Troubleshooting Common Windows 10 WiFi Problems

Windows 10, like all Windows upgrades, has had some issues with the WiFi not working sometimes.   Below are two of the most common problems and fixes to help get a Windows 10 computer back online.   …Check Drivers The wireless Drivers are the most common problem for a connection not working.   The best way to be… Read More »

Bluetooth Car Stereo Systems

With recent advancements in Googles Android Auto and Apples CarPlay, making our cars smarter and more connected is now more of a reality than it ever has been. These services allow us to get turn-by-turn navigation, stream our favorite music, make calls to loved ones, and even reply to text messages from the drivers seat of our vehicle.… Read More »

What to Look For in a KODI Android TV Box

Android TV boxes have become the go to electronics for home media centers, and with many users finding how nice Kodi can be the two have become very popular.   Many android TV boxes now come fully loaded with Kodi installed along with all the popular add-ons.   This makes them great items to have to watch all… Read More »

Our Picks for Top 5 Robot Kits for Beginners

Building your own robot is a fun way to learn about automation and computer controls. There are many DIY robot kits available from beginner to advanced. Many popular kits are controlled by Adrinos or Raspberry Pi due to their wide spread support and low cost. While other kits come with their own electronic controls ready to be setup… Read More »