PimeWire Blocking Kodi Add-ons from Servers

By | May 15, 2016

Pimewire seems to have started blocking Kodi from using their servers giving out a error that says…
PimeWire Blocking Kodi Add-ons from Servers
“Want to continue watching movies? Go toPrimeWire. Thank you.

A picture of Leonardo Dicaprio is shown along with the short video.

This is affecting any Kodi add-on that uses PrimeWire.ag as a source for videos.

1Channel has been hit hard since most its streams are from Primwire.

Currently, other add-ons that use multiple streams are best used such as Exodus and dont select any PrimeWire streams until the problem has been fixed.

Kodi Add-on admins have been pushing out updates which work for a short while and go back down.

At this point it is unknown why Primewire is suddenly doing this as Kodi add-ons have been using their servers for years.

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