku Channel
  4. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites Roku Channel
    Roku is best known for its streaming media devices but also has a free streaming video service.

    A Roku device is not required, with anybody able to watch and play videos from their library for free.

    They have a lot of sections, including Movies, TV shows, Relax and Stream, What’s Cooking, Summer Travels, News, and more.

    Click Here for Roku Channel Website

  5. Pluto TV
  6. What is The Best Online Alternative to Cable TV Pluto TV
    Pluto TV is a very good free online movie and TV show source that is similar to Tubi TV but with different content.

    Like Tubi TV, they don’t have the newest movies or TV shows but are loaded with content that is free and legal to watch.

    It has a TV guide interface to show what is available with 1-click to play a stream.

    The On-Demand section has videos that can be watched anytime, along with play/pause options.

    Pluto TV can be watched from a computer and has apps for smartphones, and even works with the Fire TV Stick.

    Click here for Pluto TV Website

  7. Popcorn Flix

  8. Popcorn Flix is another longtime favorite for many people, with more than 1,500 movies that can be found on this site.

    They have many popular classics and more recent films.

    If you are having trouble finding something to watch, scroll down to their staff picks, and you will find some great recommendations.

    Click Here for Popcorn Flix Website

  9. Hoopla
  10. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites hoopla
    Hoopla is different than the services mentioned so far as they stream from your local library services.

    If you have a library card from your local library and they participate you’ll have the ability to borrow movies TV shows audiobooks and other content from the comfort of your home.

    Their selection does change periodically and some titles are only available for a limited time.

    Click Here for Hoopla Website

  11. Kanopy
  12. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites Kanopy
    Kanopy is another free service that, like Hoopla, requires a library card to stream videos.

    They offer a large selection with a heavy focus on independent and classic films.

    A library card is required to sign up.

    Click Here for Kanopy Website

  13. VUDU
  14. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites VuDu
    VUDU is a free streaming service that has a lot of content to choose from, including Movies, TV, Comedy, Horror, Family, Action-Adventure, and more.

    You will have to register an email address, and commercials play periodically, but it is free.

    Signing up is quick and easy, and the commercials usually last only 15 seconds.

    Click Here for VUDU Website

  15. IMDB TV
  16. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites IMDB TV
    IMDB is known best for its movie database and user reviews on movies and TV shows, but it also now has a streaming service.

    IMDB TV is a free movie and TV show provider.

    It is supported by ads and requires signup with an email address.

    Click Here for IMDB TV Website

  17. YouTube
  18. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites YouTube
    YouTube is often overlooked as a source of movies and TV shows but has a huge collection of videos.

    Movies and TV shows uploaded by users need to pass the algorithm looking to take them down, so they will often change the titles.

    Typing in a movie name plus Full-Length-Film in the search box will usually bring videos that can be watched.

    Click Here for YouTube Website

  19. Veoh
  20. Best Free Online Movie and TV Streaming Websites Veoh
    Veoh, much like YouTube, has user-uploaded content.

    They have many sections and categories along with older movies and TV shows.

    Click Here for Veoh Website

  21. Crackle
  22. Best Free Live IPTV Legal Services for Watching TV Shows and Movies 2020 Crackle
    Crackle is another source of free movies and TV shows with a huge video library.

    It has a lot of classics such as All In The Family, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Barney Miller, Fantasy Island, Bewitched, Charlie’s Angles, and much more.

    It also has many newer TV shows such as Dr. Ken, Just Shoot Me, Men at Work, Rosanne, and more.

    The movie section has a lot of classics mixed in with newer 2000-2010 releases such as Anaconda, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Chappie, and much more.

    Crackle Website



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