How To Install Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

By | June 15, 2018

Update: Jesus Box Repository Has Shut Down
Read Here For the Current Top Kodi Add-ons

Genesis Reborn is a Fork from the once popular Genesis add-on which stopped working. It is similar to the old Genesis / Exodus plugin but with updated code that works.

It has a lot of content including TV shows and movies all divided into easy to find sections.
Sometimes as it goes through the list of links it will kick out back to the menu, if it does simply try again but farther down the list.
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Name: Jesus Box
Steps To Install Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon
1… At the top left click the System Settings Icon

2… Click File Manager

3… On the left click Add Source

4… Click where it says NONE

5… Type in the URL:

6… In the next box down name it Jesus Box and click OK

7… Double check everything is correct and click OK

8… Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons

9… Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left

10… Click Install from zip file

11… A box will pop open select Jesus Box

12… Click

13… Wait for the Repository to download and popup at the top right saying Installed

14… Click Install from repository

15… Click Jesusbox Repository

16… Click Video Add-ons

17… Select Genesis Reborn
How To Install Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon N 2018 Step 17
18… Click Install

After it downloads and installs it will be located from the Video add-on section of Kodi.

98 thoughts on “How To Install Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

  1. Investigations Toronto Inc.

    Easy to follow, easy to read…heck I had to leave a commment!

    1. Anon

      You were probably the last person this worked for. The jesusbox repo is no more.

  2. Wanda Lilly

    Keeps playing the wrong movie. And lots of no stream. 😕🙃😕

    1. Kraig

      Can anyone tell me why this is happening. Worked fine the first day I installed it now not working very well.
      Every movie is saying no stream now. But before that I would click on a movie title and it would start playing an old movie or a documentary, clearly not a movie I clicked on.

    2. Jenny

      i agree,all the addons i’ve used play the wrong movies. That’s why i tried this in hopes it would not do that. That being said i just clicked on Black Panther and it is actually the right movie

  3. Mikeyj

    Any idea why genesis and flixnet are getting very few or no 1080 links? Other addons I have get plenty but these two aren’t. These have been my go to addons foe a long time but now it seems like they’re dying a slow death. Are they still being maintained? I hope this can be fixed.

      1. Soner

        Not sure where my home page is, I use a Firestick.
        Running on krypton and a fresh install of genesis wouldn’t let me configure URLResolver 5.0.08. I installed URLResolver from a different repo and it worked. Not sure why.
        Love Genesis, thanks to the devs.

  4. Tina

    Why do only get shows from the 60s and 70s. Cannot get anything newer.

  5. Charles

    Kudos to you, everything else I tried did not work, follow your instructions and it work the first time. Blessing to you!!!!

  6. Ting

    Tried to install but the plugin is missing from the Repo. Has it moved?

  7. Brendon Bennett

    I tried to install it and it keeps saying dependency failed. It tries to install beautiful soup and that fails then the regular install fails. Any help?

    1. Shay

      I’m also receiving that error, I hope to find a solution soon. Cerebral is down and I can’t find any working add on…

    2. Anthony G

      Just installed fine for me. Although one add on did just completely wipe all my other add-ons out so idk

  8. Emm

    Considering TVAddon’s new GitHub browser, will you be including the GitHub usernames in your installation instructions at some point?

  9. Charlotte buss

    Wow I’m so thick with things like this and ur sight has been amazing thanku

  10. BoSto

    Followed above but after “show event log” – all I get is Kodi successfully launched and no list of events. must be missing something?

  11. Natalie Mair

    Anyone know what add on is good for sports I can’t find any that work, thanks

  12. Judy Ann McFalls

    how do I get 1080p on the Genesis Reborn, everything is in SD

  13. PC

    Thanks Amy. Had the same issue and would have had no idea how to resolve it. Thanks!

  14. Billy

    A little different layout on my Kodiak but all the things needed were there.Easy to follow for a 69 year old.well done

  15. john orengo

    running Kodi Jarvis 16.0 and followed your link. Jesus Box does not show Genesis Reborn inside the repository. All your links must only work on Krypton 17.6!

      1. kevin

        go through all the steps on 15.2 but when I go to install from repository Genesis Reborn is not there.

  16. Rene

    I get to #18 and get only “Genesis Reborn failed to install a dependency”. ???

    1. Amy

      This happened to me as well. I went back into system settings and to the logging. Chose “Show Event Log” There was an event for Beautiful Soup. I chose that and clicked on install. It gave me to repository options to choose from. I chose Kodi repository. It installed. Then I went back to the “Show Event Log” and clicked on Genesis Reborn. Chose install and it worked. It was the beautiful soup thing that was causing problems.

      1. Jamie Edgar

        Legend this work!well worked out!ten points to you my good man

  17. Tommy

    I am obsessed with classic 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, etc. B & W movies. How do I get in touch with Genesis Reborn to get most of those movies up and running or to be able to access them in order so that I may be able to watch them?

    Does anyone know of an add-on (other than Genesis Reborn or comparable to Genesis Reborn) that has every classic movie from 1920 to 1960 that can be accessed and watched?

  18. laura garza

    Copied website exactly, installed zip file and from repository but no tv shows come up, and movies buffer incredibly slow. any way I can fix this issue?

    1. Nicole

      I am having. The same experience. Not just with this add on and repository but all of them. Would love an answer.

    2. Jay

      I Installed the repo “placenta” from blamo and the tv show section works fine. I noticed the other apps like covenant, genesis reborn etc.. are having issues with the “tv show” section.

