How To Install REBIRTH Kodi Addon

By | April 30, 2018

UPDATE: Repository Is Currently Down

REBIRTH is a Kodi video Addon from Cypher Locker Repository.
How To Install REBIRTH Kodi Addon 2018 Overview
Since its introduction its been steadily updated with a lot of sections for movies and TV shows.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
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Name: Cypher Locker Repository

How To Install REBIRTH Kodi Addon
1… Click the System Icon from the top left

2… Click File Manager

3… Click Add Source on the left

4… Click where it says None

5… Enter the URL: and click OK

6… In the next box down name it Cypher and click OK

7… Double Check everything is correct and click OK

8… Go back to Main Menu and click add-ons

9… Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left

10… Install from zip file

11… A box will slide open find Cypher and click it

12… Click

13… Wait for the top right to popup Cypher Locker Installed

14… Click Install from repository

15… Click Cypher Locker

16… Video add-ons

17… Click Rebirth

18… Install

If a Failed To Install Dependency Beautiful Soup Comes Up, Read Here for How To Install Beautiful Soup Manually.
If a Failed To Install Dependency NAN Scrappers Comes Up, Read Here for How To Install NAN Scrappers Manually.

29 thoughts on “How To Install REBIRTH Kodi Addon

  1. BobbyRed

    Rebirth uses Universal Scrapers now. Please correct this page to avoid confusion.

  2. Kibb

    When I try to install from zip file, there is nothing in the file to click on…. I have rechecked multiple times to make sure I have typed in everything correctly… help!

    1. Dr. Authentic

      the website “” is down / expired as of 1/18/2018 , you will need to find a new repo hosting this…

  3. Joe Capuano

    I’ve installed Rebirth and the movies play just fine. I have a question…when I pause a movie and it goes into screensaver mode, how do I get the movie to continue to play. If I hit play on remote it reverts to original menu. I have to start movie over to the point I watched.

    Thanks in advance, as you can tell I’m new at this….

  4. Deb

    I’m getting a choice between two options to install. Both give me a dependency error.

  5. Pam

    The network settings under tv shows does not work. It’s not working om any of my addons anyone know why

  6. Christy

    When I get to the step where I type Cypher- all is good…I hit ok and it makes a sound and then is stuck. It won’t let me do anything but go Home????

  7. Sue

    Which Version should I install? there is a 999.999.999.1 which is ODD? and Version 1.0.3?

  8. Amy

    Getting a failure to install a dependency. It is not specific as to which dependency. Any suggestions?

    1. Matt

      A dependency could be another add-on that the programme needs to operate, most don’t realise these add-ons work together, and must be updated frequently to work in harmony, devs work together to try and make this happen, use You tube to learn your preferred add-on,x.

  9. lenny norton

    installed this addon last night it’s the best of the bunch so far this month thanks WirelesSHack keep up the great work

  10. Kevin

    Very few sources, what am I doing wrong ?
    I watched 1 episode in 1080p but that’s all.

    1. gdd2010

      You need to set up the list of sources you use. Also, set up a Real Debrid account and verify your machine for it’s use. Works liek a champ and so happy to have a decent service since SALTS died.

  11. J

    Anyone know what’s up with Rebirth now? I just keep getting check error log and the logs aren’t very helpful, only showing the failure to connect. I have removed everything and reinstalled but still getting the same error.

    1. Brian

      If you have xvbmc repo kodi il repo or Crebro tv repo installed rebirth will auto update to 999.999.999.1 version which is what soulless repo did so the cypher version will not work. The work around is uninstall then reinstall from cypher repo then disable auto update work’s ok for me

        1. Brian

          Highlight addon press menu button o remote or letter c if using a keyboard select first option information scroll down to auto update click on it to unhighlight or go to addons in setting select repo in this case cypher repo select addon in this case rebirth 2017 click on the addon uncheck auto update

  12. Pcal501

    This addon is nowhere to be found in the cyphers locker repo. I’m using 16.1

  13. Rootbrian

    It’s no longer working, getting “cannot connect to repository”, which really blows the water out of the spoon!

  14. Mo

    Cypher copied almost all of Soulless’ work (meaning he straight up stole all of the hours and hours of work that Souless did on his addons ) , Cypher never gave Soulless one word of credit after stealing his work and pawning it off as his own work in this Reborn addon.

    If you use this stolen addon you cannot use Soulless’ addons (Posiden, Triten) There is code in Soulless’ addons that does not allow you to use both. You must choose to either use the stolen work or use Soulles addons. Not both.

  15. Andy

    Apparently there’s a dispute between Soulless and Cypher as to who actually owns ReBirth.Nevertheless it is a good add-on.

  16. Zak

    Thanks WirelesShack. I use Open Elec on a Raspberry PI 3 and recently my add-ons have been not working properly. I decided to format the SD card and do a fresh install. I wanted to install Covenant and used the ARES Wizard to do that but all I got was bullet points in the Covenant menu, under movie and TV listings.
    I then read your post for installing Rebirth, downloaded it and it is brilliant! Best addon in ages. Cheers.


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