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The Best Fully Loaded KODI BOX Reviews

Kodi hardware boxes come in all shapes and sizes along with CPU, RAM, and internal storage.   Sorting through the many hardware boxes can become overwhelming as Kodi has become so popular.     Things to Look for When Buying a Kodi Box.   CPU Speed Android TV boxes are the most common hardware used for Kodi.  … Read More »

What Is The Best Streaming Device of 2016?

With so many options for streaming which one should you go for?   Here we go through the features of the top streaming devices of 2016, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Apple TV 4th generation, Roku 4 and Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition.   Kicking things off is the Nvidia Shield and I have to give Nvidia props here,… Read More »

Kodi Media Center Hardware Remote Control Options

Once a Kodi media center is up and running most people begin to look for options they have for input devices other than a basic mouse or keyboard. Mainly remote controls that can control Kodi like you would a standard TV. These come in many different styles and layouts from small wireless keyboard/mouse combos to standard remote controls.… Read More »

Our Picks for 802.11ac Android TV Boxes

Android TV Boxes have become widely used thanks to the many features they can give a user.   Even though many can play games, check email, and surf the internet most use them to stream videos to their TVs.   Popular streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix are used with Kodi becoming very popular.   One of… Read More »

2016 2017 2018 2019 Kodi Top Addon Polls

  Poll July 2019 Which Kodi Addon is the Best July 2019? Exodus Redux Magic Dragon Numbers Tempest Tubi TV Scrubs V2 Nole Cinema Release BB Loki Movie Theater Butter Destiny Limitless Genesis IT Daja Vu TEMPTV Firefly Other Poll June 2019 Which Kodi Addon is the Best June 2019? Exodus Redux Yoda Magic Dragon 13… Read More »