Fitbit USB Dongle: How To Sync with a Computer and View Data

By | June 2, 2015

Setting up fitbit and viewing all your collected data on a PC or Mac is a straight forward task with the install manager called Fitbit Connect.
First be sure to have a fitbit USB dongle.
If yours has become lost, broken, or you simply want your fitbit data on more than one computer than they are cheap to buy on Amazon or eBay.
How to Sync a fitbit USB Dongle to a PC or Mac
Go to fitbit and click the Download Here button, and download the installer.
fitbit USB Dongle How To Sync with a Computer and view data
Agree with the User Terms Agreement and click Install.
how to sync a usb dongle with fitbit
Plug in your fitbit USB Dongle and the Fitbit Connect installer will automatically begin to sync.
fitbit USB Dongle How To Sync with a mac and view data
Once it is done click on Set Up a New Fitbit Device.
sync a fitbit usb dongle with a PC
At this point if you have a fitbit account use it with Existing User or create a account with New to Fitbit.
fitbit dongle computer conection
After logging in select your device.
fitbit usb dongle setup
The installer will ask to turn on your fitbit device and press and hold the button for 3 seconds.
fitbit usb dongle computer installation
It will search for a charge than ask for numbers to be entered that are displayed on your fitbit device.
fitbit a pc computer setup
You should now be connected a be able to go to your dashboard.

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