Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install

By | February 25, 2017

Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and  Exodus Install

Exodus is Genesis replacement with updated code written by Lambda
Installation like all Kodi add-ons is done by installing a repository and than the add-on.
There is another method to install add-ons which I will list at the bottom of the page,and is were the repository is downloaded and installed manually.
Even though Windows 10 is being used here as an example the same steps will apply to a Windows 7 PC, Kodi box, or other installations.
Update: Kodi has been updated from 16.1 Jarvis to Kodi 17 Krypton. Read Here for How To Install Kodi 17 and Exodus.
For those still needing to use the older Kodi 16.1 Jarvis here is a link to the download. Kodi 16.1 Jarvis for Windows Download
Old Window Kodi downloads can also be found here including 16.1 Jarvis.
Old Kodi Android versions are located here
Simply download and install Kodi first for your machine hardware. Then follow the steps below to install Exodus with-in Kodi.
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install
From the main menu go to SYSTEM –> File Manager
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and  Exodus Install Windows 10 PC
Click Add Source
Kodi Jarvis and  Exodus Install Windows 10 PC
Select None
Exodus Install Windows PC
Type the following URL into the box.
Click in the next box down titled “Enter a name for media source” and type in Fusion.
At his point double check everything has been typed in correctly and click the OK button.
From the main menu click System–>Settings
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and  Exodus Install Windows 7
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and  Exodus Install Tutorial
Install from a zip file
Kodi Install From a Zip file
A box will slide open from the side. Click Fusion
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and  Exodus Install Tutorial Fusion Exodus
Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install 2017
xbmc english
Click It may take a few seconds to install and update.

Click Install from repository
Install from repository
Exodus repository
Exodus repository
Video add-ons
Kodi Video add-ons Exodus
Click Exodus and than install. It will take a few minutes to download and install.
Click Exodus and than install
After it is done installing it will be located in the Video–> addons from the main menu.
Install Method 2 Direct Download and Install
The above method is the most common way to install a repository and add-on into Kodi.
If the above method doesn’t work for you than a repository can also be downloaded to your Kodi device and than installed manually.
Here are the Manual steps for downloading and installing Fusion and Exodus.
Go to the fusion repository which contains Exodus.
Exodus Kodi Install 2016 NEW
Save it to a folder. Don’t extract it or open it as it needs to be installed from within Kodi.
If you are using a PC computer save the files to the hard-drive C: or external media such as a flash drive. Kodi will not see the file located in the Desktop or Download folder on a Windows computer.
Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Windows PC
For Android Kodi box users it will be saved in the download folder.
Manual Install of Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Windows PC Kodi Box
Open Kodi and go to System–>Setting
Lambda Fusion Install Kodi Box
Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Exodus Addon
Installing from zip file .
Repository Lambda Fusion Install Kodi XBMC Exodus Addon Zip File
A box will slide open point it to were were the file ( was saved to. Click it will load it into Kodi
Exodus Kodi Install 2016 NEW Done
It will need to be enabled from within the installed repository. Follow step 13 above on for how to enable it.

112 thoughts on “Step by Step Kodi Jarvis and Exodus Install

  1. Raj

    After downloading the zip file when I tried installing from repository->Exodus Repository is shows couldn’t connect to repository.

    Help Please!!!

  2. Delores

    I have been trying to install No Limits Magic Build for Kodi 16.1 Jarvis. I get to the place to : Install from zip file, click it and then click, and it will not install. It is doing this on all the probrams I have tried since the others went down.. What do I need to do???

  3. Bronwyn

    Thanks for the instructions. When I try install, it tells me that a dependency failed to install. Could anyone please help me. I’m using a my gica android box.

  4. Gnome

    Thanks for this how to.

    I am having problems with the part of installing exodus. I get to the list and kodi crashes when i try to add exodus. I have kodi jarvis and linux mint. Is anyone having luck with that combo?

  5. Guy Cormier

    When I open my Kodi a web page appears like “Facebook want to make you a millionaire” or different publicity and then diseapers after when I listen to a movie a get a pop up to download games i just close it with the “X” at the rght corner but somtimes a Web Page appears again so it cut the movie then I have to go back to the movie , download it again, what can I do ?

  6. Dove

    I’m trying to watch movies and tv shows on excedus but 2017 isn’t loading at all and neither are the television shows . Can anyone assist with this issue???????

