How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on XvBMC Repo

By | May 1, 2018

How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on
UPDATE: XvBMC Repo Has Shut Down
Covenant is a Kodi addon based on the popular Exodus code.
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Overview
Covenant has sections for Movies and TV Shows and is a Fork of the once popular Genesis and Exodus addons.
The developers shut down the original Repo Colossus and will not push out any new updates.
A new Repo called XvBMC currently has it available with the steps below for how to install it.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
* has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.
Name: XvBMC Repository

How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using XvBMC Repo
1… At the top left click the System Settings Icon

2… Click File Manager

3… On the left click Add Source
How To Install Kodi 17-17.6 Addons and Builds Step 3
4… Click where it says NONE
How to Install Flixnet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton step 4
5… Enter the URL:

6… In the next box down name it xvbmc and click OK
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 6
7… Double Check everything is correct and click OK

8… Go back to Main Menu and click add-ons
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 8
9… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 9
10… Install from zip file
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 10
11… A box will slide open find xvbmc and click it
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 11
12… Click
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 12
13… Wait for the top right to popup xvbmc Repository Installed
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 13
14… Click Install from repository
How To Install Smash Repository Kodi 17 Krypton step 1515
15… Click XvBMC (Add-ons) REPOsitory

16… Video Addons

17… Find and click Covenant
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 17
18… Click Install
How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Colossal New Repo Step 18
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183 thoughts on “How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on XvBMC Repo

  1. Master

    This REPO is taken offline cause BREIN network in holland.
    Please everyone keep sharing this will keep it alive and they will not win

  2. Clara Joyce Johnson

    Covenant is not working. When I clicked install from zip file , I was not able to proceed because the file name did not come up so I could not go any further.

  3. R Osborn

    Tried to load this put in as per instructions got to zip file,clicked but it wouldn’t move to download zip file ,I’m obviously doing something wrong
    I made sure I enabled from any source

    1. Danielle

      Having the same problem. Did you figure out how to move forward? I’ve repeated the step 3 times now.

  4. Bobbiann

    My folder in “install from zip” is blank, nothing to click on and install.



    1. Doko

      Try an alternative Kodi add-on such as Incursion or Placenta.

      These are both continued versions of Cocensnt, so they should feel the same but better.

  6. Some Body

    It works, just that a lot of the streams aren’t working. I disabled Kodi (Was working fine) to install this as I get a lot of “No streams” with a lot of the streams I use. It installed fine but when I try to watch something I still get a lot of streams that are found but attempting to use any of them usually ends up with the “No streams” message.

    1. JC

      I read recently that Covenant is shut down, or that shutdown is in progress. Not sure why the author still has it listed as “one of the best.” Used to be. Not anymore.

        1. Peter

          XVBMC repo is still working and Covenant still one of the best addons to have.

  7. Davis

    When trying to download convenant it keeps saying failed to install a dependency. What does that mean??

  8. Julls

    I downloaded the repo and see a bunch of other video add-pns but no Covenant. It already happened with two other repos that have movie add-ons. Is it possible that Bell (my internet provider) is restricting them somehow? I find it hard to believe that I managed to see Carpool Karaoke but not Covenant, and it hapened three times in a row…

  9. Lauren Marcus

    Covenant just stopped working this evening. When I select TV and Networks, most of the channels no longer work. Everything was fine yesterday. . .any news?

  10. sander de hoogebomen

    does not work any more have ask XvBMC on there you tube channel if they stop supporting the addon no response think they quite the addon


      Mine is still working; I updated Kodi and then updated to install Covenant and it has been working since, which was about a month ago. I watched movies all day yesterday and today I checked to see and they are playing just fine.


        FYI, also Primewire (installed from TKNorris) is working for me, as well as Covenant.

  11. LA

    Thank you for your instructions. I installed, but do not see on Kodi. Do I need to unplug my amazon fire stick and put in again? Or is there an extra step to see it with the other add-ons (Exodus etc.). Thanks again!

  12. freakqnc

    Links are not coming up as much as they didn’t before. This is likely due to many factors. Putlocker for instance closed for good (the last I’ve heard) and many other providers might be going the same direction. There is no telling if and when anything will get back online since the main dev who was maintaining the urlresolver has ceased and desisted after receiving a legal warning from the big entertainment corps.

