How To Install Pulse CCM Kodi Build 17-17.6 Krypton

By | December 5, 2017

UPDATE: Repository Has Shut Down

Pulse CCM is one of the top best Kodi Builds available.

It is an older Build that has been constantly updated and works very well.
It also has a nice layout with the Xonfluence Skin and all the latest add-ons pre-installed.

The menu bar includes TV shows, Movies, Sports, Kids, In One, Live TV, Search, System, and Music.

It is best to have a Fresh Install of Kodi, cleared of all old data when installing a Build to help prevent any problems and conflicts. Read Here For How To Have a Fresh Install.
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Name: Fire TV Guru
Step-By-Step How To Install Pulse CCM Build Kodi 17-17.6 Krypton
1… Click the System Icon from the top left

2… Click File Manager

3… Click Add Source on the left

4… Click where it says None

5… Enter the URL:

6… In the next box down name it Fire TV Guru and click OK

7… Double Check everything is correct and click OK

8… Go back to Main Menu and click add-ons

9… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left

10… Install from zip file

11… A box will slide open find Fire TV Guru and click it

12… Click

13… Wait for the top right to say Fire TV Guru Repo Installed

14… Click Install from repository

15… Click Fire TV Guru Repo

16… Program add-ons

17… Fire TV Wizard

18… Install

19… Click Dismiss or Remind me later on popup

If there is no popup go to Program Add-ons from the main menu.
20… Click Continue

21… Click Build Menu or Ignore.

22… If the Build Wizard menu does not come up it is located under Program Addons

23… Select Builds

24… Select Pulse CCM Build

25… Select Fresh Start then Install or Standard Install

It is usually best to do a Fresh Start Install which wipes any previous settings which can sometimes conflict with a Build.
26… Click Continue

27… Choose a server

28… It will download and install



Be sure to give it time to update all the addons.

50 thoughts on “How To Install Pulse CCM Kodi Build 17-17.6 Krypton

  1. stew

    does anyone actually bother 21 look at these requests seems like a waste of time to m.e

  2. Africanbrit

    Firetvguru has never worked
    For those saying “it works great”
    Are not being honest
    Stop wasting your time on this

    1. Bob the Build Builder

      True. Pulse CCM died when Ares Wizard died. This will not work.

    2. Lenny Dee

      This post is trash… Does not work and it seems no one on here can help. What’s the point of posting this if there is no help or update when the build does not appear?

    3. Ki-Lah

      You just didn’t follow the instructions. Teehee. Try it again. 3rd times the charm 😀

  3. Antonio

    So easy to follow ,it works every time for me ,thank you so much, never any problems just simple easy instructions ,

      1. Normand Hebert

        I believe pulse is in the repository that you have to open then when u open fire TV guru it will be there

  4. Tania

    I can’t seem to get any streams for tv show with Pulse CCM. I’ve installed it with no problems and everything looks great but I just can’t seem to get any streams. HELP

    1. Maria

      I cant either. Keep getting error telling me to try another server because connection with this server is lost…

  5. Paul

    I keep trying and trying. I must have redone the box 30 times
    When it install. i always have errors
    but i continue..
    then when i restart.. it never shows the skin.. I am at a loss.. i dont know what to do
    installing it now. am up to 12 errors and not even half way

    1. Paul

      i did a fresh install
      then i install..
      Got 51 errors or something
      it rebooted.. and skin was all screwed.. so i did another install on top
      i only got 16 errors this time
      now the menu seems ok. but each time i click on something. .i get working on the bottom right.. and i cant access anything..
      i might try another install and see 😀
      But it is the first time i get the skin mostly working

    2. Keith

      If you are trying to put it on firestick you will not do it .
      There is not enough memory on stick.

      1. Antonio

        Not true if you just follow instruction step by step should be no problem,I have loaded 2 Fire sticks using instructions on this download.

  6. Gill

    When pulse comes to install my firestick restart automatically pulse never install plz someone help me

    1. Princess

      I got it to fully download and all but none of it seems American. I can’t get any sports or anything to load. I followed the directions exactly it stated but I am doubted something went wrong somewhere.

  7. Bob rowell

    I can not fully download pulse cc, it keeps stopping @241.41 me out of 273.16 mb,can any one help please?

    1. Luke

      Hi there it will not work then I try and do it and it won’t even show me the stuff to download it

    1. Sm

      You have to clear the data on Kodi to get Pulse to install. Go to Amazon home screen-settings-applications-kodi-clear data. Go back to home screen and try going into Kodi now, Pulse should work now.

  8. Steve

    Re. Pulse not displaying issues, I went into the interface o nthe new Kodi 17 and changed the skin from Estuary to the kodi 16 jarvis confluence so now it at least looks like my old kodi but it wants me to manually enable each add on. RE: Wicked One’s advice I looked for the skin in Helly repo but it only has the Xonfluence skin – where can I find the Pulse skin and by adding this, will the full build be displayed?

  9. Alex

    can’t get pulse build installed on 17.1 using ares wizard, just get the pulse splash screen.

  10. Wicked one

    U have to install skin to get it to show up On Kodi 17+ it’s in the helly repo noobs and nerds repo has helly repo in it took …… Took me forever to get it working but was just a skin prob hope that helps to anyone who loves this build …..

  11. Mary Swartz

    What are the differences between Pulse 1, 2, and 3.? How can I easily replace one with another.

    1. Alidanwer

      Same issue with me install pulse ccm from server one , installation successfull but after restarting kodi 17, a pulse logo shows up instead of kodi, but the interfa e is still of 17 .. any one help????

  12. Marty

    I can’t seem to get the pulse to load on the new Kodi 17 “Krypton” It allows me to go into areswizard, complete the download but when I’m asked to force close Kodi & I go back into it…nothing. Just the standard install for Kodi 17. Any suggestions?

    1. John R

      I have kodi 16.1 running on my laptop, so I updated pulse, then backed it up to memory stick using ares wizard and restored it. Is ares wizard to my android box which is running kodi 17.1

  13. Anonny

    This has been running so smoothly for me on several devices.. Pi3, android s905x tv box, OS X.. All running pulse.

    It could use a news section but otherwise complete.

  14. Toad

    Out of all the builds I’ve used so far Pulse is my favourite. Smooth and reliable operation with impressive wallpapers, customisable listing.

    No problems downloading and installing once tvaddons was removed.

    Thank you.

  15. becky

    is anyone still having problems with the pulse build?
    it allows me to install comes to part where it shows kodi needs to force close – as soon as i reopen there’s nothing in kodi at all!!!

  16. Rod

    Anyone know or have or know an alternative link to t=download this build and we can use areswizard to restore it into kodi?

  17. Peter Ingram

    Every time I install this build I only get a list of Porn channels, not what I’m after!!!!!!

  18. Keith

    Continue to get shut down Kodi to restart the download proceess did a fresh install even re down loaded fresh Kodi
    Like the pulse concepts suck areswizard

  19. Tanya

    Well u did check the web site for pulse app and it stated the app had been pulled due to some issue, and it would be back up once they where able to correct it.

  20. dj hammond

    I know i am not the only person that cannot download this. It starts then gives me an error code and vanishes. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. kevin

      Dj i had the same problem but i just kept trying and it worked. Think their servers are just slow for download

  21. Paula Harrell

    How do you enable lives local usa tv with a TV Guide? I’ve tried everything! I need that and a good NBA sports add on, spurs
    Thank you


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