  7. Ari

    I followed your amazing instructions for downloading Exodus to my Firestick, but accidentally created the “fusion” file 4x. I only need one but can’t delete the rest. I enabled deletion in the appearance setting, but still don’t even get the option to delete. Any suggestions?

  8. Jerin

    Having a problem where Exodus is only showing movies from 1969. can anyone help with that. I have deleted and reinstalled Exodus. On Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

    1. Tammy

      You probably have your date and time on your box incorrect (set the factory) and need to change it.

  9. Tev

    Hi. can someone help me please. I’ve got the exodus repository enabled but its still failing to install or show anywhere. Please help.

  10. Sabrina

    i am having problems when i get to the step where it says select xbmc-repos or kodi-repos, i am following the instructions step by step and cant seem to get anywhere this is my second day of trying to figure it out on my own PLEASE HELP.

  11. Nanniesan

    Thank you wirelesShack for really clear instructions for loading Exodus to Kodi. I am not very imaginative but I can follow instructions, especially when the screen looks exactly like mine!

  12. Johan Karsten


    Thank you very much for this extensive and very helpful information. I had to use the second option to install Exodus, but unfortunately it still doesn’t work. Everything worked fine up to where I have to install the Exodus repository. The first time I tried, it installed up to 2%, upon which I got the following error messages: 1. Metahandler – Installation failed; and 2. Exodus – Failed to install a dependency. I am living in China and am using a VPN. Could that be the reason, or could it be something else? Any help will be highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Johan Karsten


    Thanks very much for this walkthrough. I went through the whole process as explained, but when I click on Install, it only runs up to 2% and then gives me the error messages: Metahandler – Installation failed, and the other: Exodus – failed to install a dependancy. I am living in China and am using a VPN. Will this have any effect on using Kodi and Exodus? If not, could you help me with a possible solution, please?

  14. James Ott


    I am installing this on LibreELEC version of Kodi Jarvis. I am getting stuck on Step #8. Whenever I go to System -> Settings -> Add-Ons -> Install from Zip File….I do not have this option. “Install from Zip File” does not appear in the list after I click on Add-Ons. I do not see another option to install it. Even if I download the file, the steps from there are the same. Please help if you can.

  15. Michael

    O.K. I’m a day into this software. Got it installed on Raspberry Pi3, pulling an IP from the Router. Click in install from .zip and get the error message that it failed to install. Followed the directions at the bottom of the screen, Downloaded on to a USB drive Plugged into the Rasp Pi and it showed on File directory. Add-on from .zip and error message : Failed ot install Add-on from zip file.
    Wiped SD card reinstalled same results.

    UNCLE Appreciate any assistance

  16. Richard Jenkins

    I set up my es files first. Downloaded kodi then went into settings and went on .. manage applications. … installed addons the and installed. Worked first time for me. Hope that helps

  17. Dikdeendynomite

    Doublecheck exstension on it shows forward slash at the end of filename.if my memory isnt impaired i had to end it no slash at end.basically if no internet connection or filename error it will be blank.install from zip.add add ons .exodus will be your show n tell after you figure it out.

  18. Bryse

    Everything is good until I click install from repository then click exodus repository. Then when I click on Video Add-ons nothing pops up… Any help I’m positive I did everything right because I have gotten to this point. It’s just when click Exodus Repository nothing shows up.

  19. Yo Mir

    Thanks a million Brother. Awesome job indeed .
    Got Exodus running on my Mac in minutes!
    I’m so grateful. Thanks again!

  20. Brittany

    My Kodi on my phone and my computer done not look the same. The version on my computer is mission sets and it won’t allow me get to the point to install from zip.

  21. Carmelle

    All my shows seem to be from the 70’s and earlier, nothing from 1971 and on? Weird, is there a fix?

  22. Shiv


    Exodus has been very close for the past few weeks and no movies or tv shows play. Any advice on how to fix this? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi and then used Gorilla tv and Wookie add-ons. Exodus still doesn’t work

  23. Ashley

    Ok something went wrong with my fire stick it was only giving me the previews for movies in theaters so I did the following
    1. Wiped kodi clean
    2. Checked internet connection
    3. Downloaded the new beast build to kodi (dec26)

    Still when I go to click on a movie it’s now telling me “no stream available ” again internet connection is good

  24. RozeEpUk

    Just add
    Install from zip file like above and choose your build I would choose Pulse and CCM link
    Completely working fullyloaded Kodi
    Then go back on Areswizard in system and add your XXX addons

  25. GMB

    Great thanks for this I was getting a little frustrated with pretty much every movie my kids suggested not showing in Phoenix.

