Review: Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router / Range Extender

By | December 10, 2016

The Securifi Almond was made for a easy setup and it achieves this with its own built in touch screen. While other routers require you to use a computer to log into them the Almond has its own screen to allow for a quick and easy setup.
Its touch screen looks heavily influenced by Windows 8 Metro style interface but thankfully you will only have to look at it once when setting it up.
Securifi Almond is marketed as one of the easiest routers to configure and have up and running. They tout it as a three minute setup router.
There is no doubt that it is easy to setup and have running. If you are technology challenged then this router may be for you.
It is also marketed as a range extender or wireless booster for an existing router. While this is true unless you want the easy setup there are many dedicated budget wireless boosters that are cheaper.
One downside is that it is a Single band 2.4 GHz router. Most routers today come in dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency. The 5 GHz is not widely used and currently most electronics use the 2.4 GHz band. 5 GHz is used by dedicated devices that need a lot of bandwidth at a fast speed. Also called Gigabit Wi-Fi it has been introduced in 2014 as way of moving lots of data quickly.
The Almond can move data up to 300Mbps, given that the average Cable Modem in the united states is 10 Mbps I don’t think most people will be maxing it out anytime soon.
The Securifi Almond is a good router / range extender for a user who wants to be up and running quickly. If you are more technically savvy, and don’t need the Securifi interface, you can find a cheaper router that does the same things.

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