How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon

By | July 13, 2018

How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon

Exodus is a Fork from the once popular Genesis Addon.
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Overview
It plays movies and TV shows in a well laid out format.
The original creators have stopped maintaining it, but it has periodically received updates from other enthusiasts most recently to version 6.0.
The update to 6.0 has Exodus pulling in many links again.
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Name: Kodi Bae Repository

How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon
1… At the top left click the System Settings Icon

2… Click File Manager

3… On the left click Add Source
How To Install Kodi 17-17.6 Addons and Builds Step 3
4… Click where it says NONE
How to Install Flixnet Add-on Kodi 17.1 Krypton step 4
5… Enter the URL: and click OK
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 5
6… In the next box down name it lazy and click OK
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 6
7… Double Check everything is correct and click OK
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 7
8… Go back to Main Menu and click add-ons
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 8
9… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 9
10… Install from zip file
How To Install iStream addon Kodi 17 Krypton Step 10
11… A box will slide open find lazy and click it
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 11
12… Click ZIPS
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 12
13… Click
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 13
14… Wait for the top right to popup Repository Installed
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 14
15… Click Install from repository
How To Install Smash Repository Kodi 17 Krypton step 1515
16… Click Kodi Bae Repository
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 16
17… Video add-ons
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 17
18… Find and click Exodus
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 18
19… Install
How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon Step 19
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38 thoughts on “How To Install Exodus 6.0 Kodi Addon

  1. tom

    if you cant get to the system file you are soooo screwed kodi is going to be sooo bad . as it is im in there changing apps every 2 weeks now looking for something that works right. and im still looking none of them are what it was a year ago. so get one of your friends to come over and show you how to put apps on and off . you are going to need to no this if you wont any kind of tv from this thing. and learn how to uninstall kodi and put a fresh copy on.

  2. Byron

    PERFECT!! I tried so many different Addons for example Convenant and they all did not worked. I read up on the Internet that Exodus is up and running agian and downloaded it and works perfectly. Also 1080P which is brilliant!!

  3. Sarah

    Help nothing is working on my kod i seriously in going nuts x

  4. Anonymous

    Go back to step 16 and select the Kodil repository. replace Kodil for tknorris for the remaining instructions. Kodil is huge, so you will have a lot of scrolling past arabic or possibly Hebrew letters and symbols

    1. Anonymous

      Install the Kodil repository. You can also install tknorris, but this repository is empty… so go back to step 16 and then select Kodil. then select video add ons. Then scroll down past all of the arabic looking stuff. If you scroll far enough, you will see exodus. FYI, Covenant and Elysium are pretty good too.

  5. somebody

    step #19 does not work. it says download at 0% not sure whats going on. everything worked fine until that step.

  6. Gedda

    I am stuck at 13 where you wait for it to show installed in top right hand corner of the screen. Then you click on install from the repository, but it never gets to the stage where it says installed in top right hand corner on step number 13

  7. Rose

    Worked perfect for me
    I bought an Amazon stick ,I try many source and nothing work to install Éxodus ,thank you very

  8. bank

    would like a directory list of all the repository and zip files to DELETE
    Hundredths of older 2014-2017 Repository and ZIP files left inside KODI

    The KODI BACKUP has no way to remove NON ACTIVE Repository and Zip files
    so is the solution ONLY TO START NEW with a Kodi browser OR is there a TOOL
    that can TEST and ASK to remove broken non working links same as or during
    a KODI standard AVAILABLE UPDATE sessione

  9. T-Car

    Link works great for Exodus! Old link I was using would always give me “No Streams Available”. Thanks for the info! People who are writing about video quality…if you watch movies under the “Theaters” category, you will be watching a CAM video. Qualities going to be bad if it’s not available in stores.

  10. MH

    Works great for me. I’ve tried others and nothing working. Great for watching other than new releases on demand.

  11. Cujo

    Just as broken as covenant. All old sources . Half of the new ones require a sign up of some kind . Kodi is dying

  12. Tara

    Worked perfect and Exodus installed. Thank you. I was having major issues with the TV add-ons repo. This one, not a problem

  13. Jen

    I did all this and Exodus is installed. However it works like garbage.
    Everything I try to watch almost every source has a pop-up looking for stream authorization directing to some website, which I don’t trust to do, and the sources that do actually bring up a show, the quality is absolute disgusting. The videos shake and vibrate and the audio is messed up. And it won’t work if I try to cancel on the specific download to stop the video.

    Then it basically gets frozen on that screen, so I never have the opportunity to return back to the main screen of exodus and search for a different program.

  14. TT

    I did everything correctly but still i get “…” when i try to install from zip file

    1. Matt

      You spelt the web address wrong then. Go back to that step and readd the source url and spell it correctly this time.


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