    Maybe in time even they will realize what a mistake it is to treat Kodi Addons as it relates to video much like they treated Napster as it related to music. Eventually iTunes proved they were wrong going the lawsuit way rather than leveraging the new technology as a platform and turn it into a consumer service provided at low cost fees like Google Music is today which now gives subscribers access to all music one may wants to listen to for 10 bucks/mo. I wonder if we’ll ever see something similar for video… and no, Netpricks, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Youtube Red, and the myriad other big and small “gated providers” aren’t such “universal access” option…

    Maybe they will all stop feeding their own greed and their armies of lawyers and finally come to their senses, realizing the potential revenue they are losing by acting in the narrow minded and business un-savvy manner in which they are behaving at the moment… And they even have a precedent proving that… much like the iTunes revenue loss they all incurred into when they didn’t join forces and spent time and money to create a shared iTunes they would own (now they must pay apple) rather than each pumping money into law firms’ pockets one lawsuits after another and wasting even more money with DRM development.

    They still can’t see the forest ahead of them because of the single tree branch in front of their eyes. Just sad.

  13. Marc

    Convenant isn’t working like it should… Hardly any streams, imdb list isn’t available anymore??

    Sorry but this is one of the most disappointing add ons i have had… where is the time of stable exodus… pfff

  14. Aimee

    I downloaded this version and I’m still only getting 5 link options for any tv show I’m trying to watch. Half of them are gvideo links too that don’t work anymore. Is this happening to anyone else?

    1. Petros

      it has been doing the same to me for the past 2 days. The sources have disappeared for some reason and indeed this has happened on the TV Shows it does not apply for the movies section. I guess there is something going on involving the source providers. I think I will not be making any changes for a while and wait for a couple of weeks to see if something comes up or if the issue is resolved. If there is someone out there that already had this issue and found a fix please let us know!!!

    2. twa96

      Same thing is happening to me although I think it’s across all add-ons. I only use Trakt for my tv and movies and was speedy gonzalozing my way through the Mission Impossible tv serious. Only have 5 episodes left for s4 and now it only shows at most 10 sources that are hopeless.

      Gorillavid, which was the only source I ever used, has disappeared completely. Gvideo worked for one day and has also disappeared.

      Noticed this all started after the url resolver has been updated.

      I have tried Covenant, Neptune Rising and Genesis Reborn. Also using vpn which I know is not the problem.

      1. Sarah

        Thank you for posting this. I thought it was just me and was getting super frustrated.

    3. Pete

      I’m having the same problems with TV series; only 5 links & getting “no stream available” when trying to connect. I’m using IPvanish… anybody got any ideas??

  15. wayne

    thanks so much spent ages trying but followed your link thankyou for hours of entertainment

    1. Icten

      Hi there I am having the smae problem and I could really use some help here.. Do you have any ideas for me?

  16. jay

    Just go Amazon fire stick in from cyber Monday and loaded covenant like you said working wonderfully. Thank you

  17. Greg S.

    My Covenant works fine before, but all of sudden stops working and prompts ‘no stream available’. I follow your update and it works again. Thanks

  18. Paul

    Its gone already.
    I never shouldve deleted it. I checked every repo that was hiding it. Now its gone. Everytime you guys post the links they get shutdown.

    You need RealDebrid or Premuimize accounts, paid accounts to get the streams to work. Even now they only have a few. Blame Trump for scrapping net neutrality, blame MPAA for threatening the addon developers, and blame google for the 900 websites that were hosting the streams for your movies on covenant.

    Donate to so the addons will come back. Write to your senators about net neutrality and the Mpaa. Thanks jsergio tknorris and the rest of you.

    1. Charles Mynard

      Hey, I just wanted to let you know it isnt gone already. I just got an amazon firestick on cyber monday and it just came in today (11/29/2017) and I followed this guide and things are streaming fine. I didn’t have any issues finding a repo that worked, the one listed was fine.

  19. Ingrid

    I have Covenant installed already from Ares wizard. Do I have to uninstall it before downloading this version?

    1. Ingrid

      It didnt work for me . The zip file does not exist. Path not found or invalid.

  20. Crys

    Thank you!!! I’ve tried about seven different ones and this is the only one that worked for me. You’re awesome!!!!!

  21. Rokim

    I have installed all the addons that work also my URLResolver is up to date I get the movies and streams for the movies an tv in covenant but it will not play the stream it will start and skip streams but never start
    I have kodi last version of it does any body know why this is

  22. Steven

    When I try to download anything I get “stream not available message”… in covenant and genesis reborn

    Any help much appreciated

  23. Heidi

    I followed the instructions all the way up to #18 where you go in covenant. There’s no install option. Only uninstall. Did it install by automatically? Am I missing something?

      1. Alice

        I totally uninstalled covenant, and reinstalled it. Not working great, but it is working.