    Worked first time am using a Pi with Kodi updated to the latest version.

    1. RozeEpUk

      Do a fresh install of Kodi Jarvis 16.1
      Do like above but instead of exodus in the addons type
      Then install from zip file
      When it’s loaded go to website it says on your phone and get your code go to builds and pick
      Pulse and CCM and install
      Now go to system and video addons and just add the few remaining addons if you want XXX go back to builds in areswizard and install XXX addons
      Now you have access to fully working kodi

  26. Michael House

    Hi just tried both the above methods and get an error code 404 in browser, saying website not found. Cannot get to repository to get the appropriate file. Any thoughts.

      1. Trish

        what file do you choose from install from Zip? kodi-repos is not an option

  27. Dan

    My problem is my video addons keeps disappearing from Kodi and I have to go through the whole process of reinstalling all the different video addons again…is there a bug in Kodi itself or something that I am not doing right…

  28. Ian McVittie

    Thank you for the guide, I have installed Jarvis & exodus on my win10 laptop.
    All appears to be working, I have sound but no picture.
    I have tried System – settings – video- but cannot find acceleration- “to allow hardware acceleration (as you instructed above).
    I would appreciate your assistance.
    Ian McV.

  29. Penelope

    Is this a legitimate way to stream tv and movies? Just curious. I just do t want to spend what 10+ years in prison.

  30. Dee

    I messed up my firestick have downloaded exodus step by step bit when I get to the part where you hit the fusion add on nothing’s suppose to say exmb repos. Then hit English etc….I did it before but no luck this time help…I. Even uninstalled 2017 Kodi and put 2016 Kodi back on still nothing help please.

  31. Bert Butte

    How about using EITHER a name OR a version number to identify which Kodi is being talked about? The installed Kodi does NOT show the name any where, yet virtually all web sites with addons give only the name of compatible versions, not the number. I thought we got away from that silliness some years ago. Guess not…

  32. OzAqua

    Hello, in case anyone was still getting the error “Exodus failed to install a dependency.” the fix for me was
    –>Add Ons
    –> Install from zip
    –> Fusion
    –> XBMC Scripts
    –> Install the 3 scripts in this folder
    This fixed the issue for me, hope it helps you too.
    Sorry if someone has already posted a solution earlier.

  33. William

    Just installed Kodi Jarvis and Exodus on a Windows 7 PC via the installation instruction. No video playback, just sound. The tip on YouTube for changing the video acceleration did not work. There is only one (1) option for video acceleration. Having it on or off did not change the outcome, i.e., still no video. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Thanks in advance.

  34. MrBleh

    I ended up on this page from a comment on how to install the VidTime plug in. (I want to watch NHL games in the UK), Exodus doesnt seem to have any of the NHL games. Anyone know any other addons that provide NHL coverage?

  35. Eileen

    Hi! I installed Kodi – Jarvis and got everything done correctly. My issue is, when I go into Exodus>Movies>Year? it brings up the names of the titles but no pictures of the movies? Or on some it will show only limited pictures of the movies listed? Am I going crazy? Is there a setting I need to change?

  36. Evelyn

    Hi i don’t have number 13 install repository can’t you Help me please

  37. DomS

    I found I got the connection error mentioned by many above. The solution for me was to manually type the fusion address and not copy and paste it. Even though it looked correct I was unable to connect until I typed it manually!?!

    I hope this helps.

      1. WirelesShack

        Go to System–>Settings–>Video–>Acceleration and click “Allow hardware acceleration”

  38. Darcy

    I’m struggling to get the movies to load. I followed all of the above steps I then go onto Videos > Exodus > Movies > Most Popular (I have tried all on that page) > it then pops up saying “working” bottom right but nothing happens – I’ve checked by internet connection is good and running fast – same happens for loading anything on Kodi

  39. Jay

    HI there, I download Exodus as above, but is says “Add-on is compatible or has been marked broken in respository. Dependencies not met. Please contact add-on author.” Any ideas? Thanks!

  40. R

    I have all the steps done but I get that exodus is incompatible…. is there a fix for this? Thank you for the help.

  41. Louise

    U have to load the2016 kodi. I did the 2017 and it wasn’t ready and nothing downloaded. I deleted and reload 2016 and it works perfect

  42. BigBez

    Exodus seems to be down, has no streams or links that work on the program. Installed fine but when you try to open does nothing and timer disappears. Help anyone???

