Our Picks for Top Octa Core KODI Android Hardware Boxes

By | January 12, 2016

Top Octa Core KODI Hardware Boxes

A year ago dual core CPU android boxes ruled Kodi and streaming TV hardware.
Currently quad core android boxes are ruling Kodi experiences but the Octa core or 8 core boxes are closing in fast.
Keep in mind currently to run Kodi 15.2 Isengard the minimum requirements are a Dual Core CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and a 3D rendering video card.
Of course faster is always better not just for now but for future Kodi upgrades.
If you currently own a Kodi box that is a dual or quad core as long as it is working for you there is no reason to upgrade.
But if you are looking for your first Kodi box getting a Octa core android box may be best.
So lets take a look at some popular Octa core Kodi boxes available.
Our Picks for Top Octa Core KODI Android Hardware Boxes

The Zidoo X6 Pro RK3368 is a Octa Core andoid box with 2 GB of RAM and Kodi pre-installed.
It comes with many added features from dual band WiFi to Bluetooth 4.0
Unlike many other Kodi boxes the Zidoo X6 Pro doesn’t come with any add-ons pre-installed. This is a easy fix by simply adding a repository and selecting your favorite plugins.
Idroidnation I-Box “PRO” Octa Core 5.1 Lollipop Android Tv Box
The Idroidnation I-Box comes with some impressive hardware with 8 cores and 2 GB of RAM.
I got my hands on one of these and did a review of it here.
The I-Box is a good option when it comes to a 8 core Kodi box or even simply using it as a android hooked to your TV.
The Matricom G-Box Q boxes have been a favorite with Kodi users since its first introduction of a dual core box. Matricom than moved the G-Box onto a quad core.
While it still uses a Quad Core S802 CPU with 2 GB of RAM. The GPU has been upgraded to a Mali450 Octo Core 3D Graphics Processor which has greatly influenced playing HD video.
The Matricom G-Box has a proven track record and has many fans.
ZhiZhu Android 5.1 Lollipop TV Box Octa Core 64BITS RK3368 KODI Fully Loaded
The ZhiZhu is a 8 Core CPU Kodi box that uses the Rockchip 3368 Octa Core Cortex-A53.
It comes wit Kodi pre-loaded and the popular add-ons installed.
1.5 GHz
Before buying a Kodi box be sure to read the reviews on Amazon,the forums and YouTube video reviews to be sure it is a right fit for you.
Android boxes and Kodi always come with some degree of setup which can vary from box to box.
The best way to see which one is right for you is reading and watching reviews.

13 thoughts on “Our Picks for Top Octa Core KODI Android Hardware Boxes

  1. Suzie

    I am looking into dropping cable. I watch a lot of tv, college and pro sports. I really need some advice. I know NOTHING about live streaming! I was looking at the Idroidnation I box pro octa core 5.1 lollipop. But, I need something fairly easy. Any suggestions?

    1. Sarah

      We are not super tech say either, we have that box and it is super easy to set up and use. It came fully loaded with everything we need. We watch out of network NFL games, in theatre movies and current shows from local networks. There is nothing we haven’t been able to watch!

  2. Todd

    What’s your opinion on the best system between gbox q2, zidoo x6pro or idroidnation i box pro? Does the idroid have internal wifi? 802.11ac? Will it connect to 2.4 or 5 band Internet connection like the dual band wifi zidoo? Thanks

    1. WirelessHack

      I use the Idroidnation I-Box a lot so I may be biased toward it. It is a dual band WiFi box 2.4Ghz/5Ghz but all these boxes are. Everyone has a different setup from WiFi to a budget so it is difficult to say which box is the best. I know a few people who swear by the Nvidia shield which is a quad core but is built very well. Its always best to read multiple reviews on Amazon and forums to get the right box.

  3. yew meng

    If the purpose of purchasing the box is TV vieiwng, which is likelyh a better, high quality, user-friendly purchase? The G-box or the Zidoo X6?

    1. WirelessHack

      The Zidoo X6 has better faster hardware but the Matricom G-Box is still a favorite with many users. There are other things to consider than fast hardware such as support and updates. Its best to read the reviews on Amazon to see which one is a good fit for you. Let us know how it goes.

      1. yew meng

        Thanks. Do you have personal view? I have read on amazon – there is not too much on the X6 as it is new. In sum, it is hard to tell based on the very varied review. Do you have a position? Is one more user friendly then the other? Does one have access to more content than the other (are are they exactly the same as it concerns content)? Thanks!

        1. dxf289

          Content will be determined by what you CHOOSE to load on the device. The device is like a tablet that connects to your television. You decide what to load.

    1. WirelessHack

      There is no need to have Root access to run Kodi. It will run without any modding.

    2. Michelle

      Jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions put into place by Apple on devices that run the iOS operating system. To accomplish a jailbreak, a custom kernel is used to grant root access to the device.

  4. Steve Edwards

    I have an M10 octa core 5 processor android box. I am having a hard time getting live tv have tried searching channels with navi x but no luck any kind of assistance would be appreciated.

    1. WirelessHack

      Live TV add-ons dont seem to last long. A day ago I would of suggested Vdubt25 but it went down and it is currently being updated.

      One add-on that does last is USTVnow but it only gives 8 live TV channels for free and than want money for the others. The free networks on USTVnow are NBC, CBS, ABC, MY0, CW, FOX, and PBS. You have to sign up for a username password.


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