Credit card RFID and cell phone wireless signal jammers

By | February 3, 2015

Hackers at a security conference showed how easily a RFID chip embedded in credit cards and passports are easily read by simply sitting in a crowded area and recording the data as people walk by.

They showed how this can be done easily by buying a RFID credit card reader on eBay for less than $20 dollars.

To show this volunteers where invited on stage and there credit card information was displayed on the overhead screen. Without them even removing there wallets or purses. The announcer jokenly looked at them and said “You where planing on canceling your credit cards anyways right?”
Here is a short-clip about RFID chips in credit cards

With this emerging threat, and to counter this, wallet sized Wireless Signal Blockers are starting to become popular protect data on credit cards and smartphones.
They not only protect credit cards but also cell phones which are fast becoming targets by black-hat hackers looking for data. If a cell phone is place in one of these shielding pouches it effectively goes off the grid and no signal from Wi-Fi or cell tower can talk to it.
This effectively shuts down any attempt at trying to hack a cell phone.
As for credit cards, debit cards, or passports that have RFID embedded in them the signal blockers will block any attempt at reading the information contained in them.
Since they block any wireless signal they also block the radiation some people are worried about when it comes to modern cell phones.

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