  43. Eben

    Can someone please help me, im running windows 8 and would like to install exodus but everytime i install, nothing loads (videos/series/etc).
    Exodus is enabled but not viewing anything.
    Please assist



  45. April

    Awesome! By far the easiest explanation of the downloading procedures I’ve seen. THANK YOU!

  46. Silver Sterling

    Is there a step by step instruction on how to download Kodi and then transfer it to a Samsung Smart TV that isn’t running android? No matter where i go i cant seem to find detailed instructions.
    Thank You.

  47. Dan'l

    I see one of the comments from July has the same message I have encountered this evening.
    “Exodus failed to install a dependency.”
    The first method did not give that message but downloading the zip file and placing it in a subfolder on an external drive did have this failed to install message.
    Any chance this has been fixed somehow? I am runninng Kodi Jarvis 16.1 on a Win10 Laptop with an i3 Intel processor.
    Thank you.

  48. amazon fire tv stick

    i installed in on amazon fire tv, without using a laptop or anything, first instructions work, but some things i found it on diferent menus since i installed droid version of kodi on my amazon . but it worked 🙂 exodus is something similar to popcorn tv, but i wasnt unable to use popcorn tv on amazon tv stick so i will use exodus

  49. D. Hunter

    Since jailbreak is available for iPhone before the release of 9.34, how can I get kodi to update to 16.1 because it still is running 15.2?

  50. Cardkleener

    I finally got it installed. I must of goofed the first time. I had kodi before then my pc was cleaned. There use to be a couple of movie sites I can’t find now. “Go Movies” and 25 movie? I think? I can’t find them. So can you help me find a good movie site that shows current movies with the option to search by year.
    Thank you.

    1. Cardkleener

      Never Mind. I found it after a reboot!!!! Great instructions thank you for taking the time to spoon feed us.

  51. Me

    I do not have Install from repository in my menu.,
    I see disabled add-ons , Enabled add-ons, Get add-ons, install from zip file and then search.

  52. BGG

    I’m a “newbie” to Kodi and all the wonderful options it offers. I just followed your step-by-step directions to install Exodus and accomplished the task on my first attempt. Thank you for making it so easy. If a soon-to-be-70-year-old-woman can do it, anyone should be able to do it!

  53. Ryzee

    You Rock! Never in a million years would I have ever been able to figure that out.

  54. The Mr.

    i got it installed on an Android tv. its all working and all but when its time to find something, nothing pops up. like i go to movies and serach by year and says “working” on the bottom right but nothing happens and stays in the year category. thoughts? thanks.

  55. Rich

    I use an Amazon Firestick. and when I click to update the Exodus app it says “failed to install a dependency”. Any advice?

  56. Simon Reat

    Good evening I have had to update to version 16 of Kodi and now I am trying to load exodus.. all downloaded fine but there are no movies in the boxes and it will not search for movies… my date on box was 1970 but now up to date.. Please help

  57. Ina

    Does Exodus work with streaming only, or also with torrents? I have Fios and they are very annoying with their strike system.

  58. Keith

    I just bought an android box and installed the exodus addon. I tried to see the latest movies list and latest tv episodes list but nothing happens. I have another android box(exactly the same make and model) and i have no problems with searching the latest. Is there a problem i am not aware of?

    Kind regards

  59. Harry

    After following all the steps in the add ons section > video add ons – it’s showing exodus as incompatible, any idea why??

  60. Jade

    Just got ano Android box and am super frustrated trying to download Exodus. Every time I try to open the repository nothing happens. I’ve reset Kodi and reinstalled – no luck! ANY additional advice or help would be so helpful, please.

  61. John O

    This works perfectly. Thanks.
    How do I get the installed Exodus addon to appear as an icon under Videos on the main opening Kodi screen (in the space beneath PICTURES VIDEOS MUSIC PROGRAMS SYSTEM)?

  62. Tracey

    thank’s for the help, I updated to Kodi yesterday and today installed Exodus , but still getting no stream available, what is happening ?? Phoenix is working well, but not getting much else out of the box. All the video add on’s are there, but nothing happens when I try to use them. How do I get the most out of this box. Thanks for your help.

  63. paul

    Installed exodus as you said and it works brilliant. Thank you. How would I go about installing showbox ?

