My Journey Into SDR Software Defined Radio

Software Defined Radio is one of those projects I have been wanting to play with since first hearing about it a few years ago.   For those that don’t know software defined radio (SDR) is a way to pick up signals broadcast though the air and display them on a personal computer.   The signal can be anything… Read More »

Smartphones and Wireless Pen Testing

Kali Linux can run on many android phones after all it is Linux which the android is also based on. The problem is the wireless chipset built into most smart phones which cannot do wireless penetration testing.   The same way in which a compatible Kali Linux USB adapter with the correct chipset is need on a PC… Read More »

What is the Best Router for a Kodi Media Center?

Many users of Kodi find that their router is not up-to-date enough to transfer the large amount of data that Kodi needs to stream content.   The question of “What is the best router for Kodi?” is being asked in many forums as Kodi users look to speed up their Kodi machines WiFi.   One size router will… Read More »