How To Install Placenta Kodi Addon

By | October 2, 2018

UPDATE: The Blamo Repository Has Shut Down.
The Placenta Developer Blamo has shut down the repository along with any future Placenta updates.
Read Here for the Current Top Working Kodi Add-ons
Read Here for More on Blamo Repository Shut Down
Placenta is a Kodi Addon from Mr Blamo and Muad’Dib.

It is a Fork of Exodus / Covenant with more options and links.
* has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. is a news and informational site which does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is bought and owned personally or is in the public domain.
How To Install Placenta Kodi Addon
1… At the top left click the System Settings Icon
How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 1
2… Click File Manager
How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 2
3… On the left click Add Source

4… Click where it says NONE
How To Install Kodi 18 Leia Addon Step 4
5… Type in the URL: and click OK

6… In the next box down name it Wilson and click OK
How To install Magicality Kodi Addon Step 6
7… Double check everything is correct and click OK
8… Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons

9… Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon at the top left

10… Click Install from zip file

11… A box will pop open select Wilson
How To install Magicality Kodi Addon Step 11
12… Click

13… Wait for the Repository to download and popup at the top right and say Magicality Repo Installed
How To install Magicality Kodi Addon Step 13
14… Click Install from repository

15… Click Magicality Repo
How To install Magicality Kodi Addon Step 15
16… Video Add-ons

17… Click Placenta

18… Click Install
How To Install Placenta Kodi Addon New Magicality Repo Step 18
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39 thoughts on “How To Install Placenta Kodi Addon

  1. john smith

    I use SPMC on android. Placente says that it is incompatible. anyone knows why this happens?

  2. Steve

    Arragon not working ,Placenta not showing up on the Blamo repository.

  3. anonymous IT security expert

    Nice work thx for sharing the repo!!!!!!
    Just a Notice for the noobs out there that just installing stuff and don’t know what there are doing
    Your been warned for potential hackers
    If the addon don’t work or your kodi /system is messed up don’t point it to the person that are willing and doing a great job of sharing but point it to yourself stupidity and have respect for others
    from a anonymous IT security expert/…..

    1. duwang

      For an “IT security expert” you sure do sound pretty illiterate.

    2. Steve

      It would be horrifying to have an individual such as yourself do any work on a computer . You appear to have a lack of knowledge as to the proper use of grammar,sentence structure & correct spelling.Have doubts of your claim as to being an IT Security Expert !

  4. nick loss

    to those that can’t seem to get placenta or other add ons to work with the Blamo Repo, it would seem as though these instructions are a little out of date.
    there is an updated version of Blamo’s repo (version 0.1.6) that Kodi does not automatically detect through the “check for updates.”
    to get the new version, you just need to install a new zip file–located within the existing source URL:
    -click install from zip file
    -select Blamo (or whatever name you previously assigned the source in File Manager)
    -select ** (NOT ‘’)
    this will install the new repo alongside the old one.. and if you had auto updates turned on, your add-ons (like Placenta) should update automatically.
    There are a few differences– one of which is Death Streams RD is nowhere to be found in the new version which sucks cuz the old repo errors out when I try to install..
    hope this helps..

    1. Cathy Gillies

      I have NOT been able to find Placenta in repository blamo 0.1.6 zip….anyone find it after Aug 28?

  5. CraigR

    I removed the blamo zip completely along with all the video add ons. When I installed the blamo zip again and then the repositories placenta was not part of the add ons any longer. Oh well worked well up until a couple of weeks ago anyhow. Always good to come here and install the latest.

  6. Beck

    As of June 20th I decided to redo my Kodi due to a LOT of plugin errors, I put back on the mrblamo repo and now Placenta doesn’t show up in the repo at all?
    I am now only using Neptune Rising. But I miss Placenta as it was my fav Addon for tv & movies etc…
    Any idea why it has disappeared from the repo? I’ve got the latest version of mrblamo etc as I just added it back on…

    1. ThatGuy

      I found it on mine with no problem have you checked since then?

