Step by Step How To Install Any KODI Add-on or Repository

By | December 2, 2015

Step by step How to Install KODI addons

Installing add-ons are necessary to customize Kodi to do what you want it to do.
For example adding popular movie add-ons such as 1Channel or Genesis.
If you are new to Kodi the way add-ons are installed into Kodi may be difficult to understand at first, but is easy once it is done a few times.
What are Kodi add-ons?
Add-ons are like apps for a smartphone.
They are coded by third party programmers who code them without the help of the Kodi development team.
This is the way Kodi is setup and what makes it so useful.
Kodi by itself simply gives the necessary package to stream and play any type of media on different platforms. Such as a computer or smartphone.
Each add-on is only as good as the person who coded it. Also add-ons need to be constantly maintained as things change or they will stop working.
Keep in mind the people who code Kodi and the add-ons give it all away for free and are not making money from their work.
How A Kodi add-ons is Installed.
A add-on can be installed from either the coders website/links or from what is called a repository.
Most programmers don’t have a website so they simply add their add-on to the popular Kodi repositories.
For this reason installing add-ons from a repository is not only easiest method but almost required.
What is a Repository?
A repository is simply a place that add-ons are uploaded to and can be downloaded and automatically installed into Kodi.
The repositories location is a URL.
For example the popular SuperRepo repository URL is
Step By Step How To Install A Repository
Go To SYSTEM–>File Manager
How To Install Any KODI Add-on or Repository
Add Source
Kodi Addon Install Add Source

Here is where the URL for the repositories location is entered and it name.
For this example I have entered the URL for the popular SuperRepo repository

As you can see in the picture the URL is and the name is SuperRepo.
If you have another repository you wish to add enter its URL and Name here.

Go back out to the main screen and click SYSTEM–>SETTINGS
How To Install Any KODI Add-on or Repository 2016

How To Install Any KODI Add-on

Install From Zip File
Kodi Install From Zip File

Here the repository is selected. In this example I am installing SuperRepo so that is the one I am selecting.
Installing Any Add-On Or Plugin Into Kodi

The next box is were the version of Kodi that was downloaded and installed is located.
Select the Version of Kodi Installed
If you are unsure which version of Kodi you have from the main menu click SYSTEM–>System Info and the information will be at the bottom.

Here Kodi 14.2 Helix is installed.
Which Version of Kodi is Installed Location

The next box will give you the option of installing individual packages such as only Video Add-ons or everything.
Unless you have a reason it is best to simply click All which will give you access to all the add-ons. The add-ons will not be installed that comes later. It will give you the option to install them.
Click All
Installing Kodi Add-ons Click ALL
Click The Package and It will Install. After it installs often it will try to update so give it a minute or two to finish.


At this point the repository should be installed. Next we need to select which add-ons to install.


Step by Step How to Install a Add-on From a Repository

From the main screen click System–>Settings


My Add-ons
Kodi addons instaltion
Kodi add-ons Click ALL
Select the plugin you want to install. Here 1Channel has been selected.

After installing the plugin go to Video-> Video Add-ons.

Some add-ons will update the first time they are used but at this point simply find a show / movie you want to watch, select a server and enjoy.

20 thoughts on “Step by Step How To Install Any KODI Add-on or Repository

  1. robin greene

    Hi when I select the zip file and click the repository file name I choosen nothing folders show up for me to select for it to down load the can I get it to give me that option….

    1. Megan

      I wanted to know the same thing please help us we want all proper programs for kodi

  2. Claude

    Don’t know how to install aziofile for shoebox can u install thru a repository ????

  3. Mitch

    Loaded mobdro from super repo in kodi as add on and don’t have curser to move around and select. When I select something I can’t see what it comes back with error. I un -installed and loaded again but still error when try to stream. Any help or ideas thanks

  4. bluephoenix71

    I have used for my repo and to install my add-ons as a zip file
    I am using Jarvis 16.0 now.

    I have used this steps to add 1channel addon
    System–>Settings–>Add-ons–>Install From Repository
    and it is also now showing in My add-ons as enabled
    But when I go to Videos->Add-ons->1Channel->Movies (or TV SHOWS)
    It’s all blank…

    Can anyone help?

  5. Mk

    You can use miracast or mirroring if your phone has the capability ( usually)) found under display options in settings). Then connect a device ( that excepts mirroring) into the HDMI slot on the TV. I use screenbeam mini2.

  6. Jon

    I cannot get xfinity to install. Keeps giving me an error message or log message. This is the only I’m having trouble with. I’ve tried on the firestick and on my laptop running windows 10.
    Please help!

  7. Jamal

    how can I stream my TV or videos from kodi on my Samsung smart phone to my Samsung Tv, not smart one >>>
    Thank you

  8. Sheryl

    I have this error,( pulsar is crashing, restarting…)
    What is wrong and how do I fix it, it is constantly on my screen. Thanks

  9. Dennis

    Hello new to this app however do
    wnloaded 15.1 isengard this morning at my camp this morning.even watched a movie it loolks like a new 16 has come out since i left camp do I follow same instructions for this new version.Thanks

  10. Agustin Antonucci

    Hi! i’ve done this step by step and when i’m going to install the add-ons cant find 1Channel or Genesis or none of those you got there. Could you tell me if i did something wrong? Does it matter i’m from other country (Argentina)?

    1. WirelessHack

      Go to System–>Settings–>Add-ons–>Install From Repository and see which repositories you have installed. 1Channels is located in SuperRepo and Genesis is located in Fusion/Lambda.

  11. John

    I installed Kodi on my Samsung Note 2. I then successfully installed the iwillfolo addons to get Sportsdevil. When I go into the repository to download the addon I bring up the Sportsdevil addon and click the INSTALL button on the screen it does nothing. It will not download.Is there any Note 2 savvy people out there that can help me?

  12. Sally

    I had done this does it matter if you have types superrepo all in lower case

    1. WirelessHack

      Actually it doesn’t matter what name you give it as long as you know what it is. It is best though to name it in a standard way to find it easier later on.


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