  24. melissa Messenger

    There aren’t tv shows in covenant anymore. Movies are fine but just dots and no information available for tv shows

  25. mindi

    Wow, ty sooo much!!! I’ve been trying to get the latest since exodus went down and have been w/o my dragonbox for over a month! I’ve been trying to Google fixes with No luck until now. Thanks again, is there somewhere in can follow ur site for updates? ? (I.e url, email, fb,ect…)?

    1. Jonny

      How is it working for you? I’ve got it giving me 35 streams and why everyone I open. Doesn’t show me any picture? Any advice

  26. Wil

    I tried this and at first it appears to work but when I finally get to the point of launching it just stops and will not launch. I’m guessing this version is dead as well.

    1. Katelynn

      Because instead of clicking the zip file click the tab above! That step confused me to

  27. Mike Knox

    Have installed both Poseidon and Covenant. In both cases the TV downloads work fine but the Movie function does not bring in any titles. In Movies I get the options about Genre , year etc but when I click on any of them I get a blank return. I’d guess there is a setting I need to change??

  28. Brian Romero

    looking to run this on my Note 8, is that possible? Im at the installation process of recieving this message:

    “you need a tuner backend software and an add-on for the backend to be able to use pvr”

    thanks in advance on trying to get this finalized

    1. Mark

      I’m going to install from zip file, but there’s nothing in there??
      Followed steps as per instruction and no luck, please advise?

  29. Tina J

    It worked fine for me on November 19. I disabled the auto-update immediately after install. Thanks a million.

      1. Candice

        Addons – hover over Covenant – Menu – Information – disable auto update at the bottom (beside uninstall, disable, etc)

      2. Rezsia

        For Android:
        In the main screen choose “My add ons” in categories at the top of the screen. Select Video add-ons. Select Covenant. There will be an auto update toggle bottom center screen.

  30. Leslie Mihalik

    yeah I don’t think a new repo is gonna help unless someone takes over updating Covenant, URL Resolver, Ares wizard, etc time to move on to ones that work like FANTASTIC .. for fantastic “”

    1. Eightbit

      Ty. Seems to work great so far. To anyone having trouble getting the new covenant repo set up try this

  31. Superuser

    Do not do this. Covenant will be disabled when it updates as it is marked as broken in the repo. Wait until there is a proper repo.
    An archive,org source anyway, really?

    1. Anna

      Some of us are just trying to hang in there until a work around option is a option. Even one day makes a difference. Appreciate your heads up tho.

  32. Katia Blevins

    When I get to the install from zip file, I select the add-on but it’s empty. What do I do??
    I tried the following:
    Checked internet connection
    Checked for updates
    Tried to install from repository, but the file is not there


    1. Kimberly

      Same thing happened to me…I tried downloading the file again and this time the ,zip file was there. Maybe we both typed the file name wrong the first time?

  33. Stewart

    When ~I get to SMASH Repo and click on it all I get is ” Could not connect to repository”

  34. v

    make sure you dont leave a space behind the url, if you leave it you will get the no network notification

  35. Marshall

    Not that I have installed Covenant how do you get it to switch from using Exodus to Covenant?

  36. barb shell

    the covenant failed to install due to a failed to install a dependency

  37. Kathleen

    Got to where Colossus Repisitory add on it has version 00.000.0 home of 3rd part addon. Highlighted install and configure button but will not install Please Help!

  38. cartoonitsa

    I tried it today – I can’t install video add-on covenant – it says install failed – a dependency is missing. Any help please ??

    1. Kamran

      I suggest you install ares wizard “”
      then in this wizard from the add-on list install covenant add-on, it will automatically install all the dependencies including Colossus

  39. Jennifer

    My kodi is stuck on mute … I have tried everything … Any suggestions

  40. Sally-Anne

    stuck on install colossus, clicking on install and its not doing anything!?

  41. richard nukeman

    tried to install i keep getting error message saying i am off wifi. i reconnected wifi 3 times and still get thrown off .system .Exodus. my router and pc says its on as does cable company. cant get to smashrepo. any ideas


    Did everything right but keeps telling me smash won’t load

  43. tony67

    try to find Vstream venom repository for french movies and wonder covenant french is coming like the old
    thanks for any help

  44. Xian

    great post man. @robert. try taking the manual route. get the zip file and then install through the zip under kodi.

    1. M Anderson

      I tried the manual route from Github. It didn’t work for me, I was getting the “dependencies not found”. I also tried maybe a half dozen other ways on the ‘net that failed also. This is the only one that worked for me. It took awhile for all of the repo stuff to load. Just be patient. Your mileage may vary.

