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How to Add Wireless WiFi to a USB Printer

Adding WiFi support to a USB printer can be done with a wireless USB print server.   A USB wireless print server connects to a printer via USB than transmits to any computer, tablet, smartphone.   These are ideal for homes and business that have multiple devices that need to print.   Buying a wireless printer is also… Read More »

Our Picks for Top Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are two types of headphones that are used to control sound. They are called noise isolation and noise cancellation or canceling. These often get confused with each other where one tries to minimize the amount of sound that gets through to your ear the other uses technology.   Noise isolation headphones use a tight seal around the… Read More »

Wireless HDMI WiFi TV Transmitters 2015

Wireless HDMI is a great way to stream all your favorite online content such as HULU, Netflix, or YouTube straight to your TV.   Being able to stream content from a laptop, smartphone, or desktop without wires comes in handy and mess free from all the usual cabling.   A wireless HDMI adapter works by connecting the HDMI… Read More »

Wireless Flash Drive Overview

  Flash drives have come a long way since being introduced 2001, not only have the sizes become larger but the prices have fallen drastically.   And now the newest evolution of flash drives is they can be wireless.   These new wifi flash drives can talk to any wireless device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop… Read More »

Review: D-Link DCS-930L Wireless-N Network Camera

A wireless network camera can display real time images from a home or business. These cameras often called IP cameras are connected to your home wifi or Ethernet and than transmit images to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop when on the go.   These cameras can come on the cheap with basic functions to expensive ones having night… Read More »