Review: Walmart Kodi Mi Box Android TV

By | March 5, 2017

Walmart has an Android TV Kodi box available called the Mi Box with many wondering if it is a good unit or not.
We got our hands on one and did a break down to see how well it works.

Hardware Specifications
It uses a S905 CPU and 2GB of RAM which is the minimum recommended hardware for a Kodi box in 2017.
The hardware cant be compared to a high-end unit such as the Nvidia Shield as the Shield is a much faster better unit.
Of course the Shield has a much higher price while the Mi box has a much lower cost.
Processor: S905
WiFi: 802.11ac
Android 6.0
The Back of the unit has HDMI, a USB port, audio and power.

There is no Ethernet port and it runs only from a WiFi connection.
If you need to stream from Ethernet there are low cost USB to Ethernet Hubs that can be used.
A standard remote control is included which has voice search built-in.

Booting the Mi Box it comes up to an Android TV interface.

This is nice since most Apps from the Google Play Store will likely work with the unit.
Kodi does not come installed and needs to be downloaded from the Play Store or the Kodi website.
The box will run Kodi 17.1 Krypton but I would suggest staying with Kodi 16.1 Jarvis.
Jarvis runs well on the Mi Box with Krypton running sluggish at times.
Kodi 17.1 Krypton is still very new and with the new Estuary skin still has a few bugs to work out for some hardware.
Which version to use is a matter of preference with Kodi 17.1 getting better daily.
To download the older Kodi 16.1 go here to the old releases download page.
To run the new Kodi 17.1 go here to the Google Play Store or here to the main Kodi download page.
HD 4K Video Test
The Mi box is listed as having 4K support which it can run but starts to drop frames as they go up.

In our test it could only support H.264 A 4K x 2K at 30fps, and not 60fps.
It had no problems running HD 1080p as well as streaming it.
If you are looking for android box to play the new 4K Ultra HD content it is best to go with a Nvidia Shield or similar.
For HD 720p/1080p content it will have no problems streaming and playing videos.
Game Play
Being an Android TV box it will be able to play many games such as NBA JAM.

Testing it out with Castle of Illusion while it played the characters lost pixels and colors.

Future updates may help with some games but don’t expect to be playing any graphic intensive games.
Benchmark Test
Running a Benchmark test as you can see from the results it can not compare to a Nvidia Shield.

It received a overall score of 3,921 compared to a Shield with 47,728.
Of course this is to be expected with the price of the Shield much higher than the Mii Box.
The Mi Box is a low cost android TV box that for the money is a good unit.
It does have the bare minimum requirements for an android TV box in 2017 which gives it little room for future updates.
It played and streamed HD 1080p videos well and will have no problems running Kodi.
If you want the best there are better units but they also cost more.
Read Here For Our Picks of the Best Android TV Boxes.
We are still testing the unit and will update if anything changes.

4 thoughts on “Review: Walmart Kodi Mi Box Android TV

  1. Philip moran

    It’s just takes getting some getting use to. You may not be able to DL every apk. But like Kodi some are at the store. For the ones that are not just get sideload launcher.
    My problem with the Mi was the vudu app kept closing
    But a quick delete took care of that.
    I have the following apks installed without issue so for
    Sideload launcher-SmartIPTV-Terrarium-ES File Explorer-c/net-MX Player-SPMC-Kodi18-Kodi17 and MegaBox along with the stock ones.

  2. Phillip Main

    Yes the middle button can be held long press for the menu button.

  3. Igor Sandler

    OK, well, agree with Brian, Jarvis is outdated version.
    However my question is about MI BOX 4K. I got one from Wal-Mart, didn’t loaded KODI 17.1 but I’ve noticed that the remote that comes with it doesn’t have menu button. I would assume that the remote for MI Box 3 would work or Amazon Fire stick could be paired like I did for my NVIdida but can the original remote work for KODI without menu button? I heard that pushing and holding the middle button would bring the menu or pushing the right button would. Have you or anybody else tried that?

  4. Brian

    How can you suggest Kodi 16.x when it’s well known that Kodi devs stop fixing bugs in any given version even before the next version is out and they are all working on the next version?


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