Review: Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box

By | September 3, 2016

Review Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box

The Mini M8S is a smart android TV box that is smaller than most other boxes currently available.
It still packs in some good hardware with a S905 CPU and 2GB of DDR3 RAM.
Review Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box Size
The S905 CPU along with 2 GB of RAM is the minimum I would recommend in a box this year. This hardware will stream feeds good and give some room for future upgrades.
Last year the minimum recommended was a S805 and 1GB of RAM and while this hardware still works future upgrades may be a issue.
The Mini M8S is a low cost box and for those looking for a budget solution to smart TV box that can stream movies and TV shows into their homes.
Comparing the size to other small boxes it is smaller and roughly half as wide as other small units.
Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box
The dimensions are 4 in 1/4 X 4 in 1/4 X .66 inch or 110 x 110 x 17 mm
It comes with all the basics to get up and running including a HDMI cable, remote control, power supply and instructions.
Review Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box 777
The box itself has a HDMI, 2 USB slots, Ethernet, and a SD-Card slot.
Setting the box up is easy as any other unit by connecting to your WiFi or plugging in a Ethernet cable.
Setting the Mini M8S box up is easy as any other box by connecting to your WiFi or plugin in a Ethernet cable
The interface is also like most any standard android box.
Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box Interface
Some reviews have said the WiFi was slow so I downloaded app from Ookla to test the speed and it was less than desirable.
Keep in mind the router was around 10 feet away beyond a wall during testing.
My internet speeds are roughly 5 Mbps UP, and 50 Mbps Down. The box struggled to get 14 Mbps down but did do the 5 MBps up.
Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box WiFi Speed Test
The minimum recommended download speed to stream video is 5 Mbps Down so it will still stream over WiFi but may be best to use a Ethernet cable if possible.
The box was also listed as having built-in Bluetooth which it doesn’t. If you plan to use a Bluetooth Keyboard or mouse than a dongle will have to be bought separately.
Starting up Kodi it was running 16.1 Jarvis which is currently the latest version.
Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box 16.1 Jarvis
Going to Summary Information the box is not using a lot of resources which is good especially for future updates.
Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box Suumary Information
There are addons installed but all old ones such as Genesis, so installing new up-to-date ones will be required which is not mush of a issue.
Most know addons go down all the time in Kodi so customizing it with your own favorite addons and changing them from time to time is almost always necessary.
Even though most will likely use the box in combination with Kodi other streaming sites can also be used such as Netflix or YouTube.
Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box and Netflix
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I am still testing out the Mini M8S but so far it has been doing a good job at streaming online content.
The downside is the less than desirable WiFi which can easily be fixed by connecting a Ethernet cable.
All budget TV boxes will always have some problem since they are mass produced low end units.
If you have the money to spend than definitely go with a top-end box such as NVIDIA SHIELD which is a very nice box but has the price to match.
As always whichever unit you pick be sure to read the reviews to be sure it is a good fit for you.
Mini M8S Video Review


13 thoughts on “Review: Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box

  1. Jen

    Well hoping you can help. Just got the m8s_ii and I’ve been struggling for days. I plugged it in as to what each cord said it went. Then tried remote. It wouldn’t turn it on or off or anything, changed batteries. Bought new. Still doesn’t work. So I got the small hand keyboard it was sold with. Again. This doesn’t do anything with it either. Won’t turn anything on or off or bring up a menu. The blue light comes on the box but that’s as far as it goes. I’ve moved cords and changed things around but still nothing. Is there a set up somewhere I can try? I wouldn’t know if I’m missing a cord or something isn’t working yet.

  2. Ntegrety

    Hello Kathy, in order for you to undo this you may have to perform a factory reset on your box which will delete all the data on your device leaving you with the original default apps that the system came with. You will then need to reinstall the apps that you previously used before the reset.

  3. Kathy

    Hello, I have the Mini M8S Budget Android Kodi Smart TV Box. It is my first android box and I just started to use this, while I was playing around with it, I accidentally created a restricted profile and cannot undo this or delete it. When I restart the box, it pulls up the main profile screen then a few seconds later it says that it’s switching to a restricted profile. How can I get rid of this and go back to my main profile? There’s absolutely no option to undo this. Please help.

  4. emir v

    Does anyone knows how to exit restricted profile please, I would appreciate that very much!

    1. wirelesshack

      You likely need to do a hard reset through the rest button on the unit.

    2. Tamara Downey

      Do a reset as suggested, then next time set up the restricted account for you. By this I mean set an account that has what you don’t want others to see in it. Those add-ons are restricted to your passworded account (restricted from regular viewers). Everyone else turns on the box and just gets the regular account, and would need a password to see the restricted content.

  5. Wayne

    Hello. Please help. Exactly like Joe mentioned. Used restricted profile, now there is no option to get back into unrestricted mode.


  6. Joe

    How do I get out of restricted profile? I was trying to setup a profile for my kids. I selected restricted profile and put in password. It said I entered in this profile and now I can’t find where to input password to get back to owner profile. Thanks in advance for your response.

  7. Melanie Jane Davies

    My m8s is just flashing a blue light how can I fix it please help

  8. Hamdija Ascic

    I updatede him last night and he doesnt work anymore. Why is that? Can someone help me ?


    Help required, brain about to explode. My friend has the Mini S8, i have the Kontar KIII both running 5.1.1. I also have the MX3 Airmouse specifically AliTV Remote V1 Airmouse ID 0c45:52f4, with mic and full ir learning keys (not just the four coloured ones). This Airmouse works perfectly with google App voice search with Linux, Windows, and Android TV Box MyGica running 4.1. Mic works with voice record app on Vontar KII and Mini S8, but anything with internet connection and voice get Can’t open microphone. Even with factory reset same problem. I suspect one off the running system apps is causing the problem with an open mic? or maybe a permission problem, but I have check the permissions. It is any internet, mic app like skype, facebook, google app, which can’t open mic. Android 4.1 is OK. Any Ideas as to the problem or solution?


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