How Do WiFi Signal Extenders Work?

Wireless signal extenders, also called repeaters, are often misunderstood and while they can help a network greatly they also have there limitations.   Here we explore the basic topics and capabilities of WiFi extenders.   What is a WiFi Signal? WiFi signals are nothing more than small wireless radio transmission that work the same as any wireless signal… Read More »

Wireless Receivers for Desktop Computer

Setting up a desktop to receive and send wireless WiFi signals is a easy task with a USB adapter.   There are many to choose from with different protocols, sizes and range.   Wireless-N is the most widely used protocol since it is compatible with most any network old and new.   Wireless-AC is the newest protocol built… Read More »

PimeWire Blocking Kodi Add-ons from Servers

Pimewire seems to have started blocking Kodi from using their servers giving out a error that says… “Want to continue watching movies? Go to Thank you”.   A picture of Leonardo Dicaprio is shown along with the short video.   This is affecting any Kodi add-on that uses as a source for videos.   1Channel has… Read More »