  45. vlado 666

    Thanks dude

    It works on 2 no frills kodi boxes

    I only use covenant and xxx movies


  46. JC

    Brand new android box running 6.0, fresh install of kodi (tried uninstall and reinstall as well) and nothing covenant related is working. Tried to install it this way but can’t even add the source, tried using another source http:// but that fails when trying to install from zip (no matter which repo you pick) and downloading and trying to install it directly from github also fails. Anyone have any clue what’s going on?

      1. vlado 666

        You must use the latest repo which is


        I just made 2 kodi boxes

  47. Shelley

    Smash Repo was already in my files but when I go to Install from zip file it says smashrepo(Solomon is a scam do not help) zip should I install this? I’m a little nervous to do so. Thanks for any advice/help!

    1. Sam

      I saw that also. I installed it yesterday on a different set that wasn’ t there. Thought it was odd. Went ahead with the install today on another set. Seems fine. No idea what that’s all about though.

  48. Paul

    I followed directions and once I select install from zip file Smash Repo all I have are and smashwizard(apk2-builds-addons-andmore).zip but is not there…Did this last night in a seperate room on a different android box and it worked fine.

      1. Rob

        I think the Colossus Repository is gone. When I select install, nothing happens. There’s nothing in the description field, but the summary field is “Home of 3rd Party Addons”

  49. Wendely

    Hey can anybody help!!!! After entering media source, step 7, i am getting the following msg: unable to connect. Couldn’t retrieve directory info. This could be due to the network not being connected. Same problem as you guys. Did u get it fixed?

  50. Vero

    I have followed the instructions and I am able to see tv series but movies have “no information available” how can delete all this and starall over? Where to begin????

    1. lorz

      try putting the http in aswell i made this mistake and got the same as you did then did this and it worked

  51. Emily Wingard

    HELP! Every time I try to add one it says “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway?” Anyone know what that means?

  52. Devin

    I followed the instructions and put all information in exactly as specified and it worked. Thanks.

  53. Sr

    Hi. I followed step by step . Changed contents at last two steps and at 20th it was good bit different. It showed exodus instead of covenant. Video add-ons is empty. ,, You do not have any add-ons of this type installed,,. It’s ver 17.3. any help.

  54. Q

    I downloaded it and I tried to search up Rocky on movies and it takes forever to load and nothing comes up any help???

  55. tony

    Hi Thanks for spending time to help us new bees I haven’t down loaded it yet but feel confident it will go as planned if not i can refer back to this page
    much appreciated

  56. Steph

    It won’t work for me, it said ” unmet dependencies”. I don’t know what else to do.

  57. Taylor

    I downloaded this the other day and it worked fine. I am trying to download this same thing on a friend’s and I can’t find Covenant.

  58. eddie james

    Yours is the best tutorial I’ve seen. I especially appreciate how you presented the material in a step by step TEXT format in addition to the video. If I had to learn the FreeBSD and Linux systems using only videos, I’d still be trying to install to a machine.

    1. Joy

      I totally agree Eddie,I’m almost 71 and this step by step tutorial has been brilliant

  59. Gaige Joyner

    Step 18 freezes my screen after clicking install, no spin wheel or nothing, all it will let me do is click home. Any help?

  60. Dada

    Thank you so much for this. Installed in my samsung A7. Works like a charm!

  61. Elaine cameron

    Downloaded everything now when I go into click on movies it doesn’t show any help??

  62. Abay

    It works for me. You have to visit the URL and download the file and install through the zip option. That will work perfectly fine.😀

  63. Dannielle

    I have installed this on mine and 2 family member’s seems to work great I had a issue at first because I didn’t put the URL In accurate so just word of advice make sure you do it exactly how it is.

  64. Andy

    Installed it with no issues through Aries. Had to come out of kodi 17.3 and back in for addon to load fully and do a manual update the first run. Great addon, loads of HD links in the UK and everything streams like a dream. Only issue I’ve found, is even when you’ve ticked the box “enable downloads” and set up a path, this feature isn’t working for some reason.

    1. Jessica Greenhood

      Installed through Ares because the repo doesn’t work. Already a sign. Installed and a blank screen. Not impressed.

  65. Sam

    Every time I try to do step 15 it’s says could not connect to repository

  66. Charles

    Having the same issue, cannot make it to step 13.

  67. gunner

    unable to connect to directory would you like to add it anyway is the only message i get. tried to add it anyway but then nothing happens when trying to install from there.

  68. Broz

    I get to step 12 then it says failed to install from zip. Double checked http and it’s correct as I can see a repo zip file, but can’t make it to step 13. Please help

    1. guy

      If you cut and paste the url – http:// – there may be an invisible space at the end if so it will not work – that was my problem


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