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What to Look For in a KODI Android TV Box

Android TV boxes have become the go to devices for home media centers, and with many users finding how nice Kodi can be the two have become very popular. Many android TV boxes now come fully loaded with Kodi installed along with all the popular add-ons. This makes them great items to have to watch all your favorite… Read More »

PimeWire Blocking Kodi Add-ons from Servers

Pimewire seems to have started blocking Kodi from using their servers giving out a error that says… “Want to continue watching movies? Go toPrimeWire. Thank you. A picture of Leonardo Dicaprio is shown along with the short video. This is affecting any Kodi add-on that uses as a source for videos. 1Channel has been hit hard since… Read More »

Review: EM95 64Bit Amlogic S905 Quad Core KODI Box

Many Kodi box manufactures have began to introduce the S905 into their machines which performs better than the S805/S802 chips.   To see the performance gain from a S805 to a S905 read here.   As with any new generations of faster systems the S905 will no doubt slowly replace the low-to-mid range Kodi boxes currently out there.… Read More »

The Best KODI Boxes with Overview and Reviews

Kodi hardware boxes come in all shapes and sizes along with CPU, RAM, and internal storage. Sorting through the many hardware boxes can become overwhelming as Kodi has become so popular. Things to Look for When Buying a Kodi Box CPU Speed Android TV boxes are the most common hardware used for Kodi. The most common processors used… Read More »

Kodi Media Center Hardware Remote Control Options

Once a Kodi media center is up and running most people begin to look for options they have for input devices other than a basic mouse or keyboard. Mainly remote controls that can control Kodi like you would a standard TV. These come in many different styles and layouts from small wireless keyboard/mouse combos to standard remote controls.… Read More »

Our Picks for 802.11ac Android TV Boxes

Android TV Boxes have become widely used thanks to the many features they can give a user.   Even though many can play games, check email, and surf the internet most use them to stream videos to their TVs.   Popular streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix are used with Kodi becoming very popular.   One of… Read More »