  19. Ro

    Reborn add on has to be linked with another add on, then I installed reborn my real debrid account was automatically set up didn’t have to authorize it with reborn

  20. Biagio

    Jesus Box is asking for a UN and PW Please advise….
    also JB show “Jesus Box IPTV” Not just TV

    1. Garnet

      Same here, Biagio.

      And its description just claimed that it would be offering something like 1500 live TV feeds or channels. That’s definitely not what I was after.

      Since I am not interested in researching how to obtain a user name and password just to watch live TV, I installed it.

      1. Garnet

        Oddly enough, even after uninstalling Jesus Box IPTV, I later noticed Genesis Reborn in my list of Video Addons, so I installed it.

        Everything looks fine!

    2. BobIng

      Jesus Box has many Addons. You installed the wrong Addon Install Genesis Reborn.

  21. Tj

    Can someone help me I try add source and it add but when i go to addons install from zip file and open it up there is nothing there ?

    1. Ro

      You putting wrong address in. You have to input the info exactly or it will not populate

  22. Ms

    This finally worked for me. I tried all the others but they don’t work anymore. Thank you so much for the info.

    1. Jason Tomchuk

      Will not install. All steps followed and when finaly installing Genesis reborn I get the error: Installation failed – Failed to install a dependency

  23. Keinwal

    Hi. Working for me. Thank you for tutorial. It took some time but install perfectly.

    1. Kevin

      I can watch movies, but do not get any TV shows. Is there something else that needs to be installed?

  24. Amish

    I downloaded this add-on today and it does not work. It keeps searching for various sources and the results are always stream not available. Could someone please recommend other add ons for movies and tv shows?

  25. Gina

    For some reason I can only watch tv shows or movies after a certain before it is always saying no stream, has anyone else got the same thing happening?

  26. Larry

    When starting Dana white contender series , it shows superhuman tv show, how come?

  27. Someone Random

    While the add-on is great the problem is like most of these add=ons is you spend more time looking for something that as sources and will actually stream, 90% of things i check are always “no stream available”

  28. Angela l.

    Anyone know how to take working kodi 17 from working stick and transplant directly to an another stick/box so it can be manipulated to Genesis reborn, instead of waiting for server tepair

    1. Defraybo

      You can load any app you want on to Firestick from your Android phone.
      First you need to go online to download Kodi to your phone.
      Next download “apps to fire” to your Android phone.
      Open up the apps to fire app and using the menu of the app you can connect your phone to your Firestick using a mutual WiFi connection any WiFi will do as long as your stick and your phone are connected to the same one.
      The apps to fire app will bring up a list of all apps on your phone so choose Kodi then click install. You will see a red progress line so wait until the install is complete and the “install complete” message appears, now within a few second’s the Kodi app will appear in your Firestick app drawer.
      Be patient with the apps to fire app it really does work if you are having problems linking it to your stick you can manually set the ip address or use the search button and it will find your stick.
      Good luck

  29. David Hall

    Installed ok but when I try to open it I get a login screen which I can’t find a way past. Any ideas?

  30. Jem

    Hi downloaded genesis reborn and when I click to movies all I am getting is trailers, not the actual movies someone help please??

  31. Demian Veliz

    This addon has been working great, but now I keep getting there are no stream available. This sucks, I used to watch it almost all the time.

  32. Kodie

    Worked amazing until I tried installing from zip file, says that “for security installations of add-ons from unknown sources re disabled” . Is there anyway to do it without a VPN?

  33. Lincoln Lima

    Hi ,all my addons just show movies and tv shows up to 2014 what shoul i do?

  34. Karen

    Hi. It worked when I first downloaded it but now it’s saying I need PVR and configure. Can you help? It was all going really well……boo! Ta

  35. Ivan

    I try to go to “install from zip file” and a “for security reasons” window comes up. No matter what I do from there I can’t get to the zip file list.

    1. Rmw

      Go back to top, where it talks about having unknown sources checked. It’s on system settings, row above file manager

    2. Kodie

      this problem happened to me as well, I ended up going to settings (the window gave me this option) and clicking on allow unknown something (I forget what exactly it said at the moment). Hope this helps!

  36. Mimi

    I used your info to install on Kodi 16. pages were a little different but it installed just fine. Watching movies now. been waiting for a while to find an install that actually worked. thanks a bunch!

    1. catherine

      Hi Mimi, I;m using Kodi 16.1 too, but when it tells you to click on Package Installer Icon in left hand corner, there isnt anything there. Where is it onKodi 16 please?

  37. Crystal

    Thanks I think it might work I have tried everything sure hope this one works its always blank in the zip file when I ho so hope this works

  38. Hoshedar Cooper

    Thank you. You are the only one giving relevant information. Much appreciated. Many thanks again.

  39. Zack

    Having a problem installing Jesus Box. I am getting stuck on Step 12. When I try to install the zip file, “”, it loads for a second then tells me “Couldnt connect to server”? Any tips on how I can fix this?

  40. Mel

    Click on genisis reborn click movies nothing tried TV shows nothing what’s going on worked fine Monday yesterday today nothing

  41. Cartrell Bell

    The repository file failed to load what should I try next?

    1. Frank

      Repository file fails to load with all the repos and addons I’ve tried… anything new ?

  42. J.

    First reaction “no streams” 3 times. But thanks. Working good at last after 5 stream tries. J.

  43. richard

    I installed genesis reborn but when I go to it and click on movies or tvshows there is nothing

    1. Keef

      Hi Richard I have tried Movies and the TV shows all working ok my end, I’m using Debrid for sources, hope this helps.

  44. bob

    should unknown source be on or off? wont let me proceed with it off

  45. Don Patterson

    I just tried this. Not working. Is this one down too?


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