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Our Picks for Top Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kits

If you’re looking to get started with a Raspberry Pi project but don’t want to buy all the components individually, there are many starter kits that come with everything needed to get started.   These kits will include Wi-Fi dongle’s, microSD cards, HDMI cables, power supply, case, and of course the Raspberry Pi 2 model B.   Some… Read More »

Raspberry Pi Compatible WiFi Adapter / Dongles

A wireless dongle will make your Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi capable, but only certain wireless adapters work with the Raspberry Pi.   What makes a Wi-Fi dongle compatible with a Raspberry Pi is the chipset that it uses. There are two chipsets that stand out as the most commonly used and popular.   1…RTL8188CUS Chipset 2…Ralink RT5370 Chipset  … Read More »

What Can You Do With a Raspberry Pi?

The users of Raspberry Pi are becoming numerous as it is a versatile, cheap, basic computer that can be coded to do many things from a security system to a media player, and the list keeps growing.   New ideas and projects are added daily as new ideas for the Raspberry Pi are thought of and made possible… Read More »

Raspberry Pi Comparison and Model Differences

  Raspberry Pi is the favorite small hobby computer that can also be made into real-world projects and has been evolving into better configurations and versions of itself.     The original Raspberry Pi unit was based on the Broad-com BCM2835 and included a ARM 700 MHz processor with 256 Mb of Ram.   The newest version Raspberry… Read More »