  7. Jimi

    Works perfect as of June 16. Installed after problems with Neptune and Cypher failing.

  8. Tim

    I’ve been using placenta for months, worked perfectly, but as of a few days ago it stopped working, I clicked on a title (any film or tv) it freezes for 10 seconds and then kicks me back to the Xbox home page.
    I’ve tried uninstalling Kodi and reinstalling along with placenta and Neptune rising plugins and same problem…
    .. any suggestions?

  9. Shelley

    In the screen where it says to install from zip file mine has blamo at the top and blamo(2) underneath. Which one do I click on?

    1. Jeff

      Either one. As long as the path is valid, you should be good. That “name” is just a reference point for the path you’ve entered.

  10. Carol

    After putting the address in and giving it the name it says return to the main menu select addon then click on the box at the top. But when i click it my screen goes black If i hit the return it returns to the previous screen. Anyone know why my screen goes black. I’ve tried 3-4 times to add neptune rising.

  11. Kim

    The placenta add-on would be better if it identified the particular stream it has resolved in the status bar along the top of the screen. For example, “RESOLVED: 07|WATCHSERIES|OPENLOAD”

    Why? Should the link stall for some reason, the user can go back and resume the search for a viable link easily, from where the previous attempt failed without repeating the the same link that has failed.

  12. placenta-fan

    The video section for the Blamo 0.1.3 repo is missing Placenta as well as a bunch of other popular video add-ons. It only has Adult Swim; no Neptune Rising, Death Streams or Placenta. Anybody know what’s happening?!?

  13. Lavern

    I installed placenta just fine but when I try to play a movie the ” No stream available ” message comes up. What do I do?

    1. I Snort Flour

      If I remember right while reading an article it said something like addons are no longer being supported by kodi so you will not be able to install the repository through kodi anymore. You will have to do it manually by going to the url in browser and downloading the repo directly to the device and then install zip which you just dl and then install from repository. Just like that in a blink of an eye we lost net neutrality and the original concept and intention of a free and open internet. Kodi is dying look for the next way of watching free tv. I got my money riding on the cloud. The more companies push back on issues like this the further it gets pushed into the dark web and the darker you get the less secure it becomes, identities get ruined, and people get hurt so shame on you dish Network and netflix as you wouldn’t be losing so many customers if you provided better programs, nicer UI, more functions, limiting number of connections and constantly raising prices while slowing content releases or having the same rotations of rights lost and brought back. If a company loses your pension no fines, punishment or reimbursement is ever taken but if you watch tv you can’t afford because the company is just trying to rake in money it’s a capital offense and boarder line treason along with the possiblity of owing more than you will make in the rest of your life. Dish Network maybe you should go commercial free or lowering your cost because there is absolutely no reason why your not making your money off of 1 or the other as you got 5 to 10 minutes of commercials every half hour along with a $60+ a month bill while you can get just as much content from a hulu/netflix account for $20 a month with commercials or $25 a month to be commercial free.

    1. Eric

      There are tons of add ons where you can find Spanish movies. Im not sure which one it is exactly, too many to list. Or, you can enable spanish subtitles within the movie as well. I hope this helps Jose.

    1. Eric

      Yes there are, youll have to find the settings within placenta in order to do this and navigate to language. Additionally, there are tons of other repos that you can use that have excellent spanish add ons, just do a google search or use youtube to find and install them. You can also enable subtitles within the program you are watching as a temp. fix. I hope this helps!

    1. Tech 2

      you delete unwanted addons by viewing them in ‘my addons’, selecting the one you don’t want and choosing uninstall icon on the left and following the prompts to uninstall the extras and settings associated with the addon.

  14. Bob brown

    Up until two days ago I was watching tv shows and movies fine on Neptune Rising, I downloaded place ya too. Movies pupulates with links but when I search for tv shows, nothing at all comes up. Everything is updated. What do I do? Thanks

  15. Frans

    Great addon but there is only 1 page in Theatres also, somebody else have that also?


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