Crack a WPA WPA 2 encypted router with reaver

There is a new tool to use with Backtrack/Kali Linux for Pen Testers called Reaver which is a great little tool. Reaver will crack a WPA/WPA2 encrypted router within ten hours. On the Reaver page it says two to ten hours. Here is the page   Anyone who has ever tried to capture the password of a… Read More »

WPA Capture

Disclaimer: All information on this site is for testing and educational purposes only; for use by network security administrators or testing the security of your own wireless connection.   Using the Netgear WG111 V2 to capture WPA/WPA2 with Backtrack 5.             Using the Alfa AWUS036H USB adapter to capture WPA/WPA2 with Backtrack 5.… Read More »

Backtrack 5 VMware and ISO installation

Backtrack 5 requires a USB wireless adapter to do wireless penetration testing. A built in adapter will not work. For Backtrack compatible USB wireless adapters click here to see Backtrack / Kali Linux compatible USB Adapters   Backtrack 5 installation is fairly straight forward. There is two main ways Backtrack can be installed VMware ISO The first way… Read More »