Step by Step How To Make a Kali Linux Live Boot DVD

By | August 11, 2014

Making a Kali Linux boot DVD

Kali Linux can be run in many ways and no single way is the best, how you run Kali is what fits your setup. The most common way is to use VMware and run Kali in virtualization but you can also boot Kali from a DVD or flash drive. Here is how to make a Kali Linux live boot DVD.
1…First download the Kali Linux ISO here
2…Second image burning software will be needed, you may already have image burning software such as certain version of Nero but if in doubt use Power ISO which can be downloaded here.
3…After you have both the Kali Linux image and burning software, run the burning software such as Power ISO and import the Kali ISO. Then simply burn the image to a DVD.
4…After the DVD is done it can be used to boot any computer with a DVD. I made a video of how to do this step by step Here.

If you have problems for what ever reason creating a Kali Linux Boot DVD than it can always be bought on Amazon here.

18 thoughts on “Step by Step How To Make a Kali Linux Live Boot DVD

  1. Rod Sirling

    Just for once I would like to see some technical support for Kali that has no dependency on Windows in any capacity.

  2. Clasher

    Hey i installed kali live on my usb and its running but how should i go back to windows again. Should i remove the pendrive and will it boot again or something else pls help?

    1. mosquitobrain

      Yes, as long as you do not have any other bootables in your computer it will boot to windows.

  3. Lime

    When I make this disc I still have to install Kali Linux it puts in through the installation. How can I get passed that so I just put the disc on a different pc without having to go through the install? Is anyone else having this problem or I did I just do something wrong?



    1. kashyap

      Just disable the anti virus for 10 min. While installing the downloaded file. It would work fine then.

  5. Juan

    For those trying to get the live DVD working on the acero aspire e15 you need to go into your bios go to the boot tab and change eufi to legacy then exit Saving changes push f12 when you see the acer logo then select to boot from cd rom

  6. mikw

    i did all that stuff plus the secure boot and stuff but i also changed my screen to hdmi from vga and i could see the start up. but it says i have x64 so i downloaded the 64 bit kali used some burning free software but when i get to the f12 and boot the cd drive nothing happens like the disk doesnt exist what did i do wrong it should more simple guys im running an acer aspire

    1. hackerlolfix

      You’ll have to disable the secure boot option from the boot menu… that worked for me

    2. Amit rai

      I am facing a same problem like you but I didn’t get the solution for the same . Please suggest me if you have any solution..

  7. Vishal

    I am trying to install it on windows 10, and it is showing that g2ldr.MBR there is an error with this file or it is missing, but I opened the DVD and this file is present there. What should I do???

  8. Alex

    So I have the DVD.
    It works. Great
    The problem is that I am unsure how to set up wireless internet without using proxy.
    Please help

  9. WirelessHack

    New computers have what is called UEFI that is locked with Windows 8 and 10. Unless you have a legacy BIOS setting it likely wont boot from the DVD.

    I would put all the setting back on the laptop and run Kali in VMware. If you cant get back into the BIOS there should be a factory reset option. Here is a video that may help.

  10. Mark McCumber

    I made a Kali Linux 2.0 DVD today from an ISO image file.
    I took the Kali DVD and after making sure the DVD was at the top of the boot order. I got it to run on my Windows 10 PC.

    I also have a brand new Acer Aspire E15 laptop. I modified the boot order so the DVDROM is at the top. Loaded the Kali DVD and restarted the laptop. Kali won’t load because I get “A Secure Boot Failure message.” I Googled this problem and one so called “fix” said disable Secure Boot in the BIOS settings. I did and when I try to run Kali again my system gets stuck at the “Acer Explore Beyond Limits” screen and goes no further.

    Why is this happening and how can we fix it?

    1. Andy

      I had the same problem, I fixed it by going into the BIOS and under the Security Screen, change the Secure Boot to Disabled, that allowed me to boot from the DVD Drive.

    2. sandy

      try to reinstall your old os via bootable usb. by changing the boot order again

    3. Dynamite

      Just reboot your laptop and press F10. then after that recovery screen will occur then click right slide button. There you can chsnge/disable the secure boot. you have to use different mouse while installing Kali linux.


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