Review: dodocool AC750 WiFi Range Extender / AP / Repeater / Router

By | May 17, 2016

Review dodocool AC750 WiFi Range Extender  AP  Repeater  Router

Routers can often lack and fail to get a good wireless signal transmitting properly.
One way to solve a bad WiFi signal is to use a wireless repeater or extender which can boost a weak signal and help cover dead spots or increase the distance of a wireless broadcast.
The dodocool AC750 WiFi range extender is one of those devices that does all the things necessary to get your WiFi up-to speed.
We got our hands on one and here is a breakdown of how it works.
First of all it is a 802.11ac device and is also backward compatible with the older 802.11a/b/g/n standards.
This makes it capable of fitting into most any network old or new.
The box comes with the AC750 unit along with instructions and a Ethernet cable.
Review dodocool AC750 WiFi Range Extender
The features of the unit allow it to be an WiFi extender, access point, or router depending on the setup.
The dodocool cool AC750 WiFi range extender is one of those devices that does all the things necessary to get your WiFi up-to speed
A button sets it to be router or AP/Extender. A setup also needs to be done depending on how it is planed to be used.
On the side is the power ON/OFF button.
dodocool AC750 WiFi Range Extender Review
The instructions are actually very well written and simple to follow.
configure AP mode
Each mode has its own setup.
configure extender mode
We decided to test it in Repeater Mode to see how well it worked.
DodoCool AC750 Wireless repeater setup
To do this plug it into any wall outlet. We used an extension cord to be able to move it about.
Be sure the Power is on and press the WPS button on your router, this will give 1-2 minutes to press the WPS button on the dodocool.
dodocool ac 750 setup and overview
Next use a computer and click the wireless icon to see the WiFi networks and click the Wireless-AC or Wireless-N that will now be broadcasting from the unit.
Go to Network Settings
Using a browser type in http://ap.setup as a URL and a login screen will come up.
DodoCool ac750 login
The default username is: admin and password is: admin.
The WiFi Repeater Wizard can be selected and will set guide you through setting a Password and Broadcast SSID for the unit.
After being setup we unplugged the unit and it held the settings we had entered allowing us to move it to different locations.

The dodocool AC750 is a multipurpose purpose wireless unit to help in fixing your WiFi problems.
If you need more distance the the Extender-Mode will be very useful.
Using the Wireless-AP mode will be useful when more distance needs to be covered that WiFi can never reach from a router.
For example a detached building far from a router can have a Ethernet cable run from the router and plugged into the dodocool. It than will broadcast a wireless signal in the building.
The Router-Mode likely will not be used much as the other options, but can be a quick and easy wireless setup to a cable modem or DSL box.
We are still testing the unit and will update as we test it more.
So far it is doing a great job as a WiFi extender and easily extending the signal 30-40 feet or more.
As with any wireless signal there is no set-point as to how far the broadcast range will be. Environment is everything and the distance one person gets will likely not be the same for another.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

3 thoughts on “Review: dodocool AC750 WiFi Range Extender / AP / Repeater / Router

  1. mangin

    I have installed it quick easily but the wifi signal is not good near the repeater.
    The mobile phone is looking for IP address and don’t find any.
    does someone have any idea?
    What is the nerwork named (AC)?
    DO we have to use it for connexion near the repeater?
    THank you for answers

  2. TJ

    Can this be set up to use without having to push wps button on router? I travel and sometimes the hotel signal
    is not strong enough to make it to my room.

  3. Sellon

    Bonjour .
    je voulais savoir ou trouver le code confidentiel numerque de l adaptateur ?


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