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Crack a WPA WPA 2 encypted router with reaver

There is a new tool to use with Backtrack/Kali Linux for Pen Testers called Reaver which is a great little tool. Reaver will crack a WPA/WPA2 encrypted router within ten hours. On the Reaver page it says two to ten hours. Here is the page   Anyone who has ever tried to capture the password of a WPA… Read More »

WPA Capture

Disclaimer: All information on this site is for testing and educational purposes only; for use by network security administrators or testing the security of your own wireless connection.   Using the Netgear WG111 V2 to capture WPA/WPA2 with Backtrack 5.             Using the Alfa AWUS036H USB adapter to capture WPA/WPA2 with Backtrack 5.… Read More »

Backtrack 5 VMware and ISO installation

Backtrack 5 requires a USB wireless adapter to do wireless penetration testing. A built in adapter will not work. For Backtrack compatible USB wireless adapters Click Here to see Backtrack Compatible USB Adapters   Backtrack 5 installation is fairly straight forward. There is two main ways Backtrack can be installed VMware ISO The first way to install Backtrack… Read More »