What is Kodi Media Center?

Kodi media center is a free software suite that can stream video and music content among other things.   Kodi was originally called XBMC which stands for Xbox Media Center.   Originally made to replace the first Xbox dashboard and add many cool features, it has since moved on and is know called Kodi.   Since it has… Read More »

How to Get WiFi In Your Car

Having WiFi in a car definitely has its advantages especially if you have kids or are a busy road warrior going to your next meeting.   The obvious answer and what most do is turn their phone into a WiFi hot spot. Which does work for some depending on the cell phone carrier and the cell coverage.  … Read More »

How to Add Wireless WiFi to a USB Printer

Adding WiFi support to a USB printer can be done with a wireless USB print server.   A USB wireless print server connects to a printer via USB than transmits to any computer, tablet, smartphone.   These are ideal for homes and business that have multiple devices that need to print.   Buying a wireless printer is also… Read More »