  64. Chris M

    Hi. We are new to all this. We have an Amazon Firestick, we installed Repo. We have tried downloading Exodus usng the 1st method above. We get as far as typing in the url, giving it a name and when we hit done we get the same message EVERY time “could not connect…” The same happened trying to download Blackbox as well. We know there is an internet conncection so are now rather baffled! Please help! Any advice greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance.

  65. J Warren Fromm


    The first method did not work for me so I tried the second. When I get to the repository click on it gives me the message : could not connect to repository:

    Both methods give me the same message. Please advise

    It works on one computer but not this one for some reason


  66. Rene

    On EVERY add-on I’ve installed I cannot get any movies to play. I keep getting an error box saying No stream, check the log for more info. I have gone thru the steps of installing Kodi at least 5 times now, from different youtube videos, and I’m still getting this error. Please help!

    1. WirelessHack

      Kodi servers/streams can become full and throw out a error or not connect. You need to find a server that’s not full. Sometimes 3-5 servers need to be tried before a good one is found for popular streams.

      1. Chris

        How do you change to a different server? Sometimes it gives you a list but usually doesn’t.

  67. Marion

    Have install exodus, but can’t get listing of shows under network. Can only see listings under latest episodes. Is ther a setting I missed?

  68. vince

    Every time I try step 11 on the first process or step 5 on the alternative process it freezes.

  69. stacy

    i did all the steps but none of the shows will play it either says check log in or stream not found?

    1. WirelessHack

      Exodus list shows that haven’t aired yet. Look at the date it will air if no stream is found. Other reasons for no stream would be no internet connection or server is full.

  70. Paul Smorshuns

    Thanks for taking the time to write these instructions. Exodus is working great on my system now.

  71. Patrick600

    To Emzy13 and Tony, please make sure your time settings are correct on your device. On some devices the default time setting is 1970.

  72. Dee

    Hey man, thanks for taking the time and posting this video, it worked like a charm.. Here’s a question, whats the absolute best add-on for live sports (basketball, baseball, football, etc), I’ve tried using dexter and sportsdevil, but have found a ton of dead streams, any recommendations?

    Thanks so much man.

  73. Christina

    when i get to step 16, there is no Exodus to be installed…please help

    1. WirelessHack

      The second method can also be used if the first method doesn’t work for you. With the many different hardware platforms being used there may be issues for some. It is difficult to predict how every platform will react. The first method is the most common way to load Exodus and most will not have any problems. The second method should work if the first one fails.

  74. Tony

    Having same issue with being unable to connect to server when installing fusions . Over repos works , just fusions . Any ideas ?

    1. WirelessHack

      You can also download the repository to your computer, Kodi box, or other device from the same URL here.
      Download the for Exodus.

      After it is downloaded you can install it as a zip file (System–>Setting–>Add-ons–>Installing from zip file) than point to the download folder. It is the same as above the URL needs to be typed in correctly and a internet connection.

      Post updated to use this method.

  75. Emzy13

    Got exodus in UK but only got film.up to 1970’s any ideas guys

  76. Tryingtosavemoneyhere

    when i try to install from repository, and click on the exodus repository, i get “Could not connect to repository”

    Help please.

    1. WirelessHack

      The URL needs to be correct and a internet connection or it will not work. The same as a going to a website. You can even go to the repository with a browser

      Another way to install the repository is to downloading the ZIP file directly to your device than go to System–>Setting–>Add-ons–>Installing from zip file. Than point it to the Zip file that was downloaded.

      Post update to use this method

      1. Marc

        I’m having the same problem as the above user but I have followed all of the steps you just posted. I have no problem downloading the zip file, I have done it through the first method and manually using a USB stick. I go to ‘install from zip file’, select the zip file and install it no problem. I get the little message in the corner that pops up saying Exodus Repository enabled. The issue however, is that once I go back and go to install from repository, I can’t actually access it. Once I click on the Exodus repository it just comes up with the message “could not connect to repository”.


        1. Hayley

          The same is happening to me on my phone, running on isengard i had no problems, i’ve installed jarvis to my phone and having no luck.

        2. Mark

          Hi Marc,

          Did you get this resolved? I have the exact same issue, on this and tknorris repos.
          I’m running on Apple TV 4 and have just set it up today.

        3. Francis

          Same here. I think the repository is down? It worked earlier in the week…

      2. Singhster

        After downloading the zip file when I tried installing from repository->Exodus Repository is shows couldn’t connect to repository.

        Help Please!!!

    2. tommytron

      Same problem I found out I was typing in addon instead of addons All is good now


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