Our Picks: The Best Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkies are a excellent way to communicate at close range.   Whether your hiking, traveling, or a business that needs communication with employees, small handheld two way radios are indispensable.   So Which Walkie Talkie is the Best?   With the many to choose from and different sets having specific features that another wont, it is difficult… Read More »

Our Top Picks for Best Handheld USB Spectrum Analyzers

There are many uses for a spectrum analyzer to troubleshooting wifi signals to evaluating cell signals.   They are used by EMC/RF technicians along with other equipment to examine Cellular, Bluetooth, Wlan and so on.   Every spectrum analyzer comes with its own unique features and price ranges, what works for one person may not work for the… Read More »

Popular WiFi Boxes for Your Home

WiFi is needed in any home that devices need to connect to the internet.   While a wired connection is better it is not always feasible or easy to have wires run to devices, especially mobile electronics.   A WiFi box can setup a home with wireless communications so all your devices can get online.   WiFi boxes… Read More »