Our Picks: Best Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet Outdoor On Off Switch

By | September 8, 2015

Best Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet Outdoor On Off Switch

Ever need to control a 120 volt powered electronics with a remote control, than the SVAT WRC101 wireless remote controlled power outlet may be for you.
SVAT WRC101 plugs into a existing AC outlet. The 120 Volts AC is than controlled by it and activated on or off with a remote.
There are many uses for such a wireless AC controller such as Christmas lights or possibly a dark basement that needs a easier light switch.
Whatever it is needed for it is a easy way to control a AC outlet from a distance wireless.
It can control up to 10A 1200W of current.
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Nyrius WRC101 Wireless Remote Control Home Automation Power Outlet Outdoor On/Off Switch with 100 Feet Range


One thought on “Our Picks: Best Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet Outdoor On Off Switch

  1. The Old One

    I see a lot of problems with what is shown above as the “BEST”. I have to begin with, “Give me a break!” Why? There is only one product above that includes multiple outlets. Secondly, without reading I do not know honest, but how many can be used outdoors in rain and snow? I put up a lot of Christmas light and I want to cover about 3 acres with lights and do not want all lit at one time. I want remote control outlets that go outdoors in rain and snow, further I want timer control and hand control. I want to put a triple tap in an outlet so that with that outlet, I can control multiple pieces. I want all of this built in the U.S. and further, when I make my purchase, I want to be able to set frequencies from A to Z. The manufacturers of these products quite simply have their heads where the sun does not shine. I have cried out loud now for several years asking for multiple frequencies and the ability to select the frequencies I want. Go out there and try to buy that, as a starter. Let me give you a really good example, in fact, two of them: Harbor Freight offers a driveway alert system at very reasonable prices anywhere from $9.00 up. When they first offered these, they offered several different frequencies and actually printed the frequency on the package and on the product. Very intelligent move. Then some genius probably in HQ, decided they could save money by just offering one frequency and did not indicate which frequency it was. I called the home office and attempted to explain the situation telling them that beyond driveway alert, I have 15 acres and if someone crosses onto my property, I want to know where and using their driveway alerts on different frequencies, I could do exactly that until they went to a single frequency. The genius on the other end of the phone replied, “I do not understand sir. Your driveway covers 15 acres?” At that point I apologized for waking him up and hung up. That was about four years ago and they still are on one unknown frequency. Last year, actually a couple of years or so ago, I purchased a set of three outlets with a transmitter controller for the outlets. I broached the idea of multiple frequencies with the local store manager and he thought it an excellent idea. These units were “Master Electrician”. Last year, the first set I had purchased failed in the transmitter, so I now have a set of three outlets but no transmitter. I call Menards HQ and asked a simple question, are they all manufactured on one frequency or are different sets on different frequencies and was told, “All are on same frequencies.” Well, thought I, that is fine as now I can a new transmitter for the set that failed plus three more outlets and can control all with new transmitter, so I purchased a new set. I got home, unpacked them and set them up, all six of them. I picked up the transmitter and quickly learned the new transmitter controlled one set of three outlets and would not touch the first three, therefore obviously all are on different frequencies up to a point. Problem: no indication as to which frequency each set is on. How unthinking “Master Electrician” company is. Perhaps they should change their name to something else. So, “Master Electrician” has the right idea with different frequencies but they flat out refuse to indicate what the frequencies are. Hey, I do not care about specific numbers, call them A, B, C, and so forth, or Frequency1, Frequency 2 and so forth, just so we all know what the indication is so when we want different ones we can get them or we want the same ones, we can get those. Oh well, maybe some year, the world of manufacturers making remote control outlets will wake up to the flood of business setting in front of them begging and being ignored. So, when anyone or any company or any website “claims” to have found the “BEST” outdoor remote outlet controls, they will have all we have called out above in what we had to say. So far, I believe there are none on the market that would come close to us calling them “The Best” relative to outdoor remote outlet controls. IF anyone finds some that meet what we had to say, please, let us know and we will buy several! Thanks! And by the way, we are just saying it as it is and not attempting to offend anyone but until a product meets all demands, they cannot even begin to be called, “The Best”.


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