New Raspberry Pi Model Released Called The PiZero

By | November 27, 2015

New Raspberry Pi Model Released Called The PiZero

The makers of the Raspberry Pi have released a new RasPi model called the PIZero.
This new RasPi model is about the size of a pack of gum and slightly faster than their original Raspberry Pi.
It runs the original Broadcom BCM2835 processor but at an overclocked speed of 1 GHz making it 40 percent faster than the original.
It also has the following hardware.
512 MB RAM
Micro SD-Card Slot
Micro USB
40 Pin GPIO Header
It can run Raspbian and other popular software that the Raspberry Pi used.
This is some good news for anyone that need a even smaller sized pocket computer.
The price is to be set at $5 dollars which is truly an